Is cayman jack gluten free?

The internet is buzzing with questions asking- how is Cayman Jack a Beer, or how does Cayman Jack margarita have tequila? Aside from wondering why is Cayman Jack carbonated or not, the bigger question is asking is Cayman Jack gluten free? This elusive product faces some tough questions that will finally be answered.

Is Cayman Jack gluten free?

The name says it all as the initial press release proudly touted Cayman Jack as being a hand-crafted premium malt beverage. Initially launched in 2013, this margarita flavored drink is using 100% real agave flavor, organic lime, and real cane sugar. And immediately the warning bells start to sound off when it comes to establishing whether this is gluten-free. The answer is a resounding no since Cayman Jack has admitted it’s not 100% gluten-free.

The producers of Cayman Jack have determined that there are no more than 5 parts per million within any standard bottle of Cayman Jack. These tests were conducted using what is called the R5 Competitive ELISA test. To get a better idea for those who have celiac disease, the real proof is making a gluten test to see the positive results.

Gluten tests can be purchased online, but to get an accurate measurement- you want to look for a proven gluten test that will detect slight percentages of gluten. You want to look for an AOAC-approved gluten test that can detect as little as 0.6 PPM of gluten. Most tests that can detect as little as 2 PPM will work just fine, however, the Celiac community should be wary of drinking this brand before having it tested.

Is Cayman Jack carbonated?

Cayman Jack has a small amount of carbonation that isn’t over the top compared to other carbonated malt beverages. Some might say that Cayman Jack is lightly carbonated that is easy to chug and won’t cause you to slow down like Coca-Cola or other highly carbonated drinks will do. The level of carbonation is similar to any standard soda that has been sitting in an open glass for at least half an hour.

Because the carbonation is so light, Cayman Jack gives just the right amount of crispness that goes with seltzers so it resembles a mojito or mimosa. The carbonation will become lessened when ice is added, which almost immediately starts to dissipate the carbonation. This is sped up faster when real tequila is added and melts the ice into this drink. This makes the margarita feel more enjoyable since most people do not like fizz in their margarita.

Is Cayman Jack a beer?

Cayman Jack starts out as a premium beer that is then purified and filtered at least 10 times to create a smooth taste that is similar to vodka refinement. The result is a flavor that tastes similar to a margarita flavor. Because of the addition of adding agave to the beer, the process will give a flavor profile that makes people think there is tequila mixed into this recipe.

Mike many beers that are produced, Cayman Jack ready-mix drinks are brewed in Illinois and have the same level of alcohol content as cold-brewed beer. Many fans of Cayman Jack have found that adding a shot of Grand Marnier or a shot of tequila adds multiple layers to give this drink more authenticity. Adding fresh lime is another great trick that often helps to give malt beverages that are filtered, a fresh and crisp taste that is very un-beer-like.

Cayman Jack flavors

If we take a look into Walmart’s website, the available flavors for the Cayman Jack® Variety Pack are:

  • Margarita
  • Moscow Mule
  • Mojito
  • Paloma.

On the other hand, the Cayman Jack Margarita Variety Pack offers:

  • Margarita (classic)
  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry.

Does Cayman Jack margarita have tequila?

The combination of just the right amount of lime, agave, and sugar gives the perfect illusion that Cayman Jack has tequila in it. It’s not brewed with tequila aside from the agave that is added. The agave flavor is what tricks most people into thinking there is tequila in this malted beverage. The brewing process is also very clever since the beer that is used is refined and filters so you cannot detect that it’s made from beer at all.

What helps to complete this drink so that it has more impact is to add real tequila which will make it an excellent mixer for making margaritas. By itself, it can be considered a virgin margarita since the alcohol content is the same as beer except that is 5.9% ABV. This is what makes this drink have a lot of appeal for margarita parties and Mexican drink nights. Adding any kind of quality tequila will only make Cayman Jack taste even better.

Just like any other margarita drink, it should be consumed when it’s ice-cold or with crushed ice just like a real margarita would have. Don’t attempt to drink this beverage when it’s room temperature, it does not taste very appealing and certainly will not feel very refreshing if it’s not chilled before drinking. Unlike most alcoholic beverages, these flavors don’t work unless they are paired with plenty of ice or are chilled in the freezer beforehand.

Cayman Jack margarita nutrition

Nutrition factsCayman Jack Margarita
Units11.2 fl oz
Total Fat0g
Dietary Fiber0g

How many calories are in Cayman Jack?

When you take a look at the nutrition content of Cayman Jack, you’ll find that the average 11-ounce bottle contains 240 calories. As far as carbohydrates, Cayman Jack contains 36 grams which make up 13% of each bottle. For most folks who are looking to have the perfect keto diet plan, Cayman Jack is not generally accepted because of the sugar and agave that are added.

Another interesting fact is coming from premade margarita mixes. If you compare this to the actual Jose Cuervo margarita cocktail, the difference is rather interesting. In just 1 glass of this margarita mix, it contains 226 calories and 22 grams of carbs. This is lower than drinking the Cayman Jack, even if you add a shot of tequila! However, since this is a malted beverage, the calories are just about the same.

Just be careful about adding any salt around the rim to reduce the amount of sodium in your daily diet. Sodium has been known to increase blood pressure and isn’t healthy for you when you go beyond 3/8th teaspoon per day.

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