Are McDonalds Fries Halal? (No, Here’s Why)

The word halal is an Arabic term that denotes what is lawful or what is permitted. It is a diet that strictly follows the Islam religion rules and regulations. For instance, in any slaughter, the Muslims say a prayer over the first animal and over the last animal. Halal is not just about the food itself, but also, how the food is prepared. Being conscious about the halal foods in the American market will help you to enjoy your meals without compromising on your Islamic faith.

Born in 1940 in Illinois, McDonald is one of the most popular restaurants globally. In the course of its life, the company has grown drastically to dominate the food market. It’s well-known for its French fries as well as other foods such as hamburgers, chicken, salads, and fish. The company’s locations are easily accessible, it has affordable foods, and it serves very tasty foods. Moreover, the restaurant chain offers a high amount of fiber and protein.

This article is going to explore French fries at McDonald and answer pertinent questions such as its status on haram and vegetarian status.

Can french fries be haram?

The French foods at McDonald could be haram. McDonald states that its food is not halal-certified. Whereas many of the meals are cooked separate from meat items, the company cannot guarantee that there is no contamination. This is because of how the oil filtration system is designed. The oil that is used to cook a certain food may reach other meals still, thereby, providing low guarantee on halal. Thus, McDonald’s admits that cross-contamination can occur in the meal preparation process. However, the company has made a commitment to reduce the level of contamination.

McDonald fries in Canada are cooked using a mixture of beef fat and cotton-seed oil. This beef fat is slaughtered without following Islamic law, and therefore, it is haram. People of the Muslim faith should avoid taking this food. It should also be noted that French fries at McDonald’s could contain whey which is a dairy product. Rennet is used in the manufacturing process for whey. Here, there is no guarantee that this rennet comes from a halal animal.

Are McDonald fries vegetarian?

A lot of people assume that the McDonald fries are made from oil, potatoes, and salt. But they are not made from just these food ingredients. Rather, the McDonald fries are made from potatoes, sugar vegetable oil, and salt. However, this list of ingredients is by no means exhaustive. The ingredients may include milk and beef.

So, are McDonald fries vegetarian? This depends in the country in question or the restaurant in question. In the US, the vegetarian ingredients are not disclosed. However, McDonald fries in the US does not make use of vegan ingredients. The consumer should, nevertheless, note that McDonald fries are not cooked separately from other meals. Again, McDonald admits that the fries served in the US could be contaminated.

There was a lot of controversy about this vegetarian issue in Canada. According to CBC News, six vegetarians who came from British Columbia took the franchise to court de-crying its use of beef in the list of ingredients in their fries. Other vegetarians from different parts of the world have had a big issue on this. Faced with a lawsuit, McDonald admitted that it used beef in preparing the French fries in order to give this food a natural flavor. Nevertheless, McDonald stated that it had not previously stated that its French fries are beef-free, but it apologized for not giving complete information.

The consumer should also note that McDonald started using vegetable oils in the 1990s. The reason for this, states the company, is that vegetable oil tends to be healthier than other types of oils. The company was responding to consumer complains about the oil used. The switch to vegetable oil ensured that the consumers were not consuming a lot of saturated fats.

Even with this milestone, McDonald foods are not vegan friendly. If you are a vegan person, you should understand that a vegan diet is not about just food, but it extends to the entire lifestyle- respecting all the animals and their byproducts.

The only exception concerning the vegan diet is the UK and India. In these two locations, then you can enjoy your vegan diet at McDonald. In these two countries, the foods at McDonald do not have meat, and in addition, they are not contaminated. Unfortunately, in other countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia, McDonald does not have vegan foods.

Is Mcdonalds fries halal in Canada?

McDonald’s fries in Canada do not have a halal menu, and there is no guarantee that the fries have halal ingredients. The operations of the franchise do not allow the separation of different types of foods in the preparation process. The company admits that the foods that are halal-certified are only popular in a small market segment. Therefore, the company was not willing to make significant changes to the supply chain and the cooking process.

However, if you want to eat some foods at McDonalds, and you want it halal, then there are a few foods that you can eat. These include the following: beef, chicken, and ice-cream. In addition to that, if you are a disciple of the Muslim faith, you can take fish burgers, but remember to order them without cheese.


On the question of haram or halal, one should be sure to ask the Muslim scholars that are in various religious institutions. In addition to that, you can always ask the manager of the company a question. Modern companies are very transparent in giving information about what they are asked, and you are sure that you will get the right information.

Again, as a person of the Muslim faith, you need to understand that the market keeps on changing. In connection to this, the cooking process and the ingredients used may change. Therefore, you should simply be informed on the status of various foods regularly.

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