Are cheez its healthy for weight loss?

It is practically impossible to not know what Cheez-Its are, but in the case, you do not know, they are a popular brand of cheese crackers that is owned by the Kellogg Company. Introduced 101 years ago, this brand’s popularity has risen through the years thanks to its addictive and tasty products. Thanks to its unique composition, many people believe that they can be included in weight loss diets and programs to satisfy the organism in certain moments.

However, it is important that you check the whole thing before thinking of consuming it, learning if it is a healthy product will prove to be wise. That is why the next article focuses on discussing: Are Cheez-Its Healthy for Weight Loss? in order to determine if they can be consumed without facing any issues in the future.

Are Cheez-Its Healthy for Weight Loss?

The simple answer; NO. The basic ingredients of Cheez-Its consist of refined wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, yeast, and obviously cheese. The great majority of individuals tend to believe that the orange color that is present in the product is thanks to the great content in cheese, but sadly that is not true at all. That orange tone is developed due to the paprika used, and since it has obtained a unique color, that could not be healthy, right? It is time to discover it.

Cheez-Its are not healthy by any means, in fact, they are one of the worst items that you could ever add to your weight loss diet. They are junk food, and one of the worst kinds as they contain a lot of simple carbohydrates and empty calories, your main enemies in weight loss adventures. People tend to think that since wheat flour is used as an ingredient, everything will be as healthy as possible, but this time it is different, as the wheat flour will be refined to the point that nutrients are reduced in a large quantity.

Also, do not forget that there is also a considerable amount of fats that can increase your bad cholesterol levels in the future, and if you consume them on a regular basis then it is even possible to develop life-changing diseases or illnesses in the future. They also contain yeast and empty carbs that do not provide any nutrition.

But wait, it gets worse. Turns out that cheese is not even the main ingredient as there will be an insanely large amount of sodium. In just 27 crackers it is possible to find 230 mg of sodium, another nemesis for those who are struggling with weight loss. They should be kept under control to avoid causing issues in your organism or even worse, lose all of your gains.

Cheez-Its nutritional facts

The nutritional facts of some of Cheez its’ products are as follows:

Nutrition factsCheez-it Original CrackersCheez-it White Cheddar CrackersCheez-it Whole Grain Crackers
Units27 crackers25 crackers27 crackers
Total Fat8g7g8g
Vitamin D0mcg0mcg

Whole Grain Cheez-Its – Are They Healthy?

Thanks to the popularity of the brand, it is possible to find other products apart from the traditional thing. There is a variation that emphasizes the usage of Whole Grain to enhance the composition of the product and make it “healthier”. The thing is, while the Whole Grain alternative is indeed healthier than the signature product, it is not that much of a difference, so if you consume them on a regular basis, the damage will be received anyways.

One serving of the whole grain variation comes with 150 calories and 8 grams of whole grams which is something that could be considered as good in the great majority of situations, but this time, due to the existence of other harmful ingredients, everything is practically the same.

To understand everything in simple words, potato chips can be considered healthier than these snacks, and that speaks a lot. It is just something that should be avoided at all costs if you are looking for losing some weight or living a healthier life.

Is there Any Reduced-Fat Version?

Since a lot of people started noticing that these snacks are not healthy in any way, the brand decided to take advantage of that feedback and use it as an opportunity to improve its reputation and offerings. That is why there are certain reduced-fat alternatives on the market, but once again, they do not prove to deliver enough results to be considered healthy thanks to the presence of empty calories.

In the case that you do not what empty calories are, they basically increase your calorie intake without providing any kind of healthy nutrient and furthermore, pass as an empty presence. But not only do they do that, but the reason why you should keep your eyes on them is also because they can easily contribute to weight gain.

Also, even when the fat source was reduced, it is not enough to be considered as a good alternative to include in your weight loss diet by any means. The high sodium content remains intact and that is something to be aware of as this is by far the most concerning thing about Cheez-Its that not many people decide to discover.

What if they are Consumed in Moderation?

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Consuming unhealthy products once in a while might not do you any bad, but what if it becomes a bad habit and you decide to keep increasing the servings gradually? Nothing good can result from that. While consuming Cheez-Its in moderation might not cause any issue in your organism, it is not recommended as you should refrain from consuming any product that is high in sodium and fat as they could cause irreparable damage in the future.

They are considered junk food, so you should start dropping them for good if you are looking to lose weight. There are many healthy options in the market that can replace these snacks without too much issue, the only problem is that when you become addicted to the unique flavor of Cheez-Its, there is a long way before you can forget about their existence, so do not give up and remember the reasons why you are losing weight, it will work as a source of motivation.

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