Are crepes healthy?

A native of France, crepes are a healthier and thinner version of pan cakes. They are becoming increasingly popular especially when they are served by the fast food restaurants. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best meals on Sunday when you have time for recreation.

Though crepes originated in Brittany, Western France, crepes have become a popular food all over the world. As a matter of fact, different cultures have adopted their own versions of the same food. For example, the Indians have their own version of this food that is known as dosa. The Ethiopians use the term injera which is basically crepe.

Crepes are very popular in some countries, Malaysia and Japan for instance. The same case applies to other countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, and Mexico. This article is going to explore crepes as it is consumed in the US.

Are crepes healthy?

Yes, the crepes are a healthy food. Having stated that, it is worth stating the ingredients that make the crepes. These include eggs, milk, flour and butter. The healthy thing about the crepes is that you can add different types of food to the typical crepes. These include meats, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. Other fillings that you can consider include cheese, ham, avocado, chicken, and red onions. There is no limit to what you can use as fillings for your crepes.

Therefore, the fact that you can use different foods to make crepes makes it a versatile food, and this is more of the reason why you should consider this food. You have the liberty to be creative in preparing this food. Crepes are a tasty and delicious food to take.

A big health advantage with the use of crepes is that they are not cooked using baking powder. That is why they are less dense than the pan cakes. Baking powder can come with its health challenges especially to people who are sensitive to certain types of foods.

If you are still on a diet, you can still take crepes without the daily disturbance of the amount of nutrients that you take every day. In other words, you will not gain weight because of taking this meal. Again, if you want to lose weight, you can proceed to customize the meal the way you would like it.

Are crepes gluten free?

There are some types of crepes which contain gluten, and they are those which do not. If you do not take gluten, you do not have to be worried about this. There are restaurants which are going to offer you tasty crepes which are still gluten free. However, some restaurants may require you to make an order first if you have a special need.

If you are able to get an original version of this French dish, then this is made from buckwheat flour. This product is gluten free. However, this specific type is not easy to get and you might consider being satisfied with what is available in the market.

Are crepes pancakes?

Crepes are not pan cakes, bet the two are closely related. As a matter of fact, when the older generation cooks crepes, they call them pancakes. A lot of people believe that crepes are the French version of the pan cakes. After all, both the crepes and the pan cakes are made from the same ingredients.

However, there is a difference between crepes and pan cakes. The crepes are mainly regarded as a French diet, while the pancakes are generally regarded as an American diet. The crepes are delicate and thin, while the pancakes are thick and firm. As stated earlier, the crepes do not make use of baking powder and this makes all the difference.

Are crepes vegan?

Typically, crepes are not vegan. This is because part of the ingredients is milk and butter. However, if you prefer vegan food, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy this delicacy. There are ingredients that you can use to make vegan crepes.

Vegan crepes are not only spongy but also satisfying. They can be served as either savory or sweet. If you like vegan foods, and you are sensitive to gluten, you can use a special purpose flour for this.

If the vegan crepes are cooked well, they are going to be thin, delicate, and tender. One of the best combinations of crepes is with the following foods: berries, lemon juice, berries, and powdered sugar. When it comes to the use of better, make sure that you make use of vegan butter.

How long can crepes last in the fridge?

If you have left over crepes, you ought to know how best you can store them. This is better than throwing them away. Crepes are a perishable food, and therefore, they do not have a long shelf life.

You must be informed about the best ways of storing them. When crepes are stored in the fridge, they are going to be good for a maximum of 3 days. However, when they are stored in the fridge, they can start decreasing in quality, and they may look stale and dry.

It is not recommendable that you freeze your crepes with fillings. This is more so if the fillings are fresh fruits. Whereas such products are going to last for three days, they will simply not be of high quality. When fresh fruits are frozen, they turn mushy. At the same time, if you freeze crepes with fillings, it may start becoming soggy.

When you are ready to use them again, make sure that you re-heat them properly. The best thing is to use a large pan so that the heat can be evenly distributed.


Crepes can be served as the main meal or as a snack. It can be taken for lunch, dinner, or at the time in between. It can also be a very good choice for a dessert. You can buy crepes. If you are a fun of the kitchen, you can think about making them on your own. There are ample online resources for doing this.

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