Are mcdonald’s smoothies healthy?

are mcdonald's smoothies healthy

McDonald’s still hasn’t come up with a healthy smoothie. The health data for all the chain’s smoothie types are nearly identical, but Mango Pineapple takes the cake with 56 g of sugar and 260 calories in a 16-ounce medium cup. Therefore, having a smoothie there in good conscience is not recommended. McDonald’s smoothies are created … Read more

Are McDonald’s smoothies good for you?

are mcdonald's smoothies good for you

Nobody can claim McDonald’s smoothies are healthy. It’s the complete opposite. They are full of sugar and are so caloric dense you may as well call them a small meal. You can make your own smoothie if you want to drink something healthy. For example, a medium strawberry banana smoothie has 240 calories – while … Read more

what does the green tea frappuccino taste like?

what does the green tea frappuccino taste like

Taking care the green tea frapuccino has syrup on it, altough is made by milk and other ingredients (listed in the next section of this article), the green tea frappuccino taste like the two sryups you will find normally on it; vanilla and frappuccino. All of it, with the thickness due to the cream and … Read more

Is the chia banana boost smoothie good for you?

is the chia banana boost smoothie good for you

As the days go by, new fads in the fitness industry make their debut. Similarly, nowadays you might find everyone raving about seeds in their food, specifically chia seeds. You might have wondered, “is the chia banana boost smoothie good for you, or is it just really the craze at the moment.” To simply answer … Read more

Is Busch light gluten-free?

is busch light gluten free

Although some are finer than others, many gluten-free brews are being produced than ever before. Like many other outdoor heroes, Busch beer has a backstory that begs to be recounted around a bonfire. Gluten-free beers have been much more widely available in recent decades. Several gluten-free choices are now available from all across the globe. … Read more