Greekgodx weight loss Journey – Diet, Workout & Tips

How did Greekgodx weight loss happen, and what are the specifics in terms of diet and workout regimen? If you want to know more, don’t look anywhere else- everything about Greekgodx’s incredible physical transformation is right here.

Who is Greekgodx?

Greekgodx is the Twitch handle Dimitri Antonatos uses when he’s streaming on the gaming platform. In other words, it’s his Twitch username and one he uses whenever he’s communicating with his fans and social media.

The popular influencer, aged 28 is currently living in England where he streams to a million-plus followers. His forte is playing video games, doing real life content with other online personalities and reacting to videos.

Greekgodx’s claim to fame is streaming GTA V. However, a controversial event happened and he was banned from the platform. However, something else incredible happened- Dimitri managed to lose a whopping 70 pounds following a specific diet and an exercise routine, and he did it in just over a year.

Greekgodx Weight Loss Routine

Dmitri Greekgodx’ Antonatos made up his mind to lose weight beginning April of 2018, then managed to get to under 299 pounds a year after, in April of 2019.

Greekgodx shared his amazing transformation on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram, and by guesting on other popular Twitch channels. He posted his efore and after’ weight, from 369.4 pounds to 299.2 pounds and mentioned how elated he was with the weight loss success. However, Greekgodx didn’t want to stop there- he wanted to get down to 250 lbs, which is his ultimate weight loss goal.

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For those who are interested in knowing how Greekgodx lost weight, it was his change of diet and taking a cerebral approach to food and eating. It all starts with being aware of what you’re eating, and making healthy decisions constantly.

The Greekgodx Diet

Dmitri Antonatos’ weight transformation is the result of a change of diet and eating regimen. He attributes it all to the eto diet’, which is an eating plan designed to make the body burn fat for fuel.

What is the keto diet? It’s a diet where the individual follows a o carb’ rule when it comes to putting food in their mouths. Protein and good fats take up the majority of a meal, and apparently this changes the body to a state of etosis’.

When ketosis is achieved the body begins burning fat for day to day energy. The absence of carbs means the metabolism is now focused on the stored fats, which Greekgodx has in abundance.

Aside from protein and healthy fat the diet requires the individual to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Greekgodx also started taking water instead of sugary drinks such as soda and juice. Furthermore, the Twitch streamer shared to hopefuls that if they would want to lose weight, they should start changing their approach to eating and not just consume calories mindlessly.

Greekgodx had a lot to say when it comes to losing weight. He said that eating three times daily shouldn’t be mandatory, as each person is different. He also shared that people who want to lose weight should start counting calories and replacing unhealthy foods with healthy and whole ones.

The diet seems to be working very well for Greekgodx as he was able to drop a massive 70 lbs in just a year. Just before the transformation, the streamer was just one of those morbidly obese guys who weren’t looking out for their health or how much they weigh.

Greekgodx Workout Program

Exercise is an absolute must for those who want to successfully lose weight and keep it that way. A change in diet usually isn’t sufficient- you’ll need to be active, exercise and change your lifestyle.

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Greekgodx fans will be happy to know that he did exactly that. Although there was no strict workout routine, viewers got a glimpse of the streamer’s activities, notably the treadmill. In one episode Dmitri even recorded himself using his smartphone, but then the device fell at one point and it turned into a hilarious moment.

Some say that Greekgodx followed the footsteps of Sean Hannity, who was also a fan of the keto diet movement. His cardio routine consists of treadmills and walks around the neighborhood. In terms of Hannity’s training regimen, the man does MMA training and has made several videos of himself.

The exercise serves to quickly burn fat as energy and complements the keto diet well. Protein in itself is a proponent of lean muscle building and something that’s important if you’re trying to lose weight.

Greekgodx Before & After

What’s Next for Greekgodx Weight Loss?

The last post of Greekgodx puts him at an impressive 299.2 lbs., but the Twitch personality didn’t want to stop there. He pledged to viewers that he wanted to get to 250 lbs after tweeting how he belonged in the 300 lb club’.

What’s noticeable is the huge amount of loose skin as a result of the weight loss program. Greekgodx didn’t seem to mind and even showed it off during one of his Twitch streams. He said that he intends to turn it into lean muscle and how it shouldn’t be that hard to convert. One way to remove the excess skin is by surgery, but it looks like Greekgodx wouldn’t want to do it as it can leave scars.

For Greekgodx everything started with the mind. His approach to eating became different, and he was now aware of the fact that he should consume more healthy foods and not just empty calories. The ketogenic diet served him well and allowed him to lose 70 pounds and drop to just 299.2 lbs.

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It’s safe to say that Greekgodx did not take any fat burner or weight loss supplements- instead, he chose a natural diet that places an importance on protein rather than carbs. He’s now healthier and on the path to a better lifestyle.

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