Does Subway have roast beef?

Does Subway have roast beef? Yes! roast beef has returned to Subway, and the recipe has been reimagined and improved.

The introduction of the new roast beef has been promoted by well-known comedians retained by Subway for the purpose.

Following sudden discontinuation, in June 2020 there was a public outcry, as so many people missed their roast beef sandwiches.

The return of roast beef has been widely anticipated, and now that lockdown is over and most people are back at work the roast beef sandwich is very important in our day-to-day routine, so we will take a fresh look at it.

Does Subway Have Roast Beef?

Back in 2020, it was decided by Subway management that the $5 footlong was no longer profitable, as it was being sold at the original 2005 price.

The franchisees argued to keep it and took the matter to Federal Trading Commission, complaining that the company was engaging in false advertising. Some outlets stated that the roast beef barely sold, while others sold it continuously. In summary, after a short absence now the roast beef is back on the menu, in a new and delicious form.

The Return of Roast Beef

Subway has bought back roast beef, following the discontinuation, according to the company a new Premium Angus roast beef version has been released. Not only roast beef but a new Rotisserie-Style Chicken is now on the menu as well, since last fall both these favorites have been welcomed back by the public.

Roast Beef at Subway

No matter where you travel in the world you know what you are going to get for lunch, and pretty much what you will pay. Meat Cheese and Vegetables can be in short supply in some places, but Subway always has them. The bread, over the years, has only got better, especially since the introduction of the panini. We are all familiar with Subway as it has been operational since 1965 when it evolved from a sandwich shop called Pete’s Super Submarines.

Dining at Subway

Across the world, Subway serves 5.300 sandwiches every minute, and if you ask does Subway have roast beef? You won’t be disappointed because it is back, and better than ever. In the stores, there are more than 31 million different combinations of sub combos to choose from, and that is an amazingly big menu. Over the course of a lifetime, you could eat through all of them.

Subway as an Employee

Subway is a major employee with more than 500,000 people working there. Many are part-time workers, like mothers who just come in to cover busy lunch times and finish up at 3 pm. Since 1983 Subway has baked its own bread. In 2013, in New Jersey, two men claimed that their foot-long Sub was only eleven inches long. Subway checked the lengths and then increased it to add the missing inch. So if you measure your sub today, it is 12 inches long.

Subway roast beef nutritional facts

Nutrition factsSubway 6″ Sub – Roast BeefSubway 12″ Sub – Roast BeefSubway Roast Beef WrapSubway Kids’ Sandwich – Roast BeefSubway 6″ Flatbread – Roast Beef
Units1 sandwich (233g)1 sandwich (470g)1 wrap1 sandwich (146g)1 sandwich (244g)
Total Fat5g10g10g3g7g

The Favorite Subway Sub

The BMT, meaning the biggest, meatiest and tastiest was named after the Brooklyn, Manhattan Transit System and nicknamed BMT in 1975.

However now roast beef might become the most popular, and Subway enthusiasts might need to vote again. In many workplaces, BLT or bacon lettuce and tomato are the most popular, and they are so big that some of us cut them in half and share them!!

Subway now Posts Calories

Most people are more nutrition-conscious than we once were, and Subway has started posting calories on menus. Fortunately, whole proteins like roast beef are both nutritious, and if you don’t add too much to them are not high in calorie content. As it is usually condiments like mayonnaise, sauce, and extras that add to the calorie content.

Subway Bread

All Subway bread is freshly baked and smells delicious when you enter the store. There is a wide choice of bread available and some of these are

  • Italian bread has the lowest number of calories and is a lovely soft bread perfect with roast beef.
  • 9 Grain bread. contains flax seeds and fiber and is a highly nutritious bread for lunch.
  • Italian Herb and Cheese bread, will spice up your roast beef sub a bit.
  • Flatbread, this is really useful at lunchtime, as you can wrap your roast beef up in it and return to work without wasting time.
  • Hearty Italian bread, made with Honey Oat.
  • 9 grain Honey Oat bread, great with turkey and chicken
  • Jalapeno Cheese Bread, hot taste, works with roast beef

The list goes on, and of course, Garlic Bread, Rye Bread, and Parmesan bread are firm favorites.

All the subs begin with bread, ad the fresh vegetables and cheese, followed by the sauce.

Summary Does Subway Have Roast Beef

When we go to Subway for a meal, most of us have a favorite, and the choice is so vast we can’t really try everything.

Sticking with your favorite bread, meat protein, like roast beef, and adding vegetables and sauce can be enough. However, Subway does offer catering for office lunch, and that is a great way to try different Subway combos. It is also how most of us discovered the biscuits, which many of us can’t live without.

Summer at Subway

Now you can take the kids to Subway, as there is a special offer for them. They get a mini-sub, a drink of their choice, apple sauce, and a toy. This is great, as they can sample roast beef or chicken both highly nutritious options. In the past, the Subway subs were a bit big for small children, so this option is ideal, and when they ask does Subway have roast beef? you can take them for their mini-sub.


The Subway food is always consistent wherever you go, and when you leave the office at lunchtime, nothing is nicer than sitting down with a nutritious sub and a cold drink. So when someone asks you does Subway have roast beef? Yes, and that is a great reason to eat there today.

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