How much is redd’s apple ale?

Thanks to aggressive TV commercials as well as super bowls, redd’s apple ale has gained a lot of popularity over the years. This product is a product to enjoy, best taken when the temperatures are going down. It is manufactured by REDD’S Brewing Company, which is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is a subsidiary of the Chicago-based brewing company Molson Coors.

For the purpose of this article, it is important to mention what ale is in order ta avoid any possible confusion and to offer clarification. This is a type of a beer which is made through warm fermentation and results in a sweet as well as a full-bloodied taste. An ale is aromatic, complex, and flavorful.

This article is going to explore the redd’s apple ale beer.

How much is redd’s apple ale?

A 6 pack with 12 fl oz bottles, 5% ABV, will cost you $9. A 12 pack, with 12 fl oz bottles, 5% ABV will cost you $15. The pack of 30 is not available, unless one buys five, six pieces each. As it is common with other products in the market, you should always look out for discounts in certain times of the year. At the same time, some stores will provide discounts to consumers who buy products in common. This is made as incentives to loyal customers and the faithful clients.

ABV (Alcohol %)Type of BootleAprox Price
6 Pack5%12 fl oz bottles$9
12 Pack5%12 fl oz bottles$17

Is redd’s apple ale gluten free?

Mayo Clinic states that gluten intolerance can have negative consequences such as weight loss, abdominal pain, and bloating. If you have gluten intolerance, and you continue tasking products which contain gluten, wheat for instance, your health is on the line, and you should change this before it is too late.

Redd’s apple ale contains gluten, it is not gluten-free. Therefore, if you do experience intolerance with gluten, you might need to consider if you should consume this product. If you are looking for a gluten-free beer, then you need to be on the lookout for alternatives, and such alternatives are readily available. One good option is liquor which is pure and distilled. Even if this liquor is made from rye or wheat, it is still gluten- free. Gluten free liquors include bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and brandy. Thus, Redd’s apple ale is not safe for people with gluten sensitivity or people suffering from celiac disease, and should be avoided.

Is redd’s apple ale beer?

Yes, redd’s apple ale is technically in the category of a beer. It is a beer which is lager-like. This is confirmed by the company itself in its official correspondence and website. It is a beer with a distinguished apple taste, and it is a pretty refreshing product.

The alcohol content of redd’s apple ale is 5 %. The redd’s apple ale is a light beer and not a strong beer. Therefore, if you intend to get drunk through taking redd’s apple ale, then, you might consider consuming a number of them. A person with a weight of 86 kg will need to take 4 to 5 beers hours in order to get drunk. The average woman with a weight of 73 kg will need 3 to 4 beers of this product in order to get drunk. Redd’s apple ale is not a liquor.

Is redd’s apple ale a cider?

The redd’s apple ale is not categorized as a cider. A cider gets its alcohol from apple juice which is fermented. This is not the case with redd’s apple ale- it derives its alcohol from grain which is fermented and malted. The closest thing to a cider is apple juice.

Is redd’s apple ale sweet?

Yes, redd’s apple ale is a sweet and delicious product. It is a beer which is accompanied by a natural apple flavor. The redd’s apple ale beer is crisp and comes with an undertone of malt. It has a dominant natural apple flavor that makes it unique, appealing, and sweet. The carbonization brings about a nice fizz. The yeast component gives this product a sweet and full bodied taste. This is a recommended summer drink, and its composition shows that different people from different parts of the world are brought together.

Is redd’s apple ale good?

Redd’s apple ale is a healthy product. It contains the following ingredients: barley malt, corn syrup, hop extract, sucrose, yeast, citric acid, and water. Each of the components has individual health benefits. For example, according to Healthline, citric acid plays an important role in the metabolism of energy. In addition to that, if you take citric acid consistently, you will be protecting yourself against kidney stones. Dana Angelo White, writing for Food Network states that corn syrup is very important in health recommending its intake, as far as it is taken in moderation.

redd’s apple ale ingredients
Barley malt
Corn syrup
Hop extract
Citric acid

Another good thing with the redd’s apple ale is that it contains some amount of calories. As a matter of fact, every bottle of this product will give you 165 calories. Though this may not be enough for your calories’ needs, it is definitely a good health choice. Again, having this figure means that if you are calories conscious, then this is an ideal product for you.


If you want redd’s apple ale, you can buy it at draft at bars which are located all over the country. Some restaurants do stock this product, knickers for instance. Molson Coors has been making a conscious effort to meet, and in deed exceed, the expectations of the consumers. For instance, it often works on feedback in order to seek areas of improvement. Restaurants are stocking all types of ciders and ales, and you might feel over-whelmed in making a choice. If you want one with an apple taste, then the king is the redd’s apple ale beer, and there is no dispute about this. Overall, the redd’s apple ale is a high quality and tasty product which has been prepared with skill and experience.

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