Are homemade burgers healthy?

Yes, homemade burgers can be extremely healthy, but like all cooking, a lot depends on the contents. So when asked are homemade burgers healthy? The answer is yes, and one of the greatest advantages, when you have children is, that you can pack them with all the hidden vegetables that they would normally refuse to eat. When they eat the hamburger they will love it, and you won’t need to tell them what is in it for a few years.

There are different ways of providing a balanced diet for your family and we will take a look at homemade burgers.

Are Homemade Burgers Healthy?

To start with, when making a burger at home you can use a better-minced beef, some fat content is required to make a good burger, but it only needs about 20% fat content to hold the burger together. Always use a whisked egg to hold everything together, and chop the vegetables finely.

So, as you can see the contents are totally healthy and so delicious that they will be requested regularly by your family. Make up enough for three meals a week and keep them in the refrigerator for quick weekday meals after work, or with friends on the weekend.

Burgers for all Occasions

According to Wikipedia, a burger is best served with cheese lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and pickles with a variety of sauces. They are traditionally fast food, and many people have one for lunch, and, they are cost-effective ‘food to go’. Interestingly, in high-end restaurants, you can sometimes purchase mini burgers lined up in threes on a platter and called sliders. However, they are still burgers and often not as nice as the ones you make at home.

Who Invented the Burger?

Many people claimed to have invented the burger, and all we really know is they were first made somewhere in the USA in the late 1800s. It is known that a burger was served on a bun at a July 4 celebration in Tulsa Oklahoma by Oscar Weber Bilby. At the time this was claimed by the Governor as the first true burger, and Tulsa was the birthplace of the burger. Are homemade burgers healthy? Well, they certainly started out that way, as there were no fast foods in the old days. Many refer to a burger as a type of sandwich, but it is much more than that, as it can be a complete meal. If we prefer, we can have a chicken or a cheeseburger, and over the years many variations have appeared.

Are Homemade Burgers Bad for You?

Hamburgers are only bad for you if they are made with poor quality ingredients, like having 40 to 50% fat content. Even then it is hard to ruin a burger, as some of the fats burn off in the cooking process. The other thing to avoid is sausage mince, Okay for sausages, but not for making burgers at home for the family. Avoid cooking in Palm oil as it contains saturated fats that increase the cholesterol levels in people. Palm oil comes from tropical palms and is widely used because it is cheap.

Vegetable Burgers

Many people are vegetarians and look for plant-based high-quality vegetable patties. It is important to find the right product without too many chemical additives, and it may be better to make your own at home. You can add some Soy protein or tofu along with the vegetable and use starchy vegetables like potatoes to help bind the mixture together. if you are vegan you won’t be able to bind it together with an egg and will have to rely on the soy protein and bread crumbs. If you are making vegetable burgers, spice them up with some chili.

The big field mushrooms grilled and spiced up with some chili make a great burger, and can be placed on the bun like a meat patty.

Are homemade burgers healthy is it a definite yes when you make the vegetable burgers at home, you may even find that most of the family will like them as a change from meat?

Contents of Burgers

Every 100 grams of the burger contains.

  • 305 calories
  • 13.1-gram fat
  • 13.7 grams protein

Use the right skillet to cook the burger on. At lunchtime 200 grams of burger should be enough to feed most people in the middle of the day, Of course, you can always get a bigger burger and some are enormous. making them difficult to bite into.

In the USA, a burger shop called Juicys Outlaw Grill serves the world’s biggest burger, weighing in at 777lbs. It would take a whole lot of people to get through that one.

Fast Food at Home

A burger is the ultimate fast food, taking only about 5 minutes to cook at home, and put together with sauce and salad. With a bit of meal planning, it is a much more cost-effective way to eat than having ‘take out’ every day, and when cooked by you, you know exactly what is in it.

No one will ask are homemade burgers healthy, because they will know that they are.

The buns are also important, and because we all love bread we will want to make the right choice for dinner. A white soft bun is ideal, or the classic made with potato flour.

Other buns include,

In fact, any bun that you like will work with a burger, as long as it holds it together, and soaks up the sauce. Making burgers is a bit of an art, and you may want to wrap your chicken burger in the slightly sweet brioche bun along with some sweet chili sauce.


We now know that homemade burgers are definitely healthy, due to all the fresh ingredients used at home, and once we get used to making them, we may never want to go out for a burger again. Always choose the best ingredients and the not too fatty minced beef. In fact, purchase a mincer and mince your own beef for the best burgers.

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