Does Subway Have Soup?

Subway is a Franchise, and each store is different. Soup is not a requirement on the Subway menu, it is up to the Subway Franchise whether they serve it or not. so on any given day, it depends where you go to find does Subway have soup? The best thing to do is to check out a few different Subways as the price of soup is always the same even though the type varies, so it pays to shop around and find your favorite.

When Does Subway Serve Soup?

Subway stores can offer soup at any time of the year, and other franchises limit soup from October to March. So, the good news is that you will find soup at Subway, and in many places, you will find it all year round. The soup menu often changes, so get the app and find out what your store is serving this week. Soups are usually marketed before they actually arrive. If an item is unpopular with the public it will be removed and replaced with something else.


In 2021 Subway had nearly 38,000 locations in nearly 100 countries with more than half of these being in USA.The first Subway opened on the West Coast in Fresno California in 1978. In 2018 Subway invested in a rebranding campaign, targeting young consumers. Subway’s core products are sandwiches (subs) wraps, salad, paninis, cookies, and muffins. Does subway have soup? Yes, the soups are extremely popular, especially at lunchtime when diners are in a hurry to return to work.

What Type of Soup Does Subway Serve?

Having researched the Subway soups, it appears that they have lots of different soups containing both vegetables and meats. Black bean soup and broccoli are very popular as are creamy rice and beef chili. For some Asian fusion try Thai coconut, tomato basil soup, and Chicken Noodles.

For those with gluten intolerance try the gluten-free soups that vary from store to store and some favorites are black bean and cheddar with broccoli.

Another popular winter warmer is Loaded Baked Potato Soup an extremely popular choice, more like a meal than a soup. There are 220 calories in a serving, making it a great choice for lunch on a winter’s day, and with an average cost of $2.50 per portion they are affordable for most people.

You will find that when a Subway serves soup, the menu will be changed often, to tempt the customer to stay with them.

If a soup is no longer popular it won’t be continued on the menu. Chicken Noodle soup is always very popular, and it is nice to know that we can get different varieties of soup when we eat at Subway.

Subway soup nutritional facts

Nutrition factsSubway Loaded Baked Potato Soup w/ BaconSubway Cream of Broccoli SoupSubway Creamy Chicken & Dumpling SoupSubway Golden Broccoli & Cheese Soup
Units1 bowl (255g)1 bowl (11 fl oz)1 bowl (245g)1 bowl (11 fl oz)
Total Fat13g5g4.5g11g

When Did Subway Start Serving Soup?

Back in 1965 people were asking does subway have soup? That was the year that Subway started, and as usual, they took notice of their clients and started to serve soup. Their motto was ‘Eat Fresh’ so, there were plenty of fresh vegetables in their soups. The broccoli soup is inspiring, as it has cheese in it, and people who normally won’t eat broccoli absolutely love it. If you have fussy children, don’t mention the word broccoli just refer to it as green soup and they will love it.

Is Soup a Fast Food?

Yes, soup is very fast food, especially at Subway, as when you order you get it immediately as it has been made earlier ready for lunch, so the menu is fast and vast. The franchisee is independent and all the stores decide whether or not to have soup on the menu. Most people are able to cook soup, but not everyone does as well as Subway, and it is quite usual only to find it during the winter months. Also being a franchise the stores are able to experiment, and their soup cooks will be able to try different recipes as the recipes appear and if a soup is popular they will continue to make it.

Subway Soups for Lunch

Lunch is extremely popular with students as they can get some hot soup for between two and three dollars and the soup is sustaining and warming. Older people also go to Subway for the same reason, and many of them find that a bowl or cup of soup is enough for them.

Other more hungry people will order a Sub and a soup, and will always go to Subway in winter.

Does Subway Have Soup?

Many of us find that it is a good idea to move around from store to store. For those living in the suburbs when you visit different stores you soon find out where you most enjoy the soup. As the season changes, so does our taste, and most people look for variety if you find that your favorite soup has been eliminated it is definitely time to move on. Since 2007 Subway has ranked in the Entrepreneur 500 and in 2015 it was ranked third. By the end of 2010, it became the largest fast-food chain, even bigger than McDonald’s, so obviously, there are lots of choices.

Healthy Options

We enjoy eating at Subway because it offers so many healthy options, and every year it adds new products to its menu. So when someone asks, does Subway have soup? Yes, it does, but there are so many other healthy options available. In April 2017 they added paninis to the menu, and they have been well received everywhere as the ingredients are always fresh wherever you are.


Subway is continually promoting its products, and that is expensive, so it is important that the individual stores do well. Soup is always a reliable choice for lunch, and so many people look for it due to the wide range available. Subway’s Headquarters are in Milford Connecticut, and the company has five regional centers in the USA. So wherever you are at lunchtime check Subway out, as you might find that it has your favorite soup that will be even better than Grandma made.

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