Are crunch bars gluten free?

Crunch bar (chocolate) is a global product which is manufactured by Nestle. However, in the US, the crunch bars are made by Ferrara Candy Company, which is a subsidiary of Ferrero Company. The product was first introduced in the market in 1938, and has gained a lot of popularity ever since.

The company has also been very responsive to the consumers, and keeps in changing its products to the better. This article is going to discuss all about crunch bars.

Are Crunch Bars Healthy For You?

Yes, crunch bars are a healthy and nutritious product for you. This is due to several reasons. To start with, crunch bars are manufactured from milk protein.

This provides you with a whopping 17 % of the protein for your daily needs. Therefore, they are an ideal product to use after working out. This is why you will find that crunch bars are a very popular choice among the athletes.

The protein from food products such as chocolate makes one feel full, thereby reducing the amount of food that one consumes in a day. If you have weight loss objectives, this is an ideal product for you, and you will recognize noticeable changes upon using crunch bars.

The Journal of American Association states that choosing products such as chocolate helps to keep the level of blood pressure in check. It is therefore not surprising that crunch bars have become a common food in the US. They also help in keeping the health of the heart in check.

Crunch bars are very rich in potassium. In addition to that, they are low in fat and high in fibre. This plays a critical role in the digestion process. The while Power Crunch bar is high in protein, high in fat, and contains a low amount of calories. It is a very ideal product for people with diabetes. This is because they have to keep on monitoring the amount of sugars that they consume.

The ingredients that are used in the making of crunch bars are very healthy for you. These include the following: milk chocolate, sugar, milk fat, lactose, natural flavors, and crisped rice. The company keeps on refining its list of ingredients in order to serve the customers better.

Marketing professionals have identified power crunch as one of the three most famous types of crunch bars. As a matter of fact, it contains a higher quantity of protein when compared to the peers. Having fewer sugars than the other types makes it a very popular choice of crunch bar. They are deemed an excellent choice if you are seeking to improve your health.

The good thing with crunch bars is that they have a long shelf life. The shelf life of crunch bars takes 12 months to 15 months. This, of course, depends on how you store it. Compared to most food products, this is a long shelf life.

However, like any other food product, crunch bars have their share of disadvantages. The sucralose in the product contains various side effects. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener which is packaged in a yellow packet.

Whereas sucralose may have its benefits, it can be bad for your health. People who consume foods with sucralose tend to eat more and have a higher appetite. This translates to an increase in body weight. Therefore, sucralose, just like the real sugar, should be consumed in moderation.

Are crunch bars gluten free?

If you buy crunch bars from the store, they are not going to be gluten free. The official website of the product says that it contains barley malt and also adds that the product may contain wheat. Therefore, if you have celiac disease, or glucose intolerance, some of the varieties of the crunch bars may not be safe for you.

It should also be noted that the crunch bars could be prepared in an environment which could lead to gluten contamination. Therefore, it would be an informed conclusion to say that crunch bars are not gluten free. If you are sensitive to gluten, this product could bring you health problems.

However, if you are looking for a gluten free product, then you can make your own crunch bar. There are ample online resources which are going to guide you on the same. Through making your own, you are going to use your own chosen cereals which are gluten free. In addition to that, you are going to customize your food product so that it can fit to your taste.

As a matter of fact, with only three ingredients, you can make gluten free crunch bars. These products are: chocolate chips, coconut oil, and rice crisp cereal.

Are crunch bars vegan?

The ordinary crunch bar that you order online, or you find in the store, is simply not vegan. You can make crunch bars which are vegan with just two ingredients. Rich decadent chocolate and crunchy puffed rice cereal are a good combination for making a candy treat.

Whatever you choice are, use a chocolate brand that you know is going to melt well. You should, however, note that brown rice cereal may not be easy to find. You might need to visit a number of stores in order to get it.

Do crunch bars have nuts?

Crunch bars may contain nuts or not. Crunch bars may contain peanuts, as well as the nuts. The Crunch Bar oficial website states that some of the crunch bars are made from equipment which is also used in the processing of wheat, nuts, and peanuts.

Crunch bars ingredients

As the told you before, taking a quick look into the Crunch Bar classic official website, the ingredients are as follows:

  • Milk chocolate
    • Sugar
    • chocolate
    • cocoa butter
    • nonfat milk
    • milkfat
    • lactose
    • soy lecithin
    • natural flavor
  • crisped rice
    • rice flour
    • sugar
    • barley malt
    • salt

Crunch bars nutritional facts

Nutrition factsCrunch Bar ClassicCrunch Minis
Units1 bar (44g)3 bars (30g)
Total Fat12g8g
Dietary Fiber1g<1g


Crunch bars come in different flavors and in a variety. These include chocolate chip and peanut butter créme. You can get them at your nearest store, or better still, you can make an online order.

Crunch bars will help you get the energy you need without making a compromise on your health.

You can enjoy these products when you are at home or when you are travelling. They are ideal for sharing with your partner, relatives, or friends. Crunch also offers seasonal products around the holidays, and you should take advantage of these offers.

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