How Much Sugar Is In A Capri Sun?

One of the tastiest products in the market is capri-sun. As a matter of fact, this product is not only popular in the US, but indeed, the entire world. Today, at least 119 countries do make use of capri sun. If the current observations are anything to go by, this product will continue colonizing the market. This is due to the benefits that it carries. This article is going to explore all about capri sun.

When did Capri Sun come out?

The conception of capri sun was in 1931 when Rudolf Wild envisioned a small business which would make use of natural raw materials and not use artificial ingredients. This idea was conceived in Heidelberg. Since then, the company has been making tremendous growth and development.

By 1969, the revolution for the use of natural raw materials had already began, and the company called itself Capri-Sonne. Two flavors of lemon and orange were being sold in Germany. By 1973, Capri sun had already become so popular that families would purchase packs to their homes. By 1979, Muhammad Ali, the king of boxing by then, endorsed the product. It is the efforts of Muhammad Ali which contributed to international success.

Capri sun realized early that diversifying beyond Europe and the US would give the company a competitive edge when compared to the peers. It is therefore not surprising that you are going to find this product as far as Nigeria. This is part and parcel of the company’s global strategy. However, it is in Europe where this product the highest level of success. By 1994, capri sun had become a popular product in the market as well.

Is Capri-sun Good For You?

Yes, capri-sun is a good product for you. The manufacturers have injected unique features in this product. For example, whereas many product is in the market are GMO, this is not a GMO product. Unlike many products which are a preserve of young people, capri sun is a product of both the old and the young people. So popular is this product that it has been used by astronauts going into space.

It should be noted that capri sun does not contain preservatives. In addition to that, capri sun does not contain gluten. Therefore, if you have celiac disease or you gluten intolerance, then you are safe to use this product. Again, capri sun is a very ideal product for the vegetarians. It should also be noted that this product contains zero calories, thereby helping you in your weight loss efforts.

There are people who get an allergy easily. It is good noting that capri sun does not contain allergens. In addition to that, this is a BPA free product thereby aiding in the efforts of recycling. Consumers should note the manufacturers were able to reduce the amount of sugar by a whopping 50 % without diluting the quality of the product.

Capri Sun nutritional facts

Nutrition factsCapri Sun Wild Cherry Juice DrinkCapri Sun Fruit Punch Juice DrinkCapri Sun Organic Fruit PunchCapri Sun Pacific Cooler Juice DrinkCapri Sun Coastal Cooler Juice Drink
Units1 pouch (177 ml)1 pouch (177 ml)1 pouch (177 ml)1 pouch (177 ml)1 pouch (177 ml)
Total Fat0g0g0g0g0g

How much sugar is in a Capri Sun?

The amount of sugar that you consumer in a day is going to determine your health. Therefore, it is very important that you evaluate the amount of sugar you consume in a day. If you fail to do so, you could compromise on your health. In order to bring out that distinctive taste in capri-sun, the manufacturer adds a certain amount of sugar. The amount of sugar in the product depends whether the capri sun is original or not.

For every 100 ml of capri sun, you are going to consume 4.9 grams of sugar. The good news is that compared to other fruit juices, this is not a big amount of sugar. Therefore, this product is a healthy product for you.

Sugar is a very essential product in your body. This is because it is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy. They play a critical role in providing different organs with energy. The brain, particularly, consumes a lot of energy in a day, and it needs to be constantly supply with the energy. Sugar performs very well when it comes to the replacement of lost energy.

However, much as you need sugar for your energy, you need to consume it in moderation. Harvard Health discusses the sweet danger of sugar. According to Harvard Health, a lot of sugar can be a trigger to various medical conditions, cardiovascular disease for instance. In addition to that, a lot of added sugars by manufacturers could lead to the risk of type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

The good thing with capri sun is that it uses natural sugar, stevia. This enables the manufacturer to reduce the amount of sugar which would have been used by a whopping 50 %. This product does not contain artificial ingredients. It is worth noting that capri sun does not contain artificial ingredients. This sets the product apart from the peers.

How much water is in a Capri Sun?

Capri sun is 97 % water, and 3 % fruit. Health experts recommend that one takes at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is not a simple objective to achieve. However, with the use of drinks such as capri sun, then you are going to be able to meet your daily water requirements. Because this product contains sucralose, then the children are going to love it. Parents have to take the issue of hydration on the children seriously; otherwise, the children are going to have health problems.

Capri suns flavors

Capri suns come with a variety of flavors, and there is no shortage of them. These the following:

  • mango
  • passion fruit
  • blackcurrant
  • fruit punch
  • strawberry
  • lemonade
  • wild cherry
  • splash cooler
  • mountain cooler.

The company seeks to come up with new product flavors in order to meet the needs of emerging market segments.


The good thing with this product is that it is an affordable product, and even if you take this product often, you will not break a bank. You can get it at the store, supermarkets, or you can make an online order. Overall, the capri sun is a healthy and safe product, and you should definitely enjoy it.

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