Is beef broth good for you?

Beef broth is highly nutritious, easy to digest, full of flavor, loaded with more health benefits than many other foods, and includes amino acids and minerals. This is one of the reasons that it is often given to people recovering from an illness affecting the digestive tract, and when asked ‘is beef broth good for you? Yes, beef broth is very good for restoring damaged intestinal lining, often found following episodes of Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Studies have shown that repair takes place due to a large amount of gelatin in the beef broth.

Is Beef Broth Vegetarian?

Well no, as beef and beef bones are from cattle, so for those who are vegetarian or vegan you may want to choose a vegetable broth. A vegetarian diet often requires careful balance, and as you can’t get vitamin B12 from plants sometimes a supplement is required.

Is Beef Broth Keto Friendly?

Yes, when you are on a Keto diet beef broth is compatible, just balance it to include 60% fat, 30% Protein, and 10% carbs with a good serving of

non-starchy vegetables. While on the Keto diet you can consume beef broth every day if you want, to replace minerals and vitamins. Make a big pot to sustain you through the diet.

Other Health Benefits of Beef Broth

1. Weight Loss

Low in calories and makes you feel full because it is laden with gelatin that fills you up without gaining weight.

2. Heals the Digestive Tract

Beef broth is good for a range of digestive issues, and is often suggested for those recovering from stomach ulcers. When harsh foods are not tolerated, bone broth is sometimes given until the person recovers.

3. Improves Nails Skin and Hair

If you have brittle broken nails, the beef broth will strengthen them due to the gelatin content. Hair and skin will also benefit from the beef broth when it is consumed regularly.

4. Joint Repair

The chondroitin sulfate contained in bone broth is sold in the drug store as Glucosamine an expensive drug for those suffering osteoarthritis and joint problems. Instead of the replacement drugs, try taking regular beef broth to help heal your joints.

5. Supports Nerve Function

Minerals, fats, and amino acids in beef broth are essential to nerve function as the nerve conducts electrical signals from cell to cell all over the body.

6. Reduces Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can build up in the body and causes diseases like arthritis and type 11 diabetes.

Studies have shown that beef broth can lower inflammation, reducing the risk of inflammatory disease.

7. Helps You to Remain Calm

Calcium and Magnesium contained in beef broth, can restore calm and aid sleep. An element called glycine is found in beef broth and this restores sleep and can prevent insomnia.

8. Colds and Flue

For those suffering from colds and flu, the thought of food is often repellant. So when you are sick, beef broth is often the answer, as it is easy to eat and will aid recovery.

9. Immunity Improves

Children don’t develop full immunity for the first seven years of life, and this explains why they catch every disease in the playground during those early years, and consequently are often at home sick. By the time the child is seven, they will have a good immune response. Beef broth is thought to aid immune support and help to build the child up in the first years of life.

10. Regulates Hormones

Beef broth is thought to aid female reproductive health is it regulates estrogen by replacing the magnesium, potassium, and calcium lost in day-to-day activities. Bone broth is also a good thing to have after a heavy workout, to aid electrolyte replacement.

When taken following exercise it will reduce the possibility of muscle cramps and spasms that can occur following a marathon and another heavy exercise.

11. Bone Marrow

Aids blood cell production in the body, as the beef broth is rich in stem cells that our bodies need to make new blood cells. If your blood tests show a deficit of hemoglobin or low blood count beef broth is a good way of increasing the hemoglobin naturally.

12. Male Fertility

The endocrine system in males is regulated by Osteocalcin a hormone produced in the bone cells. It is responsible for producing both insulin and testosterone. If a male suffers from fertility problems the first thing checked is testosterone levels. When they are low, regular bone broth may help increase fertility levels.

Is Beef Broth Good for You?

Well as you can see, beef broth is very good for you, and in a busy world, a lot of nutritional benefits tend to be forgotten when food preparation is concerned. Beef broth tends to have rejuvenation effects right through the body, and many cultures recognize its benefits.

If you are on a Keto diet, you will find that beef broth helps with weight loss, and many people undertake the 21-day bone broth diet to lose weight quickly, as the collagen or gelatin contained in it is filling and sustaining. The diet is a way to lose weight and detox at the same time, depending on how much weight you want to lose, and some people need to follow it for six weeks.


Is beef broth vegetarian, we know that it isn’t, and some people don’t respond well to a vegetarian diet. While you are still growing, up until the age of 18 years, it is better to consume a well-balanced diet, including some meat protein, eggs, and cheese. If you don’t have adequate protein from meat, your health can suffer. So before becoming a vegetarian it is best to consult your doctor.


Is beef broth good for you? It delivers excellent health benefits, and in winter it makes a good warming soup for the whole family to enjoy.

For people recovering from gastric ailments, it is essential in aiding recovery, and health maintenance until you are well again and can eat a balanced diet.

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