Is 400 calories a day healthy?

When it comes to weight loss, there are many strategies and diets that can be followed in the endeavor of achieving such an objective. Since calories intake plays a massive role in many of these strategies, maybe cutting the total consumption can improve things… that is why there are many “strategies” that consist of drastically reducing the amount of food that is consumed to the point that the body will be forced to adapt and furthermore enhance changes that can result in weight loss. At least that is how it is told, and while it might happen to certain individuals, there is a lot that needs to be considered before trying something as risky as this.

The body requires nutrients and vitamins to work as efficiently as ever, and cutting the amount of food that you will consume can disrupt this natural activity. Since these very low-calorie diets are starting to become more popular, it is important to be properly informed before doing anything to avoid causing any damage to your body or organism. That is why the next article focuses on discussing: Is 400 Calories a Day Healthy? In order to determine if this is something that everyone should do or if it is a bullet that must be avoided.

Is 400 Calories a Day Healthy?

These low-calorie diets have been considered by many individuals to be dangerous as you will be basically reducing your calorie consumption by a big margin. Instead of consuming calories as you normally do, the main goal will be to consume a minimum of 400 calories with a maximum of 700 per day. To obtain this you will most likely replace traditional foods with shakes, drinks, and prepared food bars for at least two meals a day.

Overall, consuming 400 calories a day is not healthy by any means, in fact, it is one of the most dangerous things that you could ever do to your body and organism. Keep in mind that this is a weight-loss strategy that was designed exclusively for people with overweight and that have tried to lose weight even after trying many diet plats and techniques.

Consuming only 400 calories a day is extremely dangerous as it requires a lot of struggle and sacrifices, which is something that your organism will not like at all. However, the reason why these are still around is because with the proper medical supervision and authorization, they could actually “work” but they are definitely not something that traditional people should do.

Is 400 Calories a Day Healthy Under Medical Supervision?

These kinds of weight-loss strategies could prove to be reliable only when you receive proper guidance from your medic. You can only guarantee that your body will handle these changes if the medic says so as they will be able to determine if that sudden loss of calories could cause irreparable damage to your organism or instead come with many benefits.

On the other hand, if your doctor does not recommend this kind of strategy due to certain reasons, then do not try to go against his/her word as you will end up causing a mess. Keep in mind that 400 calories are practically nothing compared to what traditional individuals tend to consume on a daily basis.

Two handfuls of peanuts or a single slice of pepperoni pizza can contain about 250 calories, which is more than half the minimum amount of recommended intake. It is not humanly possible to stay good and healthy when you can only eat a limited amount of vital food as everything in your body will start working halfway for not having the required nutrients and vitamins.

Finally, you might end up burning calories that your body does not have at the moment. A 185-pound person can lose at least 72 calories by just sitting in a one-hour meeting, which shows how messed up is the 400 calories diet plan as you can not have enough reserves to burn, causing issues in your organism as a product of such an act.

Dangers of Consuming Only 400 Calories a Day

The greatest danger that is associated with consuming only 400 calories a day is the multiple deficiencies that can be developed due to not having enough resources in your organism. For example, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to a great array of health problems that could change your life forever, and not in a good way. Hair loss is another annoying something that can be experienced when you do not consume what is required on a daily basis, and not everyone likes this a bit.

Finally, low iron proves to be more than enough to increase the chances of developing anemia in the future. Also, a low calcium intake and vitamin D can lead to dangerous diseases and illnesses that could come with annoying symptoms that could make your weight loss journey more troublesome. Heart attacks can also be caused for not consuming enough calories and nutrients as your arteries will be clogged and furthermore, you will cause a risky situation without even knowing it.

Muscle Loss is not Weight Loss:

Some individuals who have tried this strategy have reported that they might start fitter and with less weight than usual. But this is not because the strategy works, instead, you will not be losing fat but healthy muscle that is vital for doing many common activities in your routines without feeling tired.

Muscle loss is never a good thing as you will be disposing of what should not be disposed of. To keep your body healthy it is required that you build muscles so if you do the exact opposite, not only you are losing any good results, also, you will be losing valuable support for your future. A healthy diet and weight loss strategy is one that lets you burn fat. The ones that burn good muscle instead should be avoided at all costs before it is too late to overcome the bad symptoms of not having solid muscles in your body.

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