If I Stop Drinking Soda will I Lose Belly Fat?

Obesity is something that must be avoided at all costs since it promotes the development of multiple illnesses and health issues in the organism. To that extent, belly fat refers to the fat that is accumulated around the abdomen. Due to the location of belly fat, it becomes extremely noticeable to everyone in your surroundings (if you are someone who cares about looks then this could be truly troublesome).

However, looks should be the least of your worries as an excess of belly fat can be linked to an increased risk of certain life-threatening diseases, meaning that at some point in your life, it could become a dangerous threat that must be eliminated once and for all. There are many ways in which belly fat can be reduced, and some of them focus on cutting the consumption of certain beverages like soda. That is why the next article will focus on providing an answer to the following questions: If I Stop Drinking Soda will I Lose Belly Fat? and If I Stop Drinking Soda Will I Lose Weight?.

If I Stop Drinking Soda Will I Lose Belly Fat?

In simple words, yes, of course! You can lose belly fat by cutting soda from your life, but that is not everything that is required. You might want to quit soda, but what would happen if you end up switching to other non-healthy beverages instead? That is why you should learn what is the problem with soda and why water is all that you will need for this weight-loss adventure.

Why Drinking Soda Is Bad for the Organism?

Drinking sugary soda on a regular basis proves to be more than enough to gain unwanted belly fat. By itself, soda will not deposit fat directly into your frame, in fact, the problem is the number of calories that your organism receives after constant consumption of this beverage. On average, a non-diet soda contains about 135 calories, meaning that if at least 3 cans are drunk per day, then that could be 405 calories extra per day. Obviously, you will not only drink soda during the day, meaning that the total calories will be greater than those values.

Drinking soda is definitely something that should be reduced as it will promote a healthier life. When soda is eliminated from your diet, it should be replaced with healthier fluids just like water as cutting fluids could leave you hungry, and keep in mind that dehydration is something that must be avoided when the objective is losing belly fat. According to multiple investigations and studies, it is recommended to drink an average of 7-8 glasses of water to promote hydration and reduce food cravings stimulus.

Can Soda Be Replaced with Diet Soda?

One of the common actions that soda enjoyers decide to take in order to have a healthier life is switching to diet soda. While they are a little more “Healthy” than traditional sugary sodas, they do not protect you from weight gain at all. But this is not due to them being related to obesity or weight gain, in fact, is something more psychological as individuals who drink diet soda understand that this kind of non-sugary beverage must be combined with something to eat in order to promote better taste, and thus extra calories will be obtained. This sadly means that for the great majority of individuals, these actions might not work.

If I Stop Drinking Soda Will I Lose Weight?

Soda might not have a large amount of fat in its composition, but they are overloaded with sugar and sweeteners. Cutting soda from your life could be the beginning of a weight loss journey. It is possible to lose weight by cutting down on soda and switching it to healthier fluids just like traditional water.

Reducing sugar intake (the main component of soda) is definitely worth the effort as it can develop many benefits in your life. The amount of weight loss will change depending on the individual and how much soda he/she consumed before quitting. For example, an individual who consumed a can of soda per day would be cutting 150 calories from his/her diet in a single step. In a week it will be possible to cut 2,100 calories and in a year at least 55,000 calories will be eliminated from your diet, all of that can be obtained just by quitting soda.

Once again, these are only the numbers that could be obtained in the organism of those who drink 1 can per day, and it might never be as detailed as the previously stated values. Meaning that individuals who drank at least 3 cans per day on a regular basis could see even better results, but remember that just quitting soda will not be enough as some other aspects of your diet might need to be changed as well.

Why Just Quitting Soda Consumption will not Be Enough?

The reason behind this assumption is due to the fact that you might reduce the number of calories that were obtained from soda, but what about the rest? By stopping soda consumption does your body exercise by itself? Or even better, just for quitting soda does your diet completely changes? Not at all, sadly nothing can be as easy as that in this life.

Proper weight loss comes with a complete overhaul of your current diet and with the responsibility of exercising your body with the correct set of exercises. You require tough actions to deal with tough problems, and sadly, losing weight is not easy at all in some cases. Depending on the individual, maybe a bad habit has already been formed, and quitting soda becomes practically impossible as you always try to come back at it.

That is why you should start with small actions, today, try to cut soda from your life, tomorrow? Why do not you check how to improve your diet by including healthy and delicious food that can be cooked even by yourself at home? The sequence of small acts will become a whole portfolio of weight loss measures that in the long run means more chances of succeeding at this task and furthermore, weight will be loss in no time.

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