Are fig newtons good for you?

The resemblance of fig newtons to other newtons makes them popular. They are considered healthy as figs are rich in fibers, amino acids, vitamin C and k, and phytochemicals. A serving of two cookies has a 29-gram fig newton contains 20mg calcium and 0.72mg of iron. Besides, the 95 grams of potassium have fibers and protein, each constituting a single gram.

The cause for concern in fig newton is that the sugar content of a single serving is 12g. Based on the American heart association, women should only take 24 mg of sugar daily. On the other hand, 32mg is best for men. As a result, taking two fig newtons cookies in a day means you will only be one gram or 8 grams short of hitting your daily limit.

Are fig newtons good for you if you have diabetes?

Yes, but the number of cookies in a day should be restricted to handle high surface levels. If that’s observed, a diabetic person can benefit from the fiber-rich content of the figs. Additionally, figs contain Vitamin C, which allays spikes in blood sugar levels.

Besides, have a fair amount of potassium. That’s an essential mineral for healthy blood pressure. Like vitamin C, it also prevents spikes. To add on fig, newtons have a trace amount of copper that boosts nervous health and prevents heart diseases.

Are figs good for you if you want to lose weight?

Normally fatty foods will cause a setback for fat individuals. But the fig newtons are not calorie-filled. Rather, the regular fig newton is made with low calories than the fat-free one. Combined with the high fiber content and a balanced diet, they become filling. That way, you avoid too much eating, which in the long run promotes weight loss. The fruity content also promotes your overall body health and helps you maintain your weight.

Are fig newtons good for you if you are constipating?

Fig newtons are good for constipation due to their rich fiber content. It promotes regular mobility of the bowels. However, you would rather watch the intake. Taking too much fig newtons will cause severe effects on your digestive systems. To some extent, you may start to bloat.

What’s the heath benefit of the phytochemicals in fig newtons?

Phytochemicals are active plants compounds. While they are not plenty in fig newtons, the little amount can promote the health of your life and reduce cancer effects.

Why are fig newtons not healthy?

Despite the vitamins, minerals, and fig newtons being whole grains, there are still side effects you should be concerned about. If taken moderately, two cookies per serving, you are all good. But, some have excessive GMO products, which makes them unhealthy.

Other ingredients, such as soybean oil and hydrogenated cottonseed oil, have no effects. On the other hand, the high sugar level of sodium benzoate, which is a preservative for various packaged products, is unhealthy when taken in large quantities.

High sugar levels effects in fig newtons

Fig newtons contain 12g of sugar, an equivalent of three teaspoons. Irrefutably it may be a small amount if you are taking one cookie in a day. But, in the case of consuming up to 8 cookies, you will be consuming 12 teaspoons of sugar in a day. That means your health is at risk. Consequently, you will suffer from heart disease and tooth loss and gain considerable weight.

Effects of elevated corn syrup in Fig Newtons

Comines with high sugar content, fructose corn syrup becomes more dangerous than sugar consummation. Your body will find it hard to process fructose into energy. In the long run, you will get obese or contract a fatty liver infection. In the worst-case scenario, you will contract type 2 diabetes.


Okay, fig newton lovers, at this point, it will be best if you treat your favorite cookies as a medicinal drug. If taken in moderate amounts, there won’t be any health concerns. In general, fig newtons are healthy. But as a consumer, you have to know your daily limit. It would be best to stick to a single cookie a day. Again if you have diabetes, you would rather take this cookie once a week while watching your blood sugar levels.

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