Does Crumbl Have Gluten-Free Cookies?

No, Crumbl Cookies neither have options for gluten-free cookies nor they are planning to launch gluten-free options in the future.

Are you on social media? If yes, I am pretty sure you have come through pictures and videos of the viral Crumbl cookies. These are rich treats that are ultra-crumbly, crunchy, dense, and gooey on the inside. Their signature pink box or packaging is very Instagrammable and chic and not to mention their popular milk chocolate chip cookies have pieces of chocolate or toffee that instantly melts in the mouth. Through social media, Crumbl has gathered a lot of loyal customers.

Crumbl is now the fastest-growing cookie brand in the nation. Crumbl was created by two cousins Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley in the year 2017. At the current time, Crumbl has over two hundred bakeries in thirty-two states throughout the nation.

You must be thinking about how they did it, well, the answer is simple, their lip-smacking cookie recipe along with social media presence (marketing), and genius branding.

Crumbl is well-known for its cookie size. Their regular-sized cookie is almost big as a CD (Compact Disc). Can you imagine the size? Well, Crumbl cookie’s regular size tends to be a massive mound and these cookies are more spread out and are on the thinner side.

You can differentiate them from other cookies by their oversized traditional cookie size that is almost bigger in size than the size of your palm. Each cookie is easily sharable if you break it into four parts. Each part is like a normal-sized cookie.

Why Crumbl cookies do not have gluten-free options?

Unfortunately, as popular and trendy as they are, Crumbl does not have any plan to align with the latest food trends because it does not offer a gluten-free option for cookies. They even do not offer Kosher or vegan option according to their website.

People, especially fans of Crumbl were demanding the brand introduce gluten-free and vegan options all over the social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. But, alas! To this current day, cookies for special dietary requirements do not exist and even Crumbl is not thinking anything about whether they will introduce gluten-free options in the future or not.

So, when someone gets inside a Crumbl cookie store, they are not likely to get only one cookie. They will bring home a whole box of cookies and family and friends that have special dietary needs or are on a gluten-free diet will be eliminated from the fun.

Crumbl creates and rotates new flavors every week and everyone can do nothing but be hopeful that if some week they will introduce vegan and gluten-free options too as a surprise. For now, you can check their recipe and try making your own version of Crumbl cookie at home with gluten-free ingredients that everyone could enjoy!

What are the key ingredients Crumbl use to make their cookies?

If you are that person who likes your coffee on the creamier and heavier side, or you prefer your cake frosting to be heavy and if you prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate, then you will love Crumbl cookies. Crumbl cookies are on the chewier and sweeter side.

Their cookies are baked in an open kitchen and the main making process includes the use and incorporation of a few key ingredients that are milk, tree nuts, eggs, soy, peanuts, and wheat. Thus, cross-contamination is possible if you are looking for an allergen-free or gluten-free option. Their menu rotates every week as they keep coming up with some unique flavors and recipes. So these same flavors might not always be available but the milk chocolate chip flavor is a classic constant.

In various flavors, their additional ingredient might vary every week. Few often used additional non-gluten-free ingredients are chocolate chips, original M&M’s candies, peanut butter cups of Reese’s, peanut butter, ring gummy from Trolli Peachie, powdered sugar, Twix, caramel, butter, vanilla, and marshmallows.

How many cookies are available in one signature pink box?

Crumbl cookies are not perfectly complete without their iconic, evergreen, and signature pink packaging. The Crumbl cookie boxes are designed or created to fit each cookie perfectly side-by-side. It generally comes in four cookies in a pack, six cookies in a pack, or twelve cookies in a pack.

The four cookies pack pink box is the brand’s most notable and popular selling box that was developed in the year 2018, very shortly after Crumbl cookies sold their first-ever cookie.

A gluten-free version of Crumbl cookies recipe exclusively for you which you can make at home

  • Mix the gluten-free sugar, flour, baking powder, and a pinch of salt with a help of a whisk.
  • Next, in another bowl add softened butter, vanilla, and eggs and whisk to combine.
  • Mix or combine the above dry and wet ingredients to form soft dough.
  • In another bowl mix white sugar and cinnamon powder.
  • Scoop and roll the dough in the sugar-cinnamon mixture so that the dough gets evenly coated all around (you can make large-sized cookies just like Crumbl or make your own mini versions).
  • Prepare a baking sheet and then place the dough balls on it. You can also use parchment sheets to line your cookie sheet. Then press it down a little and if you want you can sprinkle some more of the sugar-cinnamon mix over your cookies.
  • Cookies should be baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for around ten minutes. After baking, remove them from the oven and set it aside to cool down.
  • Prepare a whisk frosting by mixing butter, sugar, milk, and cinnamon. The frosting should be fluffy.
  • Place the frosting in a whisking bag and pipe it onto your cookies. Voila! You have your own homemade Crumbl gluten-free cookies.


We hope you got an overview of one of the frequently asked questions does Crumbl have gluten-free cookies. Crumbl cookies are neither gluten-free nor vegan, but they are highly popular and it is hugely trending on every social media platforms.

If you are planning to cheat on your gluten-free diet then for one day you can forgive yourself or even better, check out the recipe and make yourself and your family another version of Crumbl cookies with gluten-free ingredients. Everyone should taste Crumbl cookies once in their lifetime.

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