Emma Kenney Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Emma Kenney weight loss is a unique case because her issue wasn’t consuming too much calories or an unhealthy eating habit. Believe it or not, the weight transformation happened when she realized that she had to ‘get away from it all’ and rediscover her happiness.

Who is Emma Kenney?

Emma Kenney was a child actress who started her career at a very young age. For someone who lives and breathes Hollywood, the pressure of it all can sometimes be too much, which is exactly what happened to the 22-year old.

The American actress is widely known for her role as Debbie Gallagher on Primetime TV series ‘Shameless‘. The New Yorker became very good at what she does, which was the reason why she stayed in the business for so long.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

Emma Kenney Weight Loss Journey

Emma has always had that chubby physique, and when she showed up noticeably slimmer on social media people were quick to take notice.

In 2016, the ‘Shameless’ star posted selfies on Instagram. However, fans didn’t take to the new look and said that she lost too much weight. Others said that she probably needed to eat more meat, because she looked frail and sickly.

News about Kenney’s weight loss spread like wildfire, and soon the Hollywood actress was being forced to tell what happened. About a year later, there were hints regarding what Emma did for her weight loss routine, including abstaining from meat and dealing with stress and anxiety.

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If we had to guess then we’d say that Emma lost nearly 50 pounds based on her ‘before and after’ photos. There were rumors that her weight loss was due to ‘bad behavior’ she accumulated over the years while filming episodes of ‘Shameless’, but the star failed to disclose the truth.

Emma Kenney Weight Loss Diet

A year after she posted those revealing and skinny photos Emma postulated that everyone should refrain from consuming meat. This gives us a glimpse of what her diet consists of and how she’s managing her weight.

2017 is probably the year that Emma Kenney’s weight loss diet began. She may have been used to the fast life as required by her Hollywood career and ate everything that was on hand. People tend to turn to fatty and salty foods as a way to cope with stress, alongside alcohol, drugs and sweet desserts.

It’s worth noting that Kenney was very impressionable, having been surrounded by people who are older than her. The influence and habits she may have picked up will not be all good, health-wise, and this showed early on. Granted, she wasn’t really obese nor was she skinny, but anxiety and stress runs deeper than at skin level.

In weight loss there are good results and bad results, and people are debating which one Kenney had. Did she lose weight because she’s constantly stressed out, or did she lose weight because she finally had a chance to get away from the pressures of film production and being in close proximity with toxic individuals?

Emma Kenney Weight Loss Exercise Routine

In scouting out possible exercise routines the 22-year old might have posted on social media, we arrived with one conclusion- she did not have any.

Her Instagram photos are mostly of her experiences and with friends, and she did not mention anything on camera or during interviews. It’s certainly possible to lose weight without incorporating some form of physical activity, but it helps lose fat and leads to better health overall.

In 2018, Emma posted online that she will be going away for a bit and mentioned that the industry and town can ‘get to you’. As a cryptic note, the Hollywood actress said that she’s off to rediscover her peace and happiness.

If we had to guess, the exercise Emma had was finally having the courage to strike out on her own and going on a journey to self-discovery. Acting and being in the limelight starting at just 8 years old is probably too much for anyone to bear, and Kenney probably reached breaking point due to all the stress she experienced.

Exercise is a pretty good solution to reduce stress and anxiety, and it works even if you do it three times a week at the minimum. The simple act of walking around the neighborhood or taking a walk can work wonders on the psyche, and you’ll feel better and have improved sleep afterwards.

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Emma Kenney Weight Loss Secrets

The 22-year old must have found out that taking care of yourself is the secret to losing weight. She took a long, hard look at her state and tried to find out what the root cause of her stress and anxiety was. When she found it, she then took steps to remove herself from the situation and recuperate to get the healing she needed.

The ‘Shameless’ star probably lost weight due to removing meat intake in her diet, but it’s an unsustainable eating program long term. People need macronutrients, particularly carbs, fat and protein, and the body becomes unbalanced if one has been taken out. In Emma’s case she was missing out on essential protein, a crucial element in muscle development.

The secret to getting better is listening to what your body is telling you. For those who are overweight, the body is probably made up of fat and calories from unhealthy snacks. Stress can also play a huge part in drastic weight loss, but the important thing is to follow a healthy diet so it can balance out in the end.

Emma Kenney Weight Loss Results

Emma Kenney couldn’t have picked a better time to start her weight loss journey. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and you should do everything you can to heal and get back to where you were before.

Kenney’s weight loss showing may have been alarming, but the actress is down the right path. She’s now trying to rediscover herself and taking a short break from the film industry, and losing extra fat in the process.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

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