Are meatballs low carb?

Everyone knows what meatballs are, they have become so popular to the point that they could be considered a historical dish thanks to their unique approach and tasty nature. One of the best things about meatballs is the fact that it is possible to prepare meatballs using practically anything you desire and nobody will be able to judge your selection as there are lots of types and variations available at the moment. The most popular meatballs might be the ones prepared in the Italian style which come topped with tomato sauce and lies on a spaghetti bedding.

While it might be true that meatballs are delicious, they should not be consumed on a regular basis for multiple purposes. At least this is what the great majority of individuals said when someone talks about this dish. The next article will discuss: Are Meatballs Low Carb? To determine if it is true that these unique balls of protein could be used for keto diets or gluten-free dishes.

Are Meatballs Low Carb?

Can Meatballs be Considered Low Carb?

Sadly, due to its unique composition and normally used ingredients, traditional meatballs are not low in carbs, making them a dish to avoid if you are trying on starting a keto diet. They should be consumed in moderation as they have a fair content of carbs, so refrain from consuming them in large quantities unless you desire to cause problems in your body or organism in the future.

In weight loss strategies like keto diets, it is important to limit the consumption of carbs per day. It would be wise to select food that counts with less than 3.6 grams of net carbs per 100-gram serving. In the case of meatballs, they come with 6.70 grams of carbs (under these conditions), making them a dish to avoid at all costs unless you consume them in very low quantities which tends to be not worth it as there are better choices available.

However, you should not lose hope from the beginning. You should always remember the fact that meatballs can be made as you desire, so if you choose the correct ingredients, it is possible to craft a low-carb approach that would definitely fit into your diet without causing any havoc. Up to this point, you have to decide whether you want to find a low carb option in the market or if the meatballs will be prepared and cooked in your kitchen, the latter tends to be better as every ingredient will be measured and checked to avoid any mistake.

Are There Low Carb Meatballs in the Market?

Since meatballs are extremely popular nowadays, it is simple to find all kinds of styles in grocery stores and even in restaurants. Some of them claim to be made with low-carb ingredients which could potentially make them a great option to include in your diet. However, this is not always the case, so you must make sure to check everything and make your investigation before eating something that was not as described.

Also, it would be wise to avoid consuming “outside” meatballs as they tend to come with breadcrumbs or flour to keep everything together, and while this is extremely practical, most of the carbs come from these ingredients.

Unless you manage to find a decent brand with low-carb meatballs, then it is recommended to prepare your own meatballs at home. Do not worry, thanks to their unique nature, preparing meatballs is extremely easy to the point that not having experience in the kitchen can not be considered a worthy excuse. Just keep in mind that certain ingredients (that are not used in the traditional style) must be used.

What if you Find Trustworthy Low Carb Meatballs?

On the other hand, if you happen to find a trustworthy brand that lists all the used ingredients and carb composition of the meatballs, then you should be ready to go. But not so fast, it is important to make sure that you understand the fact that meatballs should not be consumed on a regular basis.

Even if you get a low carb alternative, meatballs must not be consumed as something regular due to the fact that you could end up gaining weight thanks to the fairly high amount of fat that is included, and sometimes, that fat proves to not be healthy. Refrain from consuming this dish every single time, there are other alternatives that you can try as well.

Another thing that you have to watch out for is the existence of breadcrumbs or extra flour. If it is possible, find a low-carb alternative that is gluten-free at the same time to guarantee that you will consume something that can be considered healthy and safe for both your body and organism.

What Ingredients should be Considered for Preparing Low Carb Meatballs?

A combination of half beef and half pork tends to be more than enough for meatballs as they tone down each other in terms of flavor, making a pleasant flavor that will lead to great satisfaction after every bite. Also, never forget to rely on natural ingredients like eggs to keep everything together and avoid the flavor leaving the meatballs’ bodies.

In the case of the seasoning, you do not need to go beyond as using fresh parsley with garlic, salt, pepper, and grated onions will prove to be more than enough for balancing and adding more flavor to the dish, just refrain from adding an insanely large amount of any of these as it could make the meatballs a threat for your organism.

Finally, if you desire to go for an Italian approach, then you could always add some Marinara sauce or your favorite low carb sauce, this really depends on your preferences but it would be interesting if you try this option at least once, it will be worth of your time. Also, while certain recipes include the usage of mozzarella and parmesan cheese to keep everything together and make the meatballs taste more cheesy, these are completely optional ingredients, so do not overstress yourself by not adding them.

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