Grace Kinstler Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Grace Kinstler appeared on the celebrity map during her stunning performance run in season 19 of American Idol. The Illinois native reached the coveted third place, with her last performance being ‘Dad’ by Demi Lovato.

Aside from her talent in singing, people began noticing that she lost more and more weight during her appearances on TV. Did Grace Kinstler lose weight? More importantly, what is with her super-curvy hips?

Who is Grace Kinstler?

Grace Kinstler was among the finalists in the hit variety show ‘American Idol‘ in season 19. She wowed the audience with her rendition of ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ and ‘Natural Woman’. The world began to notice the 20 year old because she was able to move one of the judges ‘to tears’.

Kinstler ended with third place in the finale, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her career further. She now has several songs under her belt, including ‘You Just Don’t Love Me’, ‘Sweet Sanity’ and ‘Love Someone’. She’s also available to listen to on major music platforms YouTube Music and Spotify.

Chief among the viewers’ interest is how she seemingly lost weight, especially around the waist. She has those hips that women would die for, but did she get it the natural way or did she undergo a cosmetic procedure?

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Did Grace Kinstler Lose Weight?

If you’d look at snapshots of Grace Kinstler in her debut in American Idol, and then during the season finale you might have noticed something- she may have lost a significant amount of weight.

This led to people asking, did Kinstler lose weight? At closer inspection, the singer’s face has noticeably slimmed down to the point that her jaw is now more pronounced, and her arms have seemingly lost that baby fat. Perhaps the most infamous asset is her hips, which has achieved a Photoshop-like effect.

Although the US artist did not admit to any weight loss regimen or diet, we can safely say that Kinstler did slim down in the areas we mentioned. As to what methods or lifestyle changes she adopted we might never know, but until Grace confesses we’re going to tack this down to a possible gastric bypass surgery or liposuction.

Grace Kinstler Weight Loss Transformation

Grace Kinstler trended on social media and the internet, and peaked while she was trying to get the top spot in American Idol season 19.

Grace Kinstler’s weight loss didn’t stop there- she continued to slim down and thus gained plenty of adoration from her fans. In a way, Grace losing weight made her more appealing and attractive to her audience.

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Kinstler’s transformation happened during the span of a season, but it was so remarkable that people believed that she went under the knife to achieve this effect. However, the American Idol finalist declined to comment on these rumors, so we won’t be too sure until she does spill the beans (hopefully in the near future).

The Illinois-born singer has always had plump hips, which was the envy of some. However, in her journey through the show she seemed to be more curvaceous than ever. This could be the effect of wearing the right clothes, particularly tight-fitting dresses that complement and show off the curve of the hips, or a cosmetic procedure.

Experts have weighed in and said that such an instant transformation isn’t possible with natural causes, such as diet or exercise. That said, it could only be the work of liposuction or gastric bypass surgery.

Grace Kinstler Weight Loss Surgery

Now we delve into the topic of Grace Kinstler surgery. To realistically achieve hips like the finalist we think that she had gastric bypass or liposuction.

It’s worthy to note that gastric bypass is different from liposuction, namely how it works and how it can lead to the patient losing weight. Gastric bypass mainly involves rearranging the small intestine and stomach so your body processes the food you eat a bit differently. After the procedure is done, your stomach gets smaller and you’ll feel fuller even when you don’t eat that much. Furthermore, your small intestine won’t absorb as much food as when it’s normal.

Having a gastric bypass effectively puts you in a state where you lose weight even if you don’t go on a diet or adopt an exercise routine. You start losing excess fat in the most important places, such as the abdomen, arms and others.

Some people believe that Grace Kinstler has had liposuction, and it lines up to a certain degree. The process of liposuction involves siphoning off fat in specific areas, such as the buttocks, neck, arms, abdomen and hips. The kicker is that liposuction shapes these areas as well, which explains how the American Idol contestant was able to achieve such a luscious physique in a short time.

In a somewhat related note, Grace’s face seems to have transformed as well. Her lips are fuller and she does have that pouty effect that may have been a result of fillers. She also has a more pronounced cheekbones and her nose may have gotten an aesthetic upgrade, too.

Grace Kinstler Losing Weight – Good or Bad?

The 30-year old seems to be in a happy state following her success on American Idol. She has pursued her passion for music and singing, and now has several singles under her belt.

Grace Kinstler is now prominent in social media and online communities due to her golden voice and excellent physique. The future is bright for the Illinois-born native and we couldn’t be much happier for her.

Her weight loss journey is on the right path as well, since too much weight can lead to health issues down the line. We’re glad she made the decision to lose weight even if it means going under. We can only hope that she continues by eating the right foods and exercising for better well-being and so she doesn’t gain those extra pounds in the near future.

We may not have to wait long for her songs to appear on global music charts!

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