How did maria genero lose weight

Maria Genero weight loss is a rare topic on the world wide web but it’s there nonetheless. Rumor has it that the weather anchor has a ‘magic pill’ that eliminates women’s belly fat, but what is it? More importantly, is it real and does it work?

Who is Maria Genero?

Maria Genero made her mark in TV by being a weather journalist for several networks in New York City. Incidentally, she didn’t go very far as she was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY.

The 58-year old also dabbled in similar roles and appeared in the 1996 film ‘Striptease‘. Other than that she mostly does news about the weather and environment.

People started noticing Genero getting slimmer and losing weight, but what exactly is her routine?

Maria Genero Weight Loss Journey

Did Maria Genero go down a size or two? People who watched her show began to wonder. Those who wanted to have the same weight loss results as the 58 year old ask, ‘how did maria genero lose weight?’

Genero’s weight loss appearance is very noticeable as she’s always on camera. Even a loss of 5 to 10 pounds is enough for anyone to sit up and comment on how she’s slimmer and looks better than before.

There are no clues on when the TV weather anchor started losing weight, but it must have coincided with a program where Genero shares her daily meals and tips on how to burn unwanted fat. Also, she appeared in a Shark Tank episode and mentioned a ‘Skinny Pill’ designed for women.

These are cryptic clues that lead to how Maria managed to lose upwards of 10 pounds and maintain an ideal weight for her age and height. As for the specifics, let’s check out how Genero may have approached dieting or working out.

Maria Genero Weight Loss Diet

There are several weight loss methods anyone can take to reach their desired size. For someone who’s very busy due to her work and lifestyle, Genero can only eat a few meals every day, and quickly too.

It’s easy to just reach for something filling, such as a calorie-heavy snack or fried foods. However, if you’re always out and about you’ll need to make sure you get the energy necessary to function day and night.

The anchorwoman probably ate a lot of deli food and network platters and didn’t think much about it until later. An eye-opening moment, such as battling with a chronic or serious disease probably made Maria realize that she needed to start eating healthier if she wanted to live longer.

A smoothie and protein diet is perfect for Genero as it allows her to quickly consume the nutrients she needs and get long-lasting energy for her busy lifestyle. Smoothies and superfoods are packed with vitamins and minerals necessary not just for organ and bodily functions but for weight loss as well. Occasionally, the weather woman may opt for a salad or two as a midday snack or whenever she gets hungry.

Protein sources must be clean, and thus Genero may rely on chicken or plant-based foods to meet that requirement. Sticking to a strict diet is not recommended and not sustainable, and so it’s okay for her to go on a cheat day every now and then.

Maria Genero Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Exercise might be the farthest thing in Genero’s mind, but it’s a necessary part of a weight loss routine. She must have realized this and started a minimal workout program to shed fat.

It’s not unusual for people to have home gyms, and in the busy state of New York it’s a definite possibility. Maria may have several of them, including a treadmill or exercise bike and probably a barbell or two. If we have to guess then the 58-year old does intermittent workouts and only when she has enough time.

To effectively lose weight you’ll need to combine a healthy diet along with regular workout. It’s okay to have less exercise time as long as you’re constantly doing it, which works in Genero’s favor. If she wants to lose more weight she can shift to HIIT, or high intensity interval training to burn more calories and fat.

Maria’s daily life is already rigorous- she’s constantly on her feet and working with other people. She probably has to travel a lot, and thus her cardio work is outstanding. Genero may have to slow down a bit as she’s confirmed to have chronic pneumonia in 2020, but the good news is that she’s on the path to recovery.

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Maria Genero Weight Loss Secrets

Do a Google search of ‘Maria Genero before and after photos’ and you’ll find that she’s lost quite a bit of weight. So, how did Maria Genero lose weight in a short time?

We get cryptic clues as to what she’s using when she went on Shark Tank and promoted a weight loss pill. The weather reporter said that ‘Skinny Pill’ works on women and allows them to lose belly fat. However, there was no further explanation or what it was exactly.

Until viewers get the lowdown on the ‘skinny pill’, we’ll just have to guess what it is. Apparently, it makes the body unable to store fat and turns the energy mechanism to consume fat instead of carbs, so it might be a keto diet pill.

Or, it could be something that makes the user feel full for longer so she won’t consume extra calories. Combined with a protein and smoothie diet it may have worked to a degree, as is Genero’s case.

Maria Genero Weight Loss Results

It appears that the 58 year old is satisfied with her career and is happier than ever. She’s healthy and knows the value of eating right as well as exercise.

As far as the diet pill supplement is concerned it may have been an advertisement or something to pique the audiences’ interest. Until then, those who want to follow Maria Genero weight loss will have to do it the old-fashioned way.

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