Is Brown Rice Actually Healthier?

It is one of the most asked and researched topics in food nutrition. Is there really a difference between white rice and brown rice? Does one have a greater amount of health benefits, or higher nutritional value? Or is it all simply a myth, brought about by the subtle change in color and texture between the two types of rice? Well, we have all the answers for you! From which rice is healthier for you, whether one rice lasts longer than the other, as well as the most important question. Can you use brown rice when making your favorite rice pudding? Read on to find out more.

Is Brown Rice Actually Healthier?

Simply put, yes, brown rice is healthier than the white rice alternative. There are a variety of reasons as to why brown rice is healthier than white. For one, it has a better nutritional value compared to white rice with higher levels of fiber, magnesium, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, and zinc. Brown rice is also a better antioxidant compared to white rice.

The higher nutritional value of brown rice comes about because it is a whole grain. Which means while it is harder to cook, it retains all of its nutritional value. Whereas white rice has had the germ and bran removed, so while it is a softer grain and easier to cook. It has also had most of its nutritional value removed as a result.

The high levels of magnesium and fiber in rice also has a positive effect on your blood and heart health. Healthier blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of developing heart disease are common side effects of adding brown rice into your diet. Whereas consumption of white rice is linked to a higher chance of developing diabetes.

Is Brown Rice Keto?

Sadly, if you are on the keto diet, you are better off avoiding brown rice. You may believe that because of brown rice has a healthier reputation, you may be able to include it within your keto diet, since you cannot consume white rice. However, brown rice has a high net-carb total, which is approximately 23.98g of net-carbs for every 100g serving of brown rice. Taking into account that the daily recommended amount of carbs to consume on keto is from 20 to 30 grams of net-carbs. You would be better off avoiding brown rice.

Can Brown Rice Go Rancid?

Perhaps the biggest downfall of brown rice compared to its white rice counterpart is its shelf life. While dry white rice can spend up to 2 years in your kitchen cupboards before going bad, brown rice has an exceptionally smaller shelf life. You may need to dispose of your dry brown rice after 6 months! When checking the quality of your rice, be sure to check for holes in your packaging, foul smells, bugs, mold or water. You should also check whether the brown rice has gone rancid, is discolored or has become oily.

Can Brown Rice Be Used For Fried Rice?

You will be happy to hear that you can make fried rice with either white or brown rice. While traditional fried rice, especially the dishes that you are served in restaurants, are often made using white rice, you can still use brown rice. In fact, brown fried rice is actually healthier than white rice when opting to use it when creating fried rice. As brown fried rice has both a lower calorie count than white fried rice and also has a higher value of fiber and less fat. So, if you are a lover of fried rice, why not try creating it with brown rice?

Brown Rice nutritional facts

Let’s take a look into some of the brown rice sold by several brands around the US:

Nutrition factsTrader Joe’s
Brown Basmati Rice
Carolina Whole Grain Brown RiceMinute Instant Brown Rice
Units1/4 cup (49g)1/4 cup (45g)1/2 cup (50g)
Total Fat1g1.5g1.5g
Vitamin A0mcg0mcg0mcg

Brown Rice And Rice Pudding

The humble rice pudding is one of the most popular dessert and breakfast recipes seen the world over. There is not a corner of the planet that does not enjoy consuming rice pudding. Not only is it easy to make, it is also very affordable with easily accessible ingredients. But, can you make it using brown rice? Is it the same? And is it healthier?

Can Brown Rice Be Used For Rice Pudding?

Yes! If you would much rather make your own rice pudding using brown rice rather than white rice, you can. There are a large amount of recipes online where you can opt to use brown rice rather than white rice for your rice pudding. In fact, many even report that by using brown rice you get an additional nutty taste, that makes the dish even more enjoyable.

Is brown rice pudding good for you?

Of course, similar to any other dish where you substitute brown rice for white rice, the overall dish will have a higher nutritional value. As we mentioned above, brown rice carries a higher value of fiber, magnesium, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, and zinc. And it is also an antioxidant with a lower carb value, both of which also aid with weight loss, especially when substituting white rice for brown rice. So yes, if you cannot resist a delicious rice pudding, and you are looking for ways to make your favorite dessert or breakfast dish healthier. You should definitely opt to replace the white rice ingredient with its brown rice counterpart.

So, is brown rice actually healthier than white rice? Simply put, yes, it is. Not only is brown rice an antioxidant with a lower carb value compared to white rice, which makes it a healthier option for those that are on their own personal weight loss journey. But brown rice also has a generally higher nutritional value, especially when considering its fiber, magnesium, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, and zinc levels. And you can easily adapt any recipe that you have an interest in cooking that uses white rice to the more healthy brown rice. The only drawbacks for those looking to make the change is that white rice has a longer shelf at 2 years compared to brown rice that will only last 6 months. And sadly if you are on the keto diet, you will still want to avoid brown rice as much as you avoid white rice as the net-carb amount in brown rice is still too high considering the recommended net-carb allowance that the diet allows.

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