All About Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is one of the best and most popular treats available in the market. This is more so during the warm months when you need products which will cool you down. Frozen yogurt is an ideal dessert option and comes with a lot of flavors. This article will give you critical details about the frozen yogurt.

Is frozen yogurt good for you?

Yes, frozen yogurt is good for you. To start with, frozen yogurt is delicious to take. It is an ideal meal when you have time to relax or when you need to bond with your friends. When it comes to the budget, frozen yogurt is cheaper than most of the drinks available in the market, making it more accessible.

Gabby Geerts,a dietician at Green Chef, states that half a cup of frozen yogurt contain 110 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 17 g of carbohydrates, of course, depending on the brand and the yogurt’s flavor. Such ingredients are going to be good for you, and the good thing is that they are not in excess.

Another good thing with frozen yogurt is the benefits that come with live bacteria contained in the product. Frozen yogurt starts just like refrigerated yogurt but adds two important live bacteria- Streptococcus thermophilis and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. In most of the cases, live bacteria will survive freezing thereby retaining the benefits that come with them.

Is frozen yogurt healthy?

If you are to achieve optimal health, and if you are going to live a quality life, then you must be sure to make healthy choices. When it comes to frozen yogurt, is it a healthy choice? Yes, frozen yogurt is a healthy choice for you. Your choice of yogurt and not taking creams, means that you have already reduced your level of fat and calories in your diet.

However, much as frozen yogurt is healthy, you should be careful about the quantity that you consume. Dana Angelo White, writing for the Food Network, states that one should consume “child” frozen yogurt. This simply means that you should consume a small quantity of yogurt.

Some yogurt enthusiasts go as far as making frozen yogurt on their own. This is a very good choice because if you can manage this, then you can make it in the healthiest way possible.

Is frozen yogurt gluten free?

To state the obvious, yogurt is derived from milk. Ruminants may consume foods with gluten. These include rye, faro, and barley. However, when these foods with glutens are consumed and digested, the gluten in the food products is metabolized. Therefore, it does not appear directly in milk. As a matter of fact, milk, and most of the cheeses, could be categorized as gluten free, and this is a natural process.

With that, it is conclusive to state that your favorite frozen yogurt is gluten free. Even if you do experience gluten intolerance, you should not hesitate to consume this product. However, you should be careful on the accompaniments that you take, as well as the additives. For instance, if you take frozen yogurt accompanied with a cookie, then you could be consuming gluten.

Some companies are responsible enough to indicate whether their product is gluten free. In most of the cases, frozen yogurt, when such labeling is available, is indicated as gluten free.

Is frozen yogurt dairy free?

The term lactose-free and dairy-free is often confused to mean the same thing, but they are not exactly synonymous, their strong correlation notwithstanding. On one hand, the term lactose free means that the food is a dairy product, but with lactose removed. On the other hand, the term dairy-free means that the food p[product in question does not contain any dairy at all.

Most of the brands of frozen yogurt contain the following ingredients: milk, milk fats, milk solids, flavorings, emulsifiers, yogurt culture, and corn syrup. From these ingredients, it goes without saying that most frozen yogurt brand contains dairy.

If you prefer dairy-free products, do not worry about this. The market offers some options for such preferences. Frozen yogurt shops will provide dairy free frozen yogurt, and there are many flavors to choose from. In most of the cases, such frozen yogurt is fruit flavored and therefore, it will taste like fruit sorbet. If you are looking for dairy-free products, you have to be careful about the toppings, as they may contain dairy.

Is frozen yogurt lactose free?

Most of the brands available for frozen yogurt are not lactose-free. Therefore, if you do have lactose intolerance, you might need to consult your vendor at the local yogurt shop and enquire about the options that you have. Some shops will give you one choice a week on this. If you are buying frozen yogurt online, you need to call early to enquire about the lactose issue, or check if the website indicates this.

Is frozen yogurt keto friendly?

Dr. Rusell Wilder added on the research of Rollin Turner in order to design a ketogenic diet. If you are taking this diet, you might want to know if frozen yogurt is keto friendly. Ideally, when you are taking keto, you should avoid milk.

There are a few options for the use of frozen yogurt which is going to be compatible to a keto diet. Greek yogurt and coconut diet are such options, and they are not known to have an effect when one is on a keto diet. In addition to that, Dannon is a low carb yogurt. However, this does not give you the liberty to consume the quantity that you desire- just take it in moderation and in average quantities. Taking a high amount of yogurt will translate to high carbs. This is more so if you are going to consume a large amount of food.


Unlike some healthy products in the market, frozen yogurt is available and affordable. With just a visit to the grocery store or the local yogurt shop, you are going to enjoy your favorite frozen yogurt. Overall, frozen yogurt is an ideal product for refreshment and for optimal health and is highly recommended.

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