Is Casamigos Gluten-free?

The blue agave crop, which is organically free of gluten, is the source of Casamigos Tequila. You may be sure that this quality tequila is safe and gluten-free for consumption because it is created from “100 percent agave.”

George Clooney, Mike Meldman, and Rande Gerber co-founded the award-winning tequila Casamigos in 2013. It is currently owned by Diageo, the owner of several other well-known alcohol brands, such as Gordons Gin, Johnie Walker, Bell’s, Smirnoff, Guinness, and Don Julio Tequila.

Casamigos Tequila is an excellent option of tequila that you may drink straight or add as a basis to your preferred gluten-free cocktail if you are gluten intolerant or have any Celiac Disease.

Is Casamigos tequila?

Casamigos are produced from 100 percent agave and are among the most natural, smoothest tasting tequilas on the list. An agave-based spirit with a bright, fresh flavor that resembles an aejo than a reposado is Casamigos Reposado Tequila. On the palate, notes of vanilla, tropical fruit, and wood are predominant.

Is Casamigos good?

The tequila Casamigos move slowly. Each is created entirely from Blue Weber agave, picked when it is between 7 and 9 years old. The agave piñas are then roasted for 72 hours in brick ovens and fermented for a further 80 hours (over double the industry average). The liquor then rests in casks for 2 months for Blanco, 7 months for a reposado, and fourteen months for aejo before it’s bottled.

Owing to its founder George Clooney, Casamigos is a darling among the Hollywood set, but it has a lot of merits to go with its elegance. They aimed to create “the best-tasting, purest tequila that you don’t need to cover up with lime or salt, ” according to Clooney and co-founder Rande Gerber.

Nothing matches a “Casamigos and soda” for a cool, celeb-approved beverage, even if you’re at an A-list after parties or just lounging at home. Every batch is distilled in stainless steel barrels for a least two months, yielding a pleasant blend of sweet agave, mild citrus, and just a trace of other flavors.

Is Casamigos top shelf?

The greatest tequila on the marketplace, in general, is Casamigos Blanco. The undisputed top-tier tequila is Milagro Select Barrel Reserve A*ejo. The best price is on Sauza Silver Tequila.

The label may have gained popularity because of its superstar founders; however, since its debut, Casamigos spirits have won numerous gold medals in competitions for spirits, such as the Spirits of Mexico Tasting Competition, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, and the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition. Gerber, Clooney, and the company’s master distiller taste each batch before bottling to ensure quality control.

Is Casamigos 100 agave?

Tequila is a vibrant and flavorful agave-based beverage that tastes more like an aejo than a reposado. On the palate, notes of vanilla, tropical fruit, and wood are predominant. The oak flavor is there on the tongue’s tip, along with a vibrant grass and agave fruit note up front. It has a medium-bodied mid-palate and develops a pineapple taste. It has a gentle pepper-agave departure on the palate and is moderate and oaky.

100% Agave: Although tequila is manufactured from agave plants, not all of them contain only 100% agave sugar. In reality, several brands sweeten the tequila using sugars or artificial sweeteners, which might taste wonderful at first and then give you a bad headache the following morning. Look for packages with the designation “100%,” which indicates that the product was produced using only agave plant organic sugars.

You’ve probably also encountered flavored tequila, which is tequila that has been blended with flavors like strawberry, jalapeno, coconut, or lime. It’s advised that you avoid these products most of the evening and stick to tequila straight up, even though they might be entertaining for a celebration or add to cocktails. Why tinker with a winning formula?

Avoid spirits with deceptive labels like “made from agave,” as they are produced using a mixture of sugar cane and agave, and only consume those marked as being “100 percent agave.” Even though it is legal for those drams to bear the tequila brand, they are disgusting, fatty, and will give you stomach aches.

It has been demonstrated that agave’s distinctive sugar content helps avoid headaches the next morning.

Is casamigos mezcal good?

Why not attempt Mezcal following such pleasure with tequila? Casamigos is amazing. If you’ve never tried Mezcal, it’s drinkable because it’s smooth and has a little flame. However, a seasoned mezcal connoisseur will likely find it uninteresting. For people who wish to jump on this mezcal bandwagon, it’s an excellent place to start.

You won’t feel overwhelmed by this extremely smooth, low-proof Mezcal, which will free you up to explore other intriguing possibilities. Casamigos Mezcal is harmoniously flavored with notes of tamarind, mango, pomegranate, and banana. It is well-balanced and exquisite. The Mezcal has a distinct flavor thanks to fresh mint, dried oregano, and dried mint scents. The subtle smoke undertones, licorice undertones, and mineral undertones produce a lengthy, velvety finish.

The smooth Mezcal is appropriate for novice drinkers and can be consumed neat or on the rocks. If you’re looking for a mixer, it’s recommendable going with a budget-friendly mezcal for cocktails like Banhez or Del Maguey.

If you want the bottle to be extremely chilly, another alternative is to keep it in the refrigerator or freezer. Don’t worry; it won’t break because the alcohol prevents it from freezing. Never take a shot of Mezcal in tequila glasses; you won’t be able to fully appreciate the complex smells that Mezcal delivers in those glasses. Mezcal is more pleasurable when consumed in a whiskey glass. You may use Mezcal to make any tequila cocktail; it will give your drink a smoky flavor and make it more unique.

Take away

Tequila created from the distilled, pure, blue agave plant does not contain gluten. If the tequila includes a minimum of 51 percent agave, it might be safe for those with celiac disease, even with adding sugars.

Look for tequila made entirely from agave if you’re seeking a gluten-free option. Since tequila is a subtype of Mezcal, it’s believed that the same holds for that liquor. People living with Celiac disease can still partake in Casamigos. Because it is composed of grapes, it does not include gluten.

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