Does gatorade help with diarrhea?

It is quite well known that the most important and effective treatment for diarrhea or any kind of stomach trouble is to drink a lot of fluids. A common question that is arising these days is does Gatorade help with Diarrhea? New studies show that Gatorade just like Pedialyte is also effective to cure diarrhea.

Diarrhea is one of the most common medical conditions that occurs as a side effect of other medical conditions. The best way to treat diarrhea is a lot of fluid intakes and have a proper nutritional diet. When a person has Diarrhea, the body loses a lot of water through frequent stools and as a result gets dehydrated often. To prevent dehydration it is recommended to drink an ample amount of fluids and an electrolyte enriched fluid is one of the best things you can consume to replenish your body. Diarrhea often is accompanied by frequent stomach aches, vomiting & nausea.

In this article we have discussed what Gatorade do the body and whether it can help with Diarrhea or not.

Why Gatorade is recommended to treat Diarrhea?

As mentioned above the main issue of Diarrhea is dehydration. As your digestive system is attempting to get emptied to get rid of any harmful substances, whatever you eat gets passed through the stool. Even water gets passed through the digestive system quickly without being fully absorbed by your body, leading to dehydration. Since Gatorade (Sports Drink_ contains a good amount of electrolytes in it, it is recommended by doctors to take Gatorade to treat Diarrhea fast along with a proper diet. But before taking any sports drink, always talk to your doctor once.

Gatorade Vs Pedialyte – Which one is better?

According to certain research, the effectiveness of Gatorade and Pedialyte are both the same. Results showed that both the drinks helped in improving stool frequency, and consistency of stool & also increase body weight in children. In fact, certain researchers have also concluded that Gatorade works better than Pedialyte in some children. But if you see it from a health perspective Pedialyte is a better option than Gatorade because it is low in carbs. Gatorade is comparatively higher on carbs so it should be avoided by people with existing health conditions like diabetes, obesity etc.

Can Gatorade help to treat a fever?

Another common question frequently asked is Gatorade good for fever? Sports drink like Gatorade are non-carbonated solutions that are formulated to replenish electrolytes, sugar & loss of fluid during any vigorous physical activity. The loss of fluid is also associated with diarrhea or when a person falls sick. Since Gatorade contain electrolyte it can also be given to a sick person if only he/she does not have any other existing medical conditions. Therefore Gatorade is safe to be given to a person who has a fever. Here is how Gatorade can help a person who has fever:

  • During fever, we feel tired and have little to no energy. Gatorade can provide you with instant energy just like it gives instant energy to athletes to work out more.
  • Regular fever is often associated with diarrhea. During this time the body loses a lot of fluid. Drinking Gatorade can be helpful to rehydrate the body and provide short term energy at the same time.

Who should not drink Gatorade?

Well, though most Gatorade brands claim that the drink is free from sugar, the reality is Gatorade does have sugar in it, sometimes it also contains artificial sweeteners. People with diabetes, PCOD, Obesity, heart issues or any other existing medical condition should strictly avoid Gatorade during fever and diarrhea. Excessive sugar intake during diarrhea or fever might worsen the condition.

How and when to drink Gatorade?

The digestive fluids in your stomach contain a high amount of sodium, chloride and potassium. During Diarrhea your body loses the natural components present in the body through the frequent stool. Often high fever also is associated with frequent vomiting. During vomiting, the body loses natural, glucose, sodium and potassium present in the body. In such conditions, you are recommended to avoid caffeinated beverages, acidic drinks like orange juice, lemonade etc. In such situations, the best way to help yourself feel better is by drinking water in small amounts frequently. After you start feeling a little better you can have Gatorade in small amounts as it contains sodium & potassium in it. So drinking Gatorade when you have fever or stomach aches can help you get back the electrolytes that you have lost through vomiting or frequent stools.

Should you give Gatorade to your children when they are sick?

A sports drink like Gatorade contains a huge amount of sugar in it. And this excessive sugar intake can actually worsen the condition in kids. Gatorade can helpful for adults but it should be avoided by kids during diarrhea or fever. For kids, the best way to treat Diarrhea is by giving them plenty of plain water. You can also give a diluted form of apple juice to children below 10 years as a replacement for the fluids lost. For severe diarrhea cases, it’s best to consult a doctor and take proper medications and oral electrolyte solutions such as Pedialyte.

In general, children below 15 years are not recommended to take any kind of sports drink since most sports drink contains a high amount of sugar in it. And Gatorade is one such drink that contains a good amount of sugar. Children who are engaged in regular physical activities should take an ample amount of plain water to stay hydrated. Children with fever or diarrhea should take plain water and breast milk (if less than 1 year) to stay hydrated and gain back energy. Gatorade can lead to obesity & tooth decay in children. One should never experiment with things with children. Whenever you are introducing some new food item or drink to your children always consult a paediatrician.


Gatorade can be a good option to treat diarrhea and fever in adults only if the person is perfectly healthy otherwise. People with existing health issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart-related issues should strictly avoid taking Gatorade when they fall sick. One can also take regular salt & sugar water to rehydrate your body.

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