Is core water good for you?

The International Bottled Water Association states that the use of bottled water overtook the use of soft drinks. This is because of the perceived benefits of taking water, especially when compared to the use of soft drinks such as coke. Some of the soft drinks have harsh health consequences on the user prompting the consumers to prefer the use of bottled water. Many people have accepted the use of water as the panacea to many health problems that afflict the people.

Companies dealing with bottled water realized a need in the market- many consumers would prefer to take sufficient nutrients in a day, and they do not get them. The companies decided to add nutrients in bottled water, and hence core water. This is the both of premium water which comes with added value including nutrients, flavor, and packaging.

It is estimated that functional water (water that is enhanced), comprises 11 % of the entire bottle industry. If the current statistics are anything to go by, this figure is going to grow. This is because modern consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about their health.

This paper is going to explore core water and its benefits.

Who Makes Core Water

On September, 2018, Keurig Dr Pepper made an announcement that it was buying core nutrition for $ 525 m. This was not a new thing for Keurig Dr Pepper because of previous involvement in the same distribution lines. This was an effort to do a portfolio diversification beyond the use of sugary products. The company realized that some sections of the population simply consider its sodas and unhealthy. The company was creative enough to launch products that this break-away market segment desires.

Is core water good for you?

The simple answer; Yes, of course! Core water contains minerals and electrolytes. The core bottled water is nutrient enhanced. This is going to ensure that your body is nourished. The product has been used successfully by many consumers. If the current online reviews are anything to go by, then this is an ideal product, and it is worth checking out.

With the use of core water, you are going to be hydrated enough to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. This is because the water eases your digestion ensuring that you live a healthy life and your body is constantly replenished with energy.

Core water is a product which offers the rare combination of hydration and energy. It is therefore not surprising that athletes and other individuals who do intense activities find core water a desirable product to take. A study by Beverages Industry found out that 62 % of Americans are looking for products which are more natural, and products which are conscious about health.

But perhaps, it is the purification process that sets the company apart. The water goes through a purification process that lasts seven stages. This is a high-tech purification process. This process includes the use of reverse osmosis water, magnesium chloride, potassium bicarbonate, and calcium chloride. Such processes are usually not done by companies that deal with bottled water. The good thing with this product is that it is free from fluoride.

The branding of this product makes it an appealing product to the consumers. In addition to that, the bottles are easy to hold. Moreover, this is cold spring water making it a fulfilling product. The size of core water comes in different sizes and these include 16.9 oz, 20 oz, 23.9 oz, 30.4 oz, and 44 oz. The company has made a cup available which can help the family or friends share the water. If you have a pet, there is no reason why you should not share the water with the pet now that there is a cup available.

In addition to that, if you are a person who is sensitive to the environment, this is the product for you. This is because the bottle can be recycled. It should be noted that these plastic bottles do not contain BPA. An increasing number of consumers feel comfortable in using a product that is not going to harm the environment. This is because environmental protection starts with personal responsibility.

Core water is easily available. Stores such as Wal-Mart store them in plenty and at an affordable price. You can also make an online order, and the delivery is fast.

Core water nutritional facts

Nutrition factsCore water
Units12 fl oz (355mL)
Total Fat0g

Is core water alkaline?

Because core water has a PH of 7.4, it is slightly alkaline. The PH of 7 is a neutral PH. When the PH is above 7, then that product is alkaline. Therefore, it is correct to say that this product is slightly alkaline.

Is core water acidic?

Core water is not an acidic product. Rather, it is a product which is slightly alkaline. Consumers should understand that most of the foods in the market tend to be acidic. Therefore, when you take a product which is alkaline, then, you are counter-balancing the amount of acidity that you would have taken. In particular, the use of core water ensures that you do not experience heart burn, something that many people experience. This slightly alkaline figure is very critical in helping your body seek body balance and harmony that you need in order to be fit.

Core Water PH Level

The normal PH of an average and healthy human being is 7.4. Core water seeks to offer a product with this PH. Therefore, the PH of core water is 7.4. It is therefore not surprising that health conscious individuals are on the lookout for this product. In other words, core water is going to help you match the natural PH of your body.


Nothing can make you quench your thirst than water does. If you are able to quench your thirst, and at the same time replenish your body, then the better and core water will help you to do just that. There is no other company which has done a better job in providing high quality water than core. Overall, core water is a healthy option and it is also good for the environment making it an ideal product.

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