Are cheetos haram?

One of the greatest responsibilities of a Muslim is to know what is forbidden (haram) and what is compatible with the Islamic faith. At the center of this is the need to identify food products which are halal and food products which are haram. The Islamic religion is very particular one the foods that should be consumed, and the ones which should not.

Most of the types of Cheetos are not haram. Therefore, if you are Islam, Cheetos will not go against your faith. It will not go against the Quran or Sunnah. The next time you feel the desire to take Cheetos, go right ahead and enjoy them, and practice your faith too. However, a few types of the Cheetos are haram and should be avoided.

This article is going to explore the issue of Cheetos in relation to halal and haram.

Are Cheetos Haram?

The simple answer is; NO, most of them are halal. But whether Cheetos is halal or haram depends on the particular type. Prior to explaining this, it is worth looking at the ingredients that make Cheetos. The following is a wide variety of ingredients that are used in the preparation of Cheetos: vegetable oil, cornmeal, cheese seasoning, corn-derived maltodextrin, natural flavors, and the artificial flavors. With that stated, whether Cheetos is halal or haram depends on the ingredients used and the way of preparation (if it is contaminated).

Flamin hot Cheetos is a finger-locking taste, it brings some issues on whether it is halal. In most of the cases, flamin hot Cheetos is derived from edible plants, and this could qualify them as halal. However, some of the ingredients which are used in the making of flamin hot cheese are not halal. For example, some enzymes which are used in the preparation of flamin hot Cheetos are derived from a pig, and are therefore haram. However, crunchy flamin hot Cheetos does not have ingredients which come from the pig and is therefore halal.

Pakistan is one of the countries with a big number of Muslims. In such a country, the halal standards are well known, clear and they followed. Pakistan Standards, the authority on food certification in the country, does not categorize these snacks as haram. As a matter of fact, Cheetos is a popular figure in Pakistan and is widely consumed. Websites dealing Cheetos in Canada and US do not state that pork is included in Cheetos. Therefore, if there is no pork in the food product, then, most likely it is not haram.

Cheetos puff is a very popular type of Cheetos in the American market. As a faithful of the Islamic religion, you may want to know if consuming the Cheetos puff goes against the teaching of Quran.

The best way of evaluating this is through looking at the ingredients that make up the Cheetos puff. The following ingredients are used in the making of the Cheetos puffs:

Cheetos puffs Ingredients
Whey Protein Concentrate
corn meal
Corn Derived Maltodextrin
Monosodium Glutamate
Lactic Acid
citric acid
Cultures and Enzymes from milk cheese
artificial color (Yellow 6)
artificial flavors
and natural flavors

With that stated, it is a safe conclusion to say that consumption of Cheetos puffs is compatible with the Islamic faith and is therefore halal. In particular, the enzymes that are used in the making of cheetos puffs are not derived from pigs, but rather, they are derived from milk.

It could be said that the jalapeno Cheetos are made for the Muslims, and they are therefore halal. In addition to that, they do not contain enzymes which come from the pigs. The ingredients that are used in this product are safe for the Muslims. Although this is a Mexican food, the Muslims located them can have access to them due to the work done by Frito-Lay in ensuring that this food is accessible and affordable.

Cheetos nutritional facts

Nutrition factsCrunchy FLAMIN’ HOT Cheese
Units1 Serving (28g = 21 pieces)
Total Fat11g
Vitamin D0mcg
FiberLess than 1g
Iron0.4 mg

Are Cheetos Good for You?

If there is a famous fast food, then that fast food is Cheetos. As a matter of fact, only potato chips are more famous than the Cheetos. So, is Cheetos good for you? There are a plethora of benefits that come with Cheetos. To start with, Cheetos is a fast food. This means that it is an ideal meal if, for one reason or the other, one is not able to prepare a meal.

Cheetos contain soy and milk ingredients which are healthy for your body. Cheese is a reliable source of protein as well as calcium. Corn brings in the carbohydrates that the body needs. Vegetable oils are not like other lipids in the market; they are safe and healthy. In addition to that, whole grains are a reliable source of fiber. Fiber, in turn, helps in the process of digestion.

However, like other snacks, the Cheetos should be consumed in moderation. The health problems that come with Cheetos are due to the fact that they carry a high amount of calories, fat, and sodium. Therefore, the most prudent thing is to reduce the intake of these components through taking Cheetos in moderation. You may consider having specific days when you can take Cheetos.

Again, if you have an allergy, you might consider avoiding Cheetos. Tran fats that are found in some variety of Cheetos enhance the bad cholesterol and reduce the good cholesterol. Artificial food may cause sensitivity among the children.


You should have a habit of checking the package to see if a product is halal. The halal stamp is a firm guarantee that the product in question is halal, and so are the ingredients. In addition to that, there are websites which contain information about what is halal or haram. Moreover, religious institutions will always be on standby in order to help the faithful make informed decision.

As a general rule, if you have any doubt if a certain product is halal or haram, do not consume it at first. The most prudent thing is to seek the right information in order to know how to proceed. Overall, Cheetos is halal and you should take your time to enjoy it.

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