Are pizza hut wings good?

Pizza Hut has invented some very tasty menu additions over the years except for their Pizza Hut Wings. They offer many varieties, begging most people to ask the question- are Pizza Hut wings good? This will obviously question: how are Pizza Hut wings dairy free, and what are the best Pizza Hut wings flavor? It also might inquire- when are Pizza Hut wings gluten free and when are Pizza Hut wings halal?

We just want to know- how are Pizza Hut wings breaded before they are fried? Join us as we find out the real answers.

Are Pizza Hut wings good?

While most can argue that Pizza Hut has found clever ways to get more cheese into their pizzas than any other brand name, Pizza Hut Wings come with excellent flavor options. They’re good because there is variety for those who are looking for options. There are naked wings, saucy wings, seasoned wings, and even wings with and without bones. There aren’t many stones overturned when it comes to menu options.

There are a total of 10 different signature flavor choices which makes it ever-tempting to make a choice on which flavor to order. Depending on the location that you go to, you can choose if you like fried or baked, which further gives you healthier selections if you’re counting calories. Pizza Hut has also allowed selecting dry spices flavors that replace heavier sauces that could be hiding more needless calories.

But- who’s really counting when it comes to enjoying great-tasting chicken wings? The advertising campaign paid off by adding Pizza Hut Wing Street franchises that are dedicated branches that sell pizza and hot wings under one roof. Although, it’s enough to say that it’s still your average Pizza Hut with the Wing Street logo slapped on to help advertise their chicken wing menu. And boy- does it work!

Are Pizza Hut wings gluten free?

The wings are essentially gluten-free but when the sauces are added into the dipping process, these can be cross-contaminated with gluten. Pizza Put does not have designated gluten-free sauce dipping stations and most likely never will, as this is not cost-effective. Another thing to consider is that the deep fryer where chicken wings are deep-fried are also sharing the same oil where other deep-fried items with gluten are fried.

This means that even the wings that are naked will have trace amounts of gluten on them. The only true gluten-free chicken wing will be the baked wings. These wings are placed on trays that have no gluten cross-contamination on them and would be washed before each batch is baked. This option for finding baked wings is an option for each individual franchise, so not every location offers this service.

You’ll need to call around or ask the online Pizza Hut delivery service if they offer the oven-baked wings rather than the fried versions to get gluten-free options.

Are Pizza Hut wings dairy free?

According to independent sources, (their menu with chicken wings) that are dairy-free includes Mild-baked chicken wings, Hot-baked chicken wings, and boneless wings. The official Pizza Hut Allergen Handbook gives very good info on what includes dairy products. Unfortunately, this does not include the part where items that are placed into deep fryers share the same dairy products including egg and dairy products.

Both the BBQ chicken wings and breaded chicken strips do not have milk or egg but are fried in oil containing these ingredients.

Are Pizza Hut wings halal?

If you are from Europe and happen to live in the UK or Ireland, the Muslim community has a great impact on what food is considered halal. This is food that is slaughtered under the customs that are considered ethical similar to how Kosher food is slaughtered. However, according to the UK and Irish branch locations for Pizza Hut, none of the food in these countries is certified halal.

In the US, this extension is not regulated by the FDA and is not enforcing halal certification. It also depends on where the chicken is being sourced from that could (perhaps) be a facility where halal chicken is processed. Many of the Pizza Hut locations are sourcing their chicken from undisclosed overseas vendors. There is some speculation that their chicken comes from Thailand or is processed in Thailand (which is halal), but there is no concrete proof.

In the early days before the Wing Street addition, Pizza Hut used to source their chicken wings from Foster Farms, but not anymore. This is only supported by a claim that the same chicken wings can be bought under the Foster Farms label in any supermarket. Compare the sauces they are packed in and there is an uncanny similarity in flavors.

Pizza Hut wings nutrition

Nutrition factsTraditional Wings – Mild BuffaloBone Out Wings – Mild BuffaloBone Out Wings – Honey BBQ
Units2 wings (59g)2 wings (73g)2 wings (82g)
Total Fat6g9g8g
Dietary Fiber1g1g1g

Are pizza Hut wings breaded?

Yes, there is an option to have breaded and un-breaded chicken wings at Pizza Hut. There is very little information on how they are breaded and what is used to complete the breading process. For example, what is the binder that is used to get the breading to stick to the chicken? In this undercover Pizza Hut video, an employee shows how boneless chicken nuggets are prepared. These come already breaded and are then deep-fried.

The chicken is then covered in flavored sauce and then delivered to the customer. This process is not the same for oven-baked chicken which is not breaded but covered in spices that don’t need sauces added after it’s baked.

Best Pizza Hut wings flavor?

Pizza Hut only produces 10 chicken wing flavors, so it’s easy to say there are only 10 to choose from. That didn’t stop the Top 10 Listers from strutting their stuff! In fact, any of the flavors offered at Pizza Hut are delicious on their own. The folks at Mashed put this to the test and ranked the worst to best list. When it comes to flavor, the overall taste is subjective for everyone.

Finding the ultimate flavor is always up to your opinion in the end. If we needed to suggest the best sauce that would be perfect for your chicken wings, always choose the naked wings and add your favorite sauce that you already have at home. This way you can never go wrong getting the best taste you like for enjoying chicken wings.

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