How Many Calories Does the Stairmaster Burn?

The Stairmaster is one of the most popular gym equipment around, but does it do a good job of burning calories?

Specifically, how much stairmaster calories burned can you get when you use the machine?

Studies show that an average person weighing about 125 pounds can burn a total of 180 calories in 30 minutes while on a Stairmaster. When extended to 90 minutes, calorie loss can equal around 540 calories or more!

How Many Calories Does the Stairmaster Burn?

The Stairmaster might sound like an intimidating machine, but it’s quite easy to use and offers several calorie burning benefits, such as low-impact workouts and being more effective than running.

The exact number of calories you burn when using the Stairmaster depends on several factors. Chief among these is the user’s weight- the heavier you are, the greater calories you tend to lose. An individual who weighs 155 pounds can lose about 223 calories in a 30-minute timeframe, while another who weighs 185 pounds typically loses 266 calories.

Aside from body weight, length of training and intensity also play huge roles in how many calories burned Stairmaster. The longer you work out, the more calories you tend to lose (which makes total sense). Also, higher intensity can push your body to work harder, and therefore you lose more caloric weight than moderate or low intensity.

You can combine the Stairmaster with other exercises or equipment to create a vigorous-to-low intensity workout program, which makes your body burn more calories. Keep this in mind when you’re aiming for a high caloric loss regimen for weight loss.

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It’s worth noting that the Stairmaster workout lies in the cardio exercise department. That said, if your fitness goal is to burn fat and create a slimmer physique then the Stairmaster is a good starting point for most people.

What Kind of Workout is the Stairmaster?

The Stairmaster is classified as a cardio exercise machine and can be seen in many commercial gyms around the world. It’s affordable enough that you can buy one for your home gym.

The Stairmaster is a machine that has foot pedals which move up and down via a staircase mechanism. It simulates going up or down a flight of stairs without having to actually do so. Stair climbing is a cardio and weight bearing activity, and it’s actually easier on the joints compared to high-impact exercises such as running, for example.

Cardio is a term used in repetitive exercises done over a long period of time. It raises your heart rate and internal body temperature, as well as your metabolic rate which in turn makes you burn calories as fuel. It’s the recommended weight loss exercise if you wish to lose a significant number of pounds in a given time.

Stairmaster models and brands are many, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that fits you best. Alternatively, you can shop around online or visit your nearest sporting goods or fitness store and get recommendations from there.

How Often Should I Use the Stairmaster to Burn Calories?

Generally speaking, the more you use the stairmaster the greater calorie burn you’ll experience. A person who has a 125 pound weight can burn around 6 calories per minute using the Stairmaster. In 15 minutes, you’ll have burned 90 calories. At the 60 minute timeframe, the exercise will have netted you a 350-calorie loss.

For reference, a 185 pound individual will have lost 10 calories per minute on the Stairmaster. At the 30- and 60-minute mark, they’d have lost 300 and 600 calories, respectively. These numbers are an estimate but they should act as a guideline on how many calories you can expect to lose when you use the Stairmaster.

It’s worth noting that although you can spend as much time on the Stairmaster, there’s such a thing called overtraining. When you spend too much time working out, it tends to raise fatigue and risk of injury, as well as give you something that’s called �diminishing returns’. Simply speaking, it’s not recommended to overdo your Stairmaster exercises, and 15-30 minutes of stair climbing cardio each day should be enough to promote weight loss.

How to Burn More Calories Using the Stairmaster?

The base rate of burning calories with the Stairmaster is 6 calories per minute if you have a 150 pound body weight, though there are some techniques and methods you can use if you want to burn more.

Doing a high-low intensity is shown to work wonders for increasing your metabolic rate and priming your body so you continue burning fat even as you step off the machine. HIIT, or high intensity interval training is a workout regimen that consists of doing the exercises at a faster rate for a period of time, slowing down a bit and then resuming the pace. Alternatively, you can use weights as a form of natural gravitational resistance to get more Stairmaster calories burned.

You can also take advantage of the equipment’s handrails to make your exercise more intense. Leaning on the handrails as you complete steps will make the effort easier, but this puts more pressure on your back and makes it so that you burn more calories in the end. Continue working out and you build lean muscle while pushing out unwanted fat.

Stairmaster and Weight Loss

The Stairmaster is a tried-and-true weight loss machine you can install in your home gym. Working out is easy, and your ankles and joints come through relatively unharmed.

For those who are aiming for weight loss through calories burned, exercise via the Stairmaster should be supplemented with an effective diet. You can create a calorie deficit eating program where the calories you burn everyday should be more than the calories you consume. Be mindful of what you’re eating and cut out fat-laden and caloric-rich foods in favor of vegetables and whole foods.

A calorie deficit regimen can lead to two pounds lost per week if you’re able to meet a 500-1000 calorie reduction each day. Men and women should aim for daily calorie consumption of around 1,500 and 1,200, respectively.

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