Does Little Caesars have stuffed crust?

After the two gigantic brands, ‘Dominos’ and ‘Pizza Hut’, people are crazy about the pizzas of Little Caesars. Little Caesars is the remarkable name of a multinational Pizza brand that has earned the 3rd largest place in the United States. In 1959, Little Caesars was established and held by Ilitch Holdings.

Little Caesars has already expanded its business by providing franchise restaurants in the United States. Not only in the U.S., but also it has franchises in Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East. The major product of this brand is a variation of delicious pizzas. Now the most common question among the customers is ‘does Little Caesars have stuffed crust?” Well, yes, they have stuffed crust pizzas! Let’s get to know more about the brand and the variations of Pizza offered by them.

The varieties of pizzas offered by Little Caesars

There are different types of Pizza available in Little Caesars’. The best among them are listed below:

  • 3 Meat Treat Pizza
  • Extramost Bestest Veggie Pizza
  • Hula Hawaiian Pizza
  • Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza
  • Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza
  • Extramost Bestest Pepperoni Pizza
  • Hot-N-Ready Cheese Pizza
  • Extra most Bestest Sausage Pizza
  • Classic Cheese Pizza
  • Classic Sausage Pizza
  • Ultimate Supreme Pizza
  • Classic Pepperoni
  • Ultimate Supreme Pizza
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Canadian Pizza
  • Tikka Masala Paneer Pizza
  • Peri-peri Paneer Pizza

These are the popular pizzas of Little Caesars’. Besides Pizza, other items are available in Little Caesars’. You can try anyone. Each Pizza will satisfy you.

Little Caesars pizzas’ nutritional facts

Nutrition facts3 Meat Treat Pizza (Regular Crust)Hula Hawaiian Pizza
Stuffed Crust Pepperoni PizzaUltimate Supreme Pizza
Units1 slice (1/8 pizza)1 slice (1/8 pizza)1 slice (1/8 pizza)1 slice (1/8 pizza)
Total Fat16g9g20g13g

Does Little Caesars have stuffed crust?

People are curious to know – does Little Caesars have stuffed crust or not! Yes, they do.

Where are the cheese lovers? Little Caesars has announced some good news for all the cheese or stuffed lovers by bringing back their stuffed crust pizzas. Their most searched query does Little Caesars have stuffed crust – comes to an end.

The quantity of cheese in the crust is more than 3 feet. This stuffed crust pizza is available both in the food delivery apps and websites from 24th June at only $9. As per Senior Vice President, Jeff Klein, to satisfy their numerous cheese-preferred customers, they have decided to add the stuffed crust pizza to their menu. They have also kept a moderate price range so that everybody can enjoy the delicacy.

A brief about stuffed crust pizza of Little Caesars

For most people, especially the young generation, their all-time favorite food is now Pizza. The notable trademarks of Pizza also are rushing into a competition by inventing unique and delicious pizzas. To stay ahead of the curve and attract more customers, Little Caesars’ has launched their very famous stuffed crust pizza. This particular Pizza is decorated with a good amount of pepperoni. A slight curl is given on the topping. The topping of this Pizza will hit your taste buds with lots of flavors. The green seasonings add to the taste. And the layer is much crunchy and salty with the presence of basil, salt, and oregano. A sweet sauce is used to give a punch. And the hero ingredient of this Pizza is cheese. Loaded with melted mozzarella will burst into your mouth. Pepperoni and a decent amount of cheese mixed with parmesan butter are used in the crust. Every single bite of this Pizza can make you lost in the world of flavor.

Are stuffed crust pizza of Little Caesars gluten free?

It’s one of the weirdest questions. Whenever you’re thinking of a pizza, it’s unfair to think about gluten. Though the crust of the Pizza of Little Caesars is much fresh, still it’s not gluten-free.

Little Caesars doesn’t yet offer gluten-free pizzas, in contrast to its rivals. Though most of their pizza garnishes are free from gluten, their pizza crusts truly do contain wheat. Celiac infection and non-celiac gluten responsiveness victims ought to stay away from Little Caesars.

Is stuffed crust pizza of Little Caesars healthy?

The stuffed crust Pizza of Little Caesars is a big round-shaped pizza filled with Mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices. A single slice of this Pizza carries 379 calories. It means the total calories of this entire Pizza are 3,033. The total amount of fat is 158 grams. Carbohydrate consists of 259 gram and sugar contains 15 gram. 146-gram Protein also exists. As the level of fat is higher than Protein, therefore it cannot be called a nutrition freak food.

Why are stuffed crust pizza of Little Caesars reasonable?

The most delicious stuffed crust pizza of Little Caesars is indeed affordable enough. Are you waiting to know what the mystery behind keeping their price reasonable is?

  • The first thing is cheese. Little Caesars uses the Mozzarella cheese from pure milk. This kind of cheese contains low water. And for this, the cheese can be used for a longer time. The cost of purchasing cheese again and again within a short period cut off an additional charge of Little Caesars.
  • Little Caesars prepare the pizza crusts dough and pizza sauce in their home’s kitchen. The ready-made dough and sauce are highly expensive. Rather than investing more money in purchasing these materials, they make these two things at their home. That’s why on a low budget, they can offer a fresh pizza too.
  • The third reason is that Little Caesars uses its toppings in a perfect quantity. They never overload the stuffed crust pizza with various types of toppings.

What is so special about their pizza?

The dough of the Pizza is their speciality. Making hand-crafted pizza dough at home may be troublesome. If you’re making pizza dough from a high-carb batter recipe, you can follow Little Caesars’ recipe. Little Caesars Pizza Dough is far better than the sandwiches and mixed greens you’ve been eating since you were a youngster for a speedy dinner. You most certainly get a heartier outside layer with pizza mixture than you would with a speedy low-carb lunch. It’s ordinarily ready with olive oil. To make soft and stretchable pizza dough, they use warm water, all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour sugar, dry active Yeast, Aster honey, kosher salt, and extra virgin olive oil. Their dough is always fresh, and that’s why their pizzas are always tastier than the other dishes.


Though Little Caesars have gifted their customers a bucket full of menus, people have extra love for this stuffed crust pizza. And this is also the fundamental reason for their fame.

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