Danielle Ruhl Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Danielle Ruhl weight loss seems to be trending nowadays when it was revealed that the ‘Love is Blind’ participant is rumored to have lost an amazing 70 pounds. Are any of these things true? If so, what is Danielle’s secret to success?

Who is Danielle Ruhl?

Danielle Ruhl is one of the hopefuls in Netflix’s reality TV show ‘Love is Blind’. She appeared in season two and was paired with Nick Thompson.

Those who watched the show were treated to a somber past regarding Danielle’s weight and body shape. It was revealed that she had trouble keeping her weight in check and suffered childhood trauma as a result.

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However, it seems that Ruhl is in a happy place now, having lost nearly 70 lbs. So, what did she do in order to get a slimmer physique?

Danielle Ruhl Weight Loss Journey

The 29-year old has had a turbulent weight loss journey that’s fraught with insecurities and constant fluctuations.

Ever since she was a child, Danielle recalled being overweight. Apparently, it became so worse that her self-esteem dropped, and she wouldn’t consider a relationship because she thought no guy would ever like her.

Ruhl gave viewers a glimpse of the baggage she was carrying as she shared this to her co-star Nick Thompson. The problem was that she was going back and forth on the weight department and cited numerous reasons for it, including failed diets, an unhealthy lifestyle and insecurity, among others.

Danielle finally found success when she lost 70 pounds with the Nutrisystem diet and counting macronutrients. In addition, the ‘Love is Blind’ cast said she began to work out and exercise regularly, as well as see a therapist in order to change her stigma with food. Ruhl also mentioned that she started paying attention to her water intake and consciously being mindful about what she ate.

Danielle Ruhl Weight Loss Diet

Danielle is your typical dieter who’s tried nearly everything. She fluctuated between undereating and overeating, and as a result gained and lost significant amounts of weight.

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She admitted that during college, she attempted to count calories and combined it with calorie-burning exercises, which was unsustainable and unsuccessful. Then, her health took a back seat and she worked long hours and ate whatever she liked.

One day, a co-worker suggested she try the Nutrisystem meal plan and went on with it. This was the start of a remarkable weight loss program- Danielle realized that she could lose weight by portioning and following the meal plan as recommended.

Eventually, her body became accustomed to the program and she claimed that her taste buds ‘shifted’, and that healthy foods started tasting better. The diet allowed her to finally lose weight and move in the right direction. Following her success she started counting macronutrients via the MyFitnessPal app, and made conscious choices to healthier varieties.

The ‘Love is Blind’ star had a realization- she needed to drink more water as a way to curb her appetite. Hydration plays a huge role in keeping a healthy weight, and Ruhl made sure she got her recommended daily intake by getting those one-gallon motivation water bottles.

Danielle Ruhl Weight Loss Exercise Routine

The 29-year old’s fitness routine isn’t as effective as her shift to Nutrisystem, but it does supplement her weight loss quite well.

Danielle shared that she began working out with her friends during college, and that she did minimal strength training along with cardio. She carried this habit with her up till today, which is a good thing. The ‘Love is Blind’ participant says she does strength training for half an hour, runs three miles and goes to the gym four times a week.

Danielle’s training regimen isn’t that special but it does work to a degree, especially in the fat-burning section. Her muscles stay lean and in shape, and she gets the endorphin kick as an added boost.

Danielle Ruhl Weight Loss Secrets

On the surface, Danielle’s weight loss secret seems to be macro counting and following the Nutrisystem diet. However, it’s more than that, and she did reveal her secrets to those who are struggling with the same problem.

The 29-year old learned the importance of meal planning through Nutrisystem and started her own. Danielle confronted her inner demons and became free of her childhood stigma with the help of a professional therapist. It was then that Ruhl discovered she had body dysmorphia, which is a condition characterized by criticizing one’s physical features to the point that it’s unhealthy and disruptive.

Support is a crucial aspect to losing weight, and Ruhl did get what she needed from her friends, family and co-workers. She was overwhelmed when people came out and shared their stories with her and helped encourage her to become a better and fitter person at the end of it all.

Hydration and nutrition plays a major role in Danielle’s weight loss routine. When you start eating healthy foods and in the right portions your body tends to adjust and make the changes to eliminate the fat contained within. This is the secret to Ruhl’s marvelous 70 pound weight loss transformation.

Danielle Ruhl Weight Loss Results

Although Danielle suffered from body dysmorphia and ping-ponged between overeating and undereating, she didn’t give up and finally found a way to lose weight effectively.

Losing 70 pounds is definitely no joke, and the ‘Love is Blind’ star hopes that she would be able to maintain a slim and healthy physique as long as possible. Her weight loss results are nothing short of remarkable, and if you factor in the issues she had to go through then you can’t help but admire her journey.

All in all, Danielle’s weight loss program is a huge success and serves as a testament to those who are trying to do the same. According to the 29-year old, she found self-worth and self-love, and found a way to appreciate herself more. She hopes that her story could motivate other women to take the same path she did to lose weight and become healthy again.

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