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In the yogurt industry, Yoplait is a highly prestigious and reputable name. This is a big company and it has accumulated vast experience when it comes to yogurt products. As companies increase in size, they get the financial capabilities to meet the needs of the market, health considerations for instance. As Yoplait grew in size, it became increasingly concerned with the quality and the ethics and desired to exceed the expectations of the market segments.

This article is going to explore Yoplait yogurt.

Is Yoplait yogurt healthy?

Yes, Yoplait yogurt is healthy, and you should have a habit of taking it. The company gives you a plethora of choices and flavors to choose from. And just like most other types of yogurt, the Yoplait yogurt is a healthy type of yogurt.

Some of the ORIGINAL flavors available in their website are (Find out all the other Yoplait yogurt flavours here):

Yoplait yogurt ORIGINAL flavors
Blackberry Harvest
Blackberry Pomegranate
Blueberry Smoothie
Cherry Orchard
Cookies ‘n Cream
French Vanilla
Harvest Peach
Key Lime Pie
Lemon Burst
Mixed Berry
Mountain Blueberry
Orange Crème
Piña Colada
Red Raspberry
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberry Mango
Strawberry Smoothie
Skittles Original
Skittles Smoothie
Skittles Mixed Berry

Yoplait contains probiotics

There are various health benefits that come with this product. To start with, this product contains probiotics. This is the healthy bacteria which are contained in most variety of yogurt. These are live cultures and they are very beneficial to the body. According to Harvard Health, probiotics play a critical role in enhancing gut health and in aiding digestion. In addition to that, probiotics enhance a string immune response and prevents some types of cancers.

Yoplait are low fat

You can take low fat Yoplait, as low as 2 %. This option is very useful especially during pre-workout. This is because it enhances the resilience of the muscles. This is more so to people who work out because they are vulnerable to injuries. In connection to this, checking the nutritional labels is very important. This is because you can choose the market product that fits your requirements, needs, and preferences.

Yoplait has calcium and vitamin D

Yoplait yogurt is rich in both calcium and vitamin D. These are minerals which are very important to healthy and strong bones. According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010, relying on the typical American diet is not going to give you enough vitamin D and calcium. Therefore, you must make a delicate effort to consume food with such nutrients; otherwise you are going to have weak bones. Rather than relying on artificial supplements, think about how you can get calcium and vitamin D from natural foods.

There are some individuals who take Yoplait yogurt because their stomach is not able to digest normal yogurt. At the same time, people with acidity would find Yoplait yogurt very useful in reducing acidity.

Is yoplait yogurt lactose free?

Yoplait as been releasing lots of variants of their yogurt to cover all the needs of different kind of people. And as expected, yoplait offers lactose free yogurts. The most known lactore free yogurt their offer is the Yoplait Original Lactose Free French Vanilla Yogurt.

Nutrition factsYoplait French Vanilla Lactose Free
Units21 pieces (28g)
Total Fat10g
Vitamin D0mcg

People with lactose intolerance are going to prefer yoplait yogurt over milk. The term lactose intolerance is a medical condition where the body is not able to digest lactose, a type of sugar which is mainly found in milk. Some ethnic groups are more vulnerable to lactose intolerance and these include: the Hispanics, the Asians, and the African Americans, when they are at the stage of adulthood.

People with lactose intolerance should avoid products that contain milk, and look for viable and sustainable alternatives. One of the best choices for this is Yoplait yogurt.

Over the years, Yoplait has been making constant improvement on the quality of the products and services that it offers to the market. Again, in North America, the yogurt industry is a highly regulated industry. Companies have to be professional or they will not have their licenses renewed.

Even with all the health benefits, you should contain Yoplait yogurt with moderation, and be taking a modest amount of it. The American Heart Association warns that raking added sugars increases cardiovascular problems and the probability of obesity. It is worth noting that Yoplait yogurt contains some additives.

Is yoplait yogurt good for weight loss?

Michael Zemel, a professor of nutrition at the University of Tennessee, carried out a study which found out that people who took Yoplait yogurt recorded a significant weight loss, and at a faster rate. Obese people are advised to consume Yoplait yogurt before meals. This is because it improves how the body handles glucose.

Just because Yoplait yogurt contains added sugars does not in any way mean that it is unhealthy. It contains beneficial micronutrients, satiating fats, and is rich in proteins. A combination of these factors, and the factors that it is a healthy product in itself, offer an ideal environment for weight loss.

Is yoplait yogurt pasteurized?

Yes, yoplait yogurt is pasteurized. It follows strict controls of temperature, time, and sanitation. It should be noted that the use of pasteurized milk in manufacturing yogurt in the USA is a matter of law. The same law applies to the UK, Canada, and New Zealand. The use of pasteurized milk ensures a higher level of hygiene. The yogurt becomes safe to take even when the consumer is a pregnant woman. If you are visiting Greece, the word pasteurized is παστεριωμένο.

Is yoplait yogurt greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt is characterized by less sodium, less sugar, and more protein. When it comes to Greek yogurt, you can get it as either fat or non-fat. It should be noted that Greek yogurt is yogurt that has water removed thereby leaving a rich concentration of nutrients, fat, and flavors. They are people who like the Greek yogurt due to the thickness.

Having stated that, yoplait yogurt as a brand is not Greek yogurt, but they offer a line of Greek yogurts. These two products are manufactured from the same ingredients, but differ considerably in the nutrients. Greek yogurt contains less sugar, more protein, and is thicker. All in all, both types of yogurt are very important in maintaining the health of the heart, enhancing weight loss, improving digestion, and they both contain probiotics. Depending on your needs, any of the two products will do.

Yoplait yogurt nutritional facts

Although yoplait offers and insane variety of yogurts, on this section we are going to deep down a little into the nutritional profiles of some products of this magnificent brand.

Nutrition factsYoplait Strawberry Original YogurtYoplait Strawberry Light YogurtYoplait Blueberry Greek 100
Units1 container1 container1 container
Total Fat2g0g0g
Vitamin D3mcg2.9mcg15%

Where is expiration date on yoplait yogurt?

as you can see on this facebook posts, many people has been criticising yoplait because of their lack of visibility when it comes to their expiration date.

As they mention on the post, the expiration date is printed at the bottom of the container.


The supermarkets offer this brand, and the good thing is that it is an affordable product. If you are buying yoplait yogurt for friends or for a party, you can consider buying it in bulk. Companies such as Costco and Sams do sell such products in bulk. Through this, you are going to incur a lower cost, and you can get a discount. Overall, Yoplait is a high quality company that produces high quality products.

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