Does Dunkin have boba?

Being a quick-service customer-oriented restaurant, Dunkin has been satisfying the needs of its visitors over the years. Besides, Dunkin has made efforts to keep you cool every summer with refreshing drinks. However, one question pops up among customers all the time: Does Dunkin have boba?

Dunkin has introduced strawberry popping bubbles that you can add to any drink. Dunkin began testing these popping bubbles for some time to create drinks inspired by bubble tea. What became a hit at selected outlets is now being carried nationwide. Continue reading the post to learn more.

Does Dunkin have boba?

As of 2022, Dunkin has boba. The franchise now offers you passion fruit and strawberry-flavored popping bubbles that you can add to any kind of drink. Apart from that, Dunkin serves boba with a pink and orange paper straw.

These straws are wide enough to pass the bubbles through them. That way, you can have the bubbly experience in whatever drink you choose. As such, you can jazz up your classic iced tea or any other refreshers with boba.

Dunkin adds boba to their menus nationwide:

To help people experience something different in their favorite drinks, Dunkin added popping bubbles to its menu. After having success with the first testing that took place in Massachusetts in 2021, people visiting Dunkin can upgrade their drinks by adding popping bubbles.

These small sweets that pop inside your mouth are served with stylish pink and orange paper straws wide enough to provide you with the best bubble experience. Made from color extracted from plants, these bubbles can be paired with any frozen or iced drinks such as Dunkin’s lemonade or coconut refreshers.

Can you have boba at all Dunkin locations?

Yes, you can have boba at all Dunkin locations. With that being said, these passion fruit and strawberry flavored tapioca balls come as add-ons to the restaurant’s menu. Also, they are listed next to turbo shots and other flavored additives.

Therefore, you can order these popping bubbles and add them to your frozen or iced drink at additional costs. As such you can reach the frozen depths of your favorite drinks and look out for that sugary treasure that it holds.

In addition, these tapioca pearls give you a bounce after they release a dense blast of passion fruit or strawberry flavor. Having the pearls burst inside your mouth is something that you can’t afford to miss.

However, keep in your mind that Dunkin doesn’t serve you hot coffee along with boba because these small popping bubbles are served only with cold drinks. Hence, it is wise to confirm first with your local Dunkin store whether or not they have boba on their menu before you visit one.

The good news is that most Dunkin stores are mobile-friendly where you can check the menu online to become sure if they serve any. In addition, you can call their customer service through the contact numbers that you can find on their website and know whether they offer boba drinks.

Do Dunkin locations serve boba tea?

Yes, Dunkin now offers boba tea in selected outlets, especially during the summer. This unique tea beverage is called the ‘Popping Bubble Iced Tea’ this bubbled tea features the restaurant’s popular iced green tea featuring strawberry flavored tapioca pearls.

The best part about the drink is that the tapioca pearls bursts in your mouth with every sip you take. In short, it releases an explosion of fruit-flavored sweetness. Other than the boba tea, Dunkin features other light beverages such as Summer Shandies, Layered Iced Tea, and Dunkin’s Refreshers.

Precisely, these amazing drinks have passion fruit or strawberry flavors, vitamin B, iced green tea, and popping bubbles that boost your energy levels to a great extent. Moreover, both boba tea and popping bubble refreshers are served with wide paper straws that allow you to enjoy every sip of tapioca pearls.

What kind of boba can you have at Dunkin?

Dunkin provides you with peach passion fruit, dragon fruit, and strawberry flavored boba. As said, the Dunkin boba comes with popping bubbles that blast in your mouth while you sip the drink. As a result, the drink gives you a refreshing feel and taste while sipping it during summer.

Besides, you can add these peach passion and strawberry flavored bubbles to frozen or iced drinks that you find at Dunkin at an extra cost. Because these bubbles are candy-sweet, it limits the number of beverages where you can add them.

The popping bubbles are made from plant-sourced color and tapioca starch. That way, they pair well with fruity flavored summer beverages such as refreshers and coconut lemonade. Also, the wide paper straw provides you with the perfect experience of sipping the bubbles without getting stuck.

Apart from that, you can find it amazing to chew Dunkin’s tapioca pearls. It adds a treat that you can find at the bottom of the drink and costs about $0.70. Hence, if you are looking to liven up and add passion fruit or strawberry flavor to your beverage, go ahead and add these popping bubbles at an extra cost.

Which Dunkin drinks go well with boba?

The peach coconut refresher that you find at Dunkin is one of the best drinks where you can add tapioca pearls. That’s because it provides the creaminess and sweetness of bubble tea and has a close resemblance to it. Moreover, iced tea alongside milk or flavored shots is good enough for you to add some popping bubbles.

In addition, the lemonade at the Dunkin’s is another great beverage to incorporate boba. That’s because the lemonade has a super-sweet taste and it goes well with boba. However, it might not pair well with iced tea or peach coconut refresher.


Dunkin has boba on their menu and you can add the same to your iced tea or other frozen drinks to experience a burst of flavor. However, do your research first whenever you are planning to step into a Dunkin store to enjoy boba. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Dunkin’s boba pairs well with frozen and iced warm-weather drinks such as iced tea that comes with flavor shots and a peach coconut refresher.

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