Amanda Batula Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Amanda Batula is looking quite the stunner nowadays, but did you know that she recently went through a weight loss diet to get there? The ‘Summer House‘ star revealed that she lost 15 to 20 pounds this way.

If you’re curious as to how she did it, read on about our Amanda Batula weight loss article.

Who is Amanda Batula?

Amanda Batula made her first debut on Bravo TV’s ‘Summer House’ series. The 30-year old New Jersey native is currently married to Kyle Cooke and appears on social media ever so often.

Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed the Summer House personality adding a bit of weight during the second season run of the hit reality show. When faced with these claims, she came out in the open and admitted that she was ‘at her heaviest’ during that time.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

Batula lost quite a bit of weight during her journey and came out healthier and more aware of what she puts in her body in the end. All in all, the journey has been a success as she was able to lose between 15 to 20 lbs in about 2 to 3 years.

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The New Jersey native did a lot of things to lose weight, including going on an intermittent diet, cutting out fruits that contained a lot of sugar, following the FODMAP diet (more on this later), drinking Bulletproof Coffee and speaking with a professional dietician on which foods are beneficial for her.

Amanda has also shared a few tips on how those who are struggling to lose weight should proceed. She says that cravings are okay from time to time as long as it’s portioned, and that weight loss hopefuls should not check their weight on the scale ever so often. One of the reasons why she achieved success was that she ‘listened’ to her body instead of checking the numbers- when she started feeling good and light, then she knew she was on the right path.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Diet

The key to why Amanda Batula was able to lose upwards of 15 pounds was that she had a change in her diet and eating routine. Intermittent fasting is probably the biggest factor in Batula’s success, and the good news is that anyone can try it too.

Intermittent fasting mainly involves following a strict schedule of eating, followed by a period of rest. For instance, the last eating time is set at 6pm, and you shouldn’t eat anything until 6am the morning after (for a 12-hour intermittent fasting routine). Eating healthy foods is encouraged, but it’s not super strict, which means you can sneak in a cheat meal every now and then.

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It’s important to note that most diets are unsustainable because they do not allow the practitioner to give into their cravings. Amanda stresses that she sometimes eats the food she wants, but it’s not an over-indulgence as it’s portioned. This allows her to continue with her weight loss diet as she’s not deprived of what her body wants.

In addition to fasting Batula also went through the FODMAP diet, which aims to cut out certain foods that can cause IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome and give the stomach a chance to restore its gut balance. Sugars are out, as well as GMOs and others. Bulletproof coffee and MCT oil round out the mix of ‘essentials’ to undergo a successful weight loss routine.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Exercise Routine

We believe that exercise should always be a part of weight loss programs even if it doesn’t seem to have an effect.

During an interview, Amanda says that working out didn’t have as much an effect in her weight loss journey. She relied more on her diet to turn things around, and this worked to a noticeable degree.

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It’s possible that she has an existing exercise program to keep her muscles toned, but it wasn’t disclosed. There’s no word on social media or interviews on what exercise routine she has adopted, if any.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Secrets

Throughout her losing 15 to 20 pounds Amanda did not probably take to cosmetic procedures to lose fat. It is unlikely that she went to a doctor to get a liposuction or bariatric surgery- Amanda went the natural route to try and get to a smaller size.

In fact, Amanda’s weight loss secrets can be hardly called as such- she’s been open about her weight and admitted that she’s gotten to her biggest size during the second season of ‘Summer House’, and that she’s taking the steps to slim down. She also outlines the steps to losing weight- we know about the FODMAP diet and intermittent fasting, and how she was diagnosed with a condition where there was an imbalance in her gut flora.

Amanda Batula’s weight loss secret is not depending on the weighing scale to see if the diet is working, and doing the occasional ‘cheat days’ where you’re allowed to eat the food you want. These things allow her to feel good about herself and let her continue with the fat-burning diet.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Results

Amanda Batula lost 15 to 20 pounds in three years, and she lowered her weight from around 130 lbs to 110 lbs.

The 30-year old says she’s happy with the results, and claims that she’s back to her college weight. She mentioned in an Instagram Q&A that she gained all that weight over time and it showed on her face. Batula also said that she’s working to maintain her body weight by continuing with the food plan and knowing which foods are not beneficial to her health.

Her parting tips to readers and fans is to balance protein, fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods. Fruits should also be moderated since it’s relatively high in sugar, which can cause an imbalance in the digestive system.

All in all, Amanda Batula weight loss results is a resounding success, and shows people how changing one’s diet can lead to a fitter and healthier version of themselves.

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