Are IHOP pancakes vegan?

Most IHOP pancakes are not vegan. You can enjoy their vegan option, the potato pancake, if you want to. Make sure you pay attention to any other item you want to order – because most things on their menu have milk and eggs.

For example, regular IHOP pancakes have milk in them. Their crepes and french toast aren’t vegan either. Always ask if you’re ordering vegan-friendly food before you pick something.

What can vegans eat at IHOP? People who follow a vegan diet can still eat at the house of pancakes if they order oatmeal, English muffins, and salads. Remember to ask for oatmeal made with water if that’s what you want. Otherwise, they may take your order and prepare oatmeal using milk.

Unfortunately, IHOP is not the best option for vegans who want a wide variety of options.

Are IHOP pancakes good?

Most people agree IHOP pancakes are good. They are tasty, creamy, and fluffy. A big number of folks decide to start their day at IHOP and have breakfast there. Others prefer to stop for a mid-day snack and order a few of their pancakes for a boost!

That’s not to say every option is delicious. Several rankings place the English sticky toffee as their best. You should make your way to IHOP and try one of the several pancake options they have before you make up your mind, though.

What should you order if you haven’t visited IHOP before? Go for the classics! The buttermilk, chocolate chip, or blueberry pancake is the way to go. There are more options for you to try – but we highly recommend going for the basics first and working up from there.

Are IHOP pancakes healthy?

IHOP pancakes are far from a healthy option. It doesn’t matter whether you want a healthy breakfast or an energy boost before working out (maybe a energy bar?) – pancakes are not the way to go. You can eat them as a cheat meal, though. They are a good option if you need to eat a lot of calories in a short time.

There are healthier options other than pancakes for you to choose from – and you can find them on IHOP as well! Oatmeal is a nice option for a nutritious meal. It’s not going to be as tasty as a pancake, though. Sometimes you have to sacrifice flavor for nutrition.

You can also ask for an avocado toast or scrambled eggs if you want to enjoy a healthy breakfast at IHOP. Add juice or coffee, and you have a breakfast of champions right at the house of pancakes.

Are IHOP pancakes frozen?

IHOP pancakes are not frozen. They are served fresh every time. Even though we’re talking about a fast food chain, they never sell anything frozen. Cooks in the kitchen are waiting for customers to place an order before they start whipping the pancake mix and cooking it.

It’s not about pancakes alone. Everything is fresh! Eggs, toasts, and anything else you can think of. That’s one of the advantages of eating at IHOP. You know you’re getting a quality meal cooked just for you.

Serving fresh food makes sense. It’d take a lot more time and money to freeze pancakes and then take them out of the freezer after every order. It’s easier to prepare one at a time.

Other fast food places may take advantage of frozen meals – but IHOP would have zero advantages using that business model.

Are IHOP pancakes gluten free?

There are no gluten free pancakes at IHOP. You may find gluten friendly food there – but that’s not the same as gluten free. Gluten friendly food has less gluten than usual but still a fair amount in it.

Folks with gluten allergies should also refrain from eating their omelettes and similar items. IHOP cooks use a little bit of pancake batter in a lot of their meals to make them more fluffy. Unfortunately, that means adding gluten to almost every item on their menu.

What can you order at IHOP for a gluten free meal? There are a few options you can enjoy: salads and scrambled eggs. Make sure you ask they add no pancake batter to your eggs. While that may seem like too much, several IHOP places fluff up their eggs that way.

Are IHOP pancakes dairy free?

You’re not going to find dairy free pancakes on the IHOP menu. Every single one of their pancakes (no matter which one) has dairy. They also have eggs in them, making them nonvegan. Unfortunately, people with lactose intolerance will find no pancake options for them at IHOP.

What can someone with lactose intolerance eat at IHOP? You can order coffee, juices, salads, scrambled eggs, and omelettes. It’s far from what you’d order in the house of pancakes – but you can still eat a nutritious and delicious breakfast there.

Make sure you tell the person taking your order not to add any pancake batter to your eggs when you order them – otherwise, your food will have some dairy.

Can you ask for special non dairy pancakes at IHOP? You can try – but it’s more than likely that you will find a negative answer. All IHOP pancakes have dairy in some way.

Are IHOP pancakes buttermilk?

You can find plenty of buttermilk pancakes in IHOP. One of their trademarks, a meal everyone knows and loves, is a full stack of buttermilk pancakes with some syrup and butter on top. You can’t go wrong with that option!

Those who find the full stack to be too much can order the short stack version – it’s the same thing but with fewer pancakes and as delicious as ever.

There’s more than one way to eat buttermilk pancakes at IHOP, though.

You can find plenty of buttermilk varieties there. The cupcake, cheesecake, and chocolate chip pancakes also have buttermilk. They all are as delicious as you think. The difficult part is choosing which one you will eat today!

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