Is Chicken Bouillon Gluten Free?

Chicken Bouillon, usually in the form of stock cubes is a handy ingredient. When asked, is chicken Bouillon vegan? Well no, as it is made from chicken meat and chicken bones, It is normally used in the kitchen to flavor casseroles and soups when you don’t have any homemade stock available. It is made from dehydrated chicken stock, salt, vegetables, and fat. Some of the chicken Bouillon brands do contain gluten, so when asked if Bouillon is gluten free, no this can’t be guaranteed, as there is a risk of cross-contamination when a company makes other products.

Is chicken bouillon healthy?

Chicken Bouillon is low in calories but high in sodium, and it does contain a number of trace elements including copper, selenium, riboflavin, magnesium, and calcium. As part of a healthy diet, Bouillon is there to add flavor.

Chicken Bouillon may also contain MSG a preservative and flavor enhancer that some are allergic to, so it is important to always read the label. There are two or three brands on the market that claim to be gluten-free, but it is still important to check the label.

Is chicken bouillon vegan?

Vegans consume a 100% plant-based diet, They do not consume any animal or poultry products, so no, chicken Bouillon is not vegan friendly and vegans are not able to eat chicken, or Bouillon. Here is a list of what vegans do not eat:

  • Beef, pork, lamb, and other meat
  • Chicken and all other poultry
  • Fish or Shellfish
  • Eggs
  • Cheese and butter
  • Milk cream or ice cream
  • Mayonnaise may contain egg yolks
  • Honey ( as it comes from bees).

Is chicken bouillon the same as chicken broth?

Several factors set Bouillon and Stock apart, and they are.

  • Stock is made by simmering the bones and meat of animals for a long time, producing a rich and healthy soup.
  • Broths and chicken broth are made from meat with some vegetables usually added, and are a bit lighter.
  • Bouillon is a dehydrated stock used to add flavor to the dishes and keeps well in a cool place.

Most people who cook keep Bouillon handy as it adds flavor to a variety of dishes, and has a much longer shelf life than stock and broths.

Chicken Bouillon lacks the nutrients that you would find in a rich chicken broth, but does contain a small number of minerals and vitamins.

It does contain MSG, and this enhances the flavor. Some people avoid MSG as it triggers allergic reactions like asthma. However, the Food and Drug Administration considers that small amounts of MSG are safe for everyone to consume.


The main concern when consuming chicken Bouillon is that it is high in sodium, and this won’t hurt most people. It should only be avoided by people with renal failure and those with cardiac conditions limiting salt intake. For everyone else, it is safe to consume chicken Bouillon in broths and other dishes where the flavor is required like gravy and sauces. Is chicken Bouillon gluten-free? Not all, but some brands are, it is important to read the label.

Does bouillon contain gluten?

Some chicken Bouillon is both MSG and gluten-free. For those with wheat intolerance, it is important to look online for a list of gluten-free Bouillon options. It is often hard for manufacturers to avoid cross-contamination when they make more than one product, and some that are probably gluten-free avoid making the claim. They cannot recommend that it is safe for people who need to have a gluten-free diet, as many of the products could contain traces of gluten from being made in the same factory. We can’t always know is chicken Bouillon gluten free?

Make your own broth using bouillon cubes

Unfortunately, if you ask is chicken Bouillon vegan? No, it will never be vegan as it is made from chickens, so you will have to make do with vegetable broth from plants.

Once you have found the gluten-free chicken Bouillon cubes, those with gluten intolerance may want to make their own broth. All you have to do is dissolve one cube in a cup of boiling water, and add it to your favorite broth for extra flavor. This is great as you create the best soup by trying different meats and vegetables. Some of the hearty winter dishes will keep well in the freezer if you make too much.

Benefits of cooking with chicken bouillon

  • Very convenient
  • Long shelf life doesn’t expire for months
  • It is a healthy food
  • Low in calories
  • Adds flavor to savory meals

It is a versatile ingredient and can be found gluten-free, but read the packaging to be certain to purchase the right chicken Bouillon if you are Gluten intolerant.

Incorporate chicken bouillion into a diet

if you are on a diet you may be having a formulated diet shake every day for lunch, these are the latest diet craze. However, three days a week try a chicken Bouillon cube dissolved in boiling water, for a change. The cube contains less than 30 calories, and if you buy the low-sodium Bouillon cubes, they are better for your health. The weight will fall off because you are effectively missing a meal on those days. All that is in the cube is dehydrated chicken stock and some dehydrated vegetables, fat, and salt. Never keep the cubes past their use-by date, as they start to lose flavor It does contain vitamins and minerals and is better for you when it is fresh and will aid weight management.


No chicken Bouillon is not gluten-free unless you purchase the gluten-free cubes and if asked, is chicken Bouillon vegan? No, it can’t be as it comes from the chicken. However, it has a lot of uses, especially when cooking, and will add flavor to many dishes in your kitchen.

The fact that it is low in calories makes it useful for diets and enhances the flavor of diet foods. We can now purchase low sodium Bouillon cubes for people with high blood pressure and other cardiac conditions who need to avoid salt

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