Andrew Luck Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Generally, we’re happy with people losing weight as it usually leads to a fitter and healthier physique. However, when we viewed Andrew Luck weight loss we couldn’t help but be a little bit concerned.

How did the former Colts quarterback, who was built like a Mack truck before, lose so much weight that people thought he was sick? Let’s find out what Luck’s routine and diet is, as well as his exercise program below.

Who is Andrew Luck?

Andrew is a college football hall of famer and NFL quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. The 32-year old has quite the accomplishment in the world of football, being awarded not just one, but four Pro Bowler honors during his career. He was also the recipient of ‘Comeback Player of the Year’ in 2018.

Luck announced his retirement in 2019 and has been settling down ever since. The sudden shift in lifestyle may have led to a remarkable weight loss that was estimated to be at 50 to 100 pounds.

Andrew Luck Weight Loss Journey

The single most defining moment of Luck’s weight loss transformation was during his interview at the recent National Championship ESPN pregame broadcast between the Bulldogs and Crimson Tide.

Fans took to social media to express their concern over the fact that the former NFL QB seemed to lose so much weight. They were probably used to the fact that the Colts star is usually buffed and bulked up, and seeing him in civilian clothes and sporting a skinny physique probably threw them off-guard.

They then began to question whether Luck was sick, and guessed that he probably lost a hundred pounds or so after his retirement. However, it seems that the drastic weight change was an exaggeration.

Andrew’s slimming down is most probably due to his retirement and not needing to have all those muscles he’s had while playing for the Indianapolis Colts. More importantly, the former NFL athlete seems to be enjoying his current life and looks happier than ever.

Andrew Luck Weight Loss Diet

It’s important to consider an athlete’s diet and eating program whenever you’re comparing ‘before and after’ photos. Also, since we’re on the topic of weight loss, you’ll have to understand why Luck chose to slim down.

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What the 32-year old probably ate during his career was lots of protein to support and sustain muscle mass. Andrew most likely took to the gym as well and had a comprehensive strength training program. He also probably did cardio and agility such as running and high intensity interval training.

To support all these activities Luck must have been taking pre-workout supplements and protein shakes.

Once you’re retired though, all of these things aren’t necessary anymore. However, what impressed us the most was that the former quarterback did not turn into a flabby and overweight guy like most retired people turn out to be. If we had to guess it’s that the college hall of famer simply took the protein shakes and supplements out of the equation, then continued with regular exercises to stay in shape.

Andrew Luck Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Andrew Luck slimming down seems like an anomaly. But you might be asking, ‘what is his workout routine, and how did Luck lose so much weight?’

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The answer is most likely a change of exercise program. He probably shifted away from strength training and did what a normal person would do. Cardio and doing daily running or jogging kick-starts the metabolism and burns off more calories than other activities, and thereby eliminates more fat around the waist.

Andrew admitted to enjoying the retired life, and he said that he’s spending more time with his family. Fatherhood can be an exercise routine in itself, especially if you have a young one running around the house all day. You can burn the calories you consume in the simple act of chasing a kid around, which is probably what happened in Luck’s case.

The 32-year old did not mention anything about an exercise routine on camera or interviews, and we may never know what it is. Luck is the quiet type who generally stays away from the limelight, so we’ll just have to wait on social media or when the question goes in his direction.

Andrew Luck Weight Loss Secret

To a casual observer, the reason why Andrew may have lost so much weight could be that he was sick. Alternatively, his retirement from the brutal sport may have lifted a huge amount of stress, and the fact that he settled in nicely in a more quiet life does suggest that it’s true.

When you look at current photos of Luck you’ll see that he’s still fit as a fiddle. He now looks as healthy as ever now that he’s out. Just before he retired he mentioned that he was always in pain due to the injuries, as well as a shoulder injury he sustained. Luck stated that his journey was to see what he could do to recover.

In Andrew’s own words, his weight loss secret is probably ‘full-time daddy duty’, which requires long hours, actively moving about and staying on one’s feet all day.

Andrew Luck Weight Loss Results

The rumors of Andrew Luck losing 100 to 150 pounds may have been an exaggeration, but it’s still true to an extent.

The former NFL star did lose a significant amount of weight, which is probably caused by easing into retired life. All the excess weight wouldn’t have helped in the physical rehabilitation process as it can aggravate the muscles and joints. What’s remarkable is that those pounds did not turn into fat, but we may never know what happened exactly.

The 32 year old is happy as he’s ever been, and all the money he earned as a Colts star quarterback should let him and his family live in comfort throughout their lives. His appearance at the recent National Championship cemented this fact. Overall, less weight means a healthier physique, and we wish Andrew Luck all the best.

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