Is canes gluten free?

Raising Cane’s (also known as Canes) is an American fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in offering high-quality chicken fingers. It was founded back in Louisiana in 1996 and since its creation, it has become more popular as time passes. Nowadays they are considered one of the best fast-food choices thanks to their fast approach and excellent customer service. However, without a doubt, the reason why they have become so popular is due to their magnificent chicken fingers which are served with fries, salads, and more things depending on the selected product from the menu.

Their menu products are prepared with extreme professionalism and proper high-quality ingredients to the point that they could be considered a pillar of the industry. Normally, the great majority of fast-food chains claim to use high-quality ingredients (and it results in nothing more than a lie) but this time it can be told that Canes delivers as the taste of their products is fresh and magnificently outstanding.

Is Canes Gluten Free?

Before jumping into one of their restaurants, it would be wise to discover and learn more about their products and offerings. Determining if their food is gluten-free can develop the experience a lot. Sadly, this time there will not be a happy ending as Canes does have gluten in most of their products. The breading of their chicken fingers and toast contains gluten to mix everything together and create a more “stable” product, which makes the final product look more appealing.

However, their signature sauce, fries, and coleslaw are all gluten-free. But it is important to note that due to the fact that their chicken and fries share fryers in most of their locations the fries might end up catching some of the gluten from the chicken, so it is not a 100% gluten-free guarantee.

This might prove to be rather disappointing news for individuals who can not consume gluten-containing products and still want to try Canes’ food. However, nowadays it is possible to order unbreaded chicken fingers in the “naked” way, meaning that they will not contain gluten, dairy, or any other kind of allergens. While this sounds wonderful, it is important to understand that not every location offers this approach, so proper investigation should be done beforehand.

Is Raising Canes Gluten Free?

Sadly… no, Raising Canes is not offering many gluten-free products on its menu. While they do have certain gluten-free products in their offerings such as their fries and the coleslaw and signature sauce, that is not enough to consider making a visit to one of their restaurants as the experience will feel incomplete and disappointing.

They are recognized for being a gluten-containing restaurant so this could be a big miss if the customer is looking for any gluten-free approach. However, it is possible to order “naked” chicken in some of their locations. In this way, it will be possible to avoid all the gluten as it is located on the breading.

Is Cane’s Chicken Gluten Free?

Negative, Cane’s chicken is not gluten-free. Their breading (which is used in both the chicken and toasts) contains gluten ingredients, meaning that the main experience will be focused on the consumption of gluten-containing elements, which is something that can not be done by all individuals in the world. The crispy and delicious breading can only be achieved with the usage of gluten-containing ingredients, meaning that removing the breading would be like only getting half the value. However, this does not mean that their unbreaded chicken tastes awful or it is not worth it, in fact, one of Cane’s greatest approaches is their juicy and tender texture, so it is definitely not a waste at all.

Due to the massive feedback from people that wanted to try a gluten-free chicken from Canes, they decided to “include” in the menu the possibility of requesting unbreaded chicken, which would mean that all the gluten ingredients from the chicken would be eliminated, but this is something that is not available in all locations.

Is Raising Canes Only in Texas?

Negative, Raising Canes can not be found only in Texas. Due to their growing popularity, they have decided to open more locations across the US to satisfy more customers in many states while growing their reputation at a faster scale. In Texas, there are 167 Raising Cane’s locations which represents 32% of the total number of existing locations, which is one of the reasons why people believe that they are only in Texas, there are just too many in this state.

In its birth state Louisiana, there are 65 Raising Cane’s, and Ohio has other 42. Those discussed states are not the only ones who have Raising Cane’s locations as they have a presence in at least 27 US States, however, they have a fewer quantity when compared to the previously 3 states discussed.

In the future, it is expected to find the presence of Raising Canes in more states. Also, it is important to know that it is possible to find all the existing locations on their official website, making the life of customers easier as finding the exact location of one of their restaurants becomes less of a hassle.

Is Raising Canes Halal?

It is estimated that halal meat is healthier than traditional meat due to its tender texture and delicious results. However, the difference might not be noticed for certain individuals. In the case of the Raising Canes menu, it is halal compliant, meaning that the meat is halal. This is done to guarantee that more Muslim customers visit the fast-food restaurant and also to enhance the taste and texture of the products.

Raising Canes has been changing food ingredients, storage, and even customer service around its locations over the last years to work in ordinance with the Islamic law, which results in better offerings to the customers as it is guaranteed that the meat is free of bacteria and other agents that could cause harm in the organism just like certain non-halal meat.

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