Anne Winters Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Anne Winters weight loss left some of her fans feeling alienated and out of whack. They were probably used to seeing the ‘13 Reasons Why‘ star sport a chubby face, and recent photos of Winters in a skinny frame was probably too much for them to handle.

So what’s the deal with Winters, and how did she manage to lose roughly 20 to 25 pounds? Let’s check out what the 27-year old did to burn fat and lose weight.

Who is Anne Winters?

Anne Winters is an American actress who hails from Dallas, Texas. She first played notable roles in ‘Tyrant‘, ‘Wicked City‘ and in the Netflix show ‘13 Reasons Why’. Recent projects include ‘Countdown‘, ‘Zac & Mia‘ and ‘Night School’, among others.

We first got a glimpse of how Winters was taking on the weight loss challenge- she admitted that she had to ‘do something’ to try and drop several sizes down to get back to a healthy state. Then, something wonderful happened- Winters dropped from 65kgs to just 53kgs in a short span of time.

Anne Winters Weight Loss Journey

Anne’s weight loss journey didn’t start right away, but she did admit that her body changed due to the everyday stress she experiences and her lifestyle. This was probably the wake-up call the ‘13 Reasons Why’ star needed to do a 180 and reclaim her youthful physique.

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So, Anne went by the book and did both a weight loss diet and exercise. The results were phenomenal, and it worked to an extent. When you look at ‘before and after’ photos you should be able to clearly see the difference in body size and the shape of her face.

For the record, Winters did nothing extraordinary, but she kept at it until she lost around 20 pounds. This is the secret to effectively losing weight and staving off unwanted fat.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

Anne Winters Weight Loss Diet

Many fans were asking, ‘what did Anne Winters do to lose weight?’.

The 27-year old’s diet plan is unremarkable, but it did get the job done. Her primary food sources are lean meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, essentially for the protein, vitamins, minerals and the intangibles, such as fiber and phytonutrients. In addition, the ‘13 Reasons Why’ star toned down intake of unhealthy foods such as burgers, fries and pizza, among others.

It’s believed that Winters did not take coffee or tea and resorted to vegetable-based smoothies. We can’t really say if she has a cheat day or two, but it’s necessary for the diet to become sustainable.

It’s worth noting that sleep is just as important an aspect of weight loss as food. Winters made sure she gets the requisite 8 hours restful sleep as a minimum so she could function all day without needing coffee. The Hollywood personality also tries to keep away from oily foods as much as possible.

Not everyone can suddenly shift into a diet and stick to the eating program, but it seems like Anne Winters did it without any issues. She does have the will and determination to see it through, and her fans are now enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Anne Winters Weight Loss Exercise Routine

The Dallas native probably understands that diet is not enough to lose weight, so she signed up for gym workouts and goes there regularly. It’s believed that Anne visits and works out four times a week and in two-hour sessions.

Winters does a variety of exercise routines, including cycling, strength training and cardio. Outside, she runs to improve her stamina and burn unwanted calories and fats.

The key to a successful exercise program is to constantly switch it up so you won’t get bored or reach a plateau. Between running, cardio and weightlifting Anne has a lot on her plate, and this should keep her busy enough that she starts shedding pounds. Based on her recent 20 pound loss we can say that the activity has worked very well, and if she could continue this regimen for the next month or so then she would be quite the bombshell.

Four times weekly and at two hours per session is probably too much for those who are trying to lose weight, but it’s one of the best ways to burn fat quickly. You should put in the time and the effort to drop down a size or two and achieve your fitness goal.

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Anne Winters Weight Loss Secrets

With such a drastic weight loss you may be wondering if Winters did undergo plastic surgery such as liposuction.

Fans were shocked when they saw the new-look Winters on social media and red carpet appearances. The ‘13 Reasons Why’ star did not admit to doing liposuction, and we believe her. Losing 20 pounds might seem a chore but it’s definitely still doable.

The 27-year old’s secret is staying on track and committing to both a diet and a workout routine. Aside from eating the right foods and going to the gym, she also had to follow a sleep schedule so she can get much-needed rest. Too little sleep can cause you to overeat, and stress can do the same thing. The key moment in Winters’ life was when she realized she had to do something so she could become healthy and fit again.

Anne Winters Weight Loss Results

The Hollywood star went from 65 kilos to just 53 after her weight loss journey, but the good news is that Winters is still going through the process.

It’s not quite clear when she intends to stop, or at what the magic number for her target weight is. Anne Winters’ weight loss results are impressive as she did a trifecta, which is composed of good sleep, good diet and an exercise program.

Today, her physique and presence on camera and social media is smoking hot, and she probably enjoys looking at herself in the mirror more than before. Experiencing effective weight loss can boost confidence, and she might be empowered to do better in her career now that she’s down to her ideal body size.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

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