Billy Gardell Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Billy Gardell weight loss is a success story through and through. It’s a classic tale of becoming overweight to the point that Billy contracted type 2 diabetes, then working off all that extra weight and losing an amazing 140 pounds.

Here’s how the ‘Bob Hearts Abishala‘ star did it.

Who is Billy Gardell?

Billy Gardell is an accomplished US stand-up comedian and Hollywood actor. He’s most notable for his role in the TV show ‘Mike & Molly‘, and more recently ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’. All in all, the 52-year old star has more than 50 movies and series appearances under his belt.

Billy has been overweight all his life, but that turned around when he decided to do something about it. His wake up call was a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

How Did Billy Gardell Lose Weight?

Losing 140-plus pounds is an amazing feat and is something that not everyone can do.

At this point we have to give props to Billy Gardell for sticking to the plan and shedding a huge amount of fat. Weight loss routines can be a Herculean effort, but you should remember that every journey starts with a single step.

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What’s even more impressive is the fact that Billy did not go under the knife and opt for ‘instant’ procedures such as liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. He did it the ‘natural way’, and did a trifecta of goals to get to where he is now.

Specifically, the Hollywood actor had to quit all his bad lifestyle habits, including smoking and drinking, and eating fatty junk foods. He also mapped out a workout and exercise routine and got the help of professional dieticians and therapists.

It’s worthy to note that Billy Gardell at one point weighed a whopping 350 pounds, which was probably the result of excessive drinking, binge eating and not enough exercise, just to name a few. This was probably the state he was in when he was told by a doctor that he had developed type 2 diabetes.

Gardell then tried to turn things around by losing as much weight as possible. He currently stands at 209 pounds and is arguably in his best shape in years.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Secrets

Billy’s weight loss regimen is quite transparent, and there have been no secrets on what he did to achieve a 140-pound loss.

The American comedian often talks about his weight on TV shows and interviews. It’s what landed him the role in ‘Mike and Molly’ a show about two obese people falling in love. He says that it wasn’t the first time he got ridiculed over his weight- apparently, he experienced a childhood the same way and grew up to accept it.

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He was fine about his weight condition until his career was almost brought to an end. He finally accepted help from professional dieticians and therapists to try and change his perception about food. The first hurdle was abandoning the bad lifestyle habits he had over the years, particularly eating too much and drinking too much alcohol.

Billy enlisted the help of a trainer so he could start working out and burning fat. The company he’s working for, CBS, gave him a coach so he could continue his weight loss journey. Together, they crafted an optimal diet and workout program for the 52-year old so he could slim down and get his health back.

Gardell’s weight loss secret is perhaps his iron will and seeing his goal to the end. Not everyone can do the thing he did, and some eventually succumb to their desires or abandon their diet altogether.

With weight loss progress seems to be very slow at the start of the diet, but people should remember that it’s a marathon. Slow and steady wins the race, and people shouldn’t be impatient but rather continue to follow the diet and exercise regimen they’re given.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Routine

A weight loss routine totaling to around 140 pounds lost is nothing short of a miracle. So, how did Billy Gardell do it, and what kind of methods did he use?

Billy Gardell‘s weight loss diet, we assume, is kept simple and straightforward. The American comedian most likely began abstaining from tobacco and alcoholic drinks, or reduced it gradually. Then comes the calorie-laden foods, such as pizza and the unhealthy ones. It’s also highly possible that the 52 year old was allowed cheat days so he could stay with the diet.

Once you’re on the path to healthy eating then the body starts to burn fat. It’s recommended that you couple the diet with exercise so you can lose the calories at a faster pace and get to your fitness goals sooner.

Gardell hired a personal trainer, a quiet Russian who worked with him to slim down. In addition, CBS gave him his own company trainer so he could work out some more. Afterwards, the comedian sits down with therapists and dieticians to stay with the program and get extra motivation as needed.

We got a glimpse of how hard it was to maintain a fat-burning routine with Gardell admitting that it was so difficult to stay on track. What kept him going was the support of his fans, his friends and being diagnosed with a serious condition.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Results

Billy Gardell weight loss before and after photos are astounding and wonderful. The US actor has managed to shed a whopping 140 lbs., which is an excellent start to his journey to get better.

Although 209 pounds is still kind of overweight for a 52 year old with a 5’11” height, Billy is a living testament that the mind is still more powerful than the body. With sheer willpower and the support of those who are concerned, you can power through virtually any kind of health issue or condition.

Gardell is currently in the best shape he’s ever been, and the fact is that it’s about to get better. We fully support Billy’s weight loss journey to being fit and healthy.

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