Is dasani water bad for you?

When Dasani hit the market back in 1999, there has always been skepticism asking is Dasani water bad for you. Even when determining- is Dasani a Coke product, is Dasani no different than tap water. So, that leaves the biggest question of why is Dasani targeted as a bad water product? You’ll learn the answers to all of these questions and more.

Is Dasani water bad for you?

There have been allegations that certain bottled water is bad for you or has ingredients that aren’t telling you about the hidden dangers involved. One perfect example was the issue that Perrier water had in 1990 when it was found that 0.5 million bottles of water were found to be contaminated with benzene. Benzene is the European word used to categorize gasoline and can be deadly to ingest.

Similar incidents happened with Pocono Artesian Spring Water the same year in 1990 when over 1,960 cases of water were found to have a kerosene odor. The list goes on and on with problems in spring, bottled, and carbonated water that were tainted. These included problems that ranged from mold contamination, yeast, algae, chlorine, styrene, insects and particulates, coliforms, glass particulates, arsenic, bromate, and off-tasting, and bad tasting cloudy water.

You’ll find that this list of recalls includes Dasani in 2005 (not specifically by name), on this government list less than a handful of times including too much sodium polyphosphate or not meeting standard health standards. All of these incidents occurred in Atlanta, Georgia! So at this point, you might be asking yourself if Dasani water is bad for you… That all depends on what the official blue checkmark channels want to tell you!

As recently as 2021, the raging mob at Instagram was hard at work spreading disinformation that Dasani water had dangerous levels of Potassium Chloride, you know- the stuff they give to death row inmates to stop their hearts! But these fact-checkers forgot to include that potassium chloride is present in all drinking water and is a naturally occurring element. Once Dasani water is purified, it has a small amount of potassium chloride put back in.

There is no further proof that Dasani water has ever killed or made anyone sick since being introduced in 1999. There is an issue with what is added to Dasani water, which could easily apply to any kind of bottled water for that matter.

Is Dasani a Coke product?

The main parent company that distributes and is in charge of producing is in fact owned by the Coco-Cola Company. That has always been at the center of most people’s anger for making bottled water. But then again, how in the world would they make Coca-Cola without the addition of a water supply. It seems that Coca-Cola was keen to add bottled water to their portfolio of products under a different company title.

Kind of like the Walt Disney Company creating Touchtone Pictures which creates themed movies for PG-13 and R-rated audiences. The backlash of being associated with Coca-Cola is about as scandalous as their original Coke formulas containing cocaine. As they say, never let a good scandal go to waste! Back in those days, you could go into a Pharmacy soda fountain and request extra cocaine in your Coke and even opiates if you were into that persuasion.

Dasani is part of the Coca-Cola umbrella of healthy water products that took root in the early 2000s as part of a wave of new bottled waters emerging. If you are old enough to remember the big 1980s Cola War between Coke and Pepsi, the 90s was a similar battle between these two giants for dominating the bottled water market.

Dasani water nutritional facts

Nutrition factsDasani Bottled WaterDasani Lime Sparkling WaterDasani Lemon Flavored Water
Units16.9 fl oz12 fl oz20 fl oz
Total Fat0g0g0g
Vitamin D0mcg0mcg0mcg

Is Dasani no different than tap water?

You might have heard that Dasani water comes from some exotic spring water that is collected from the snow up high in the mountains. The answer is absolutely false that there is anything special about Dasani water other than it being collected from municipal water sources. So, what does municipal water actually mean? It’s a fancy way so calling it ordinary tap water.

This means that every factory that is bottling Coca-Cola and Dasani water products is using municipal water. The water is treated using a purifying process called reverse osmosis filtration and then has minerals added for taste. These minerals include magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt. The rest is simply purified water that has particulates, minerals, chlorine, and anything else in tap water that’s removed.

All bottled water companies do this to add essential minerals back into their drinking water. As it turns out, calcium, magnesium, and potassium chloride are actually quite healthy for our body, while salt just adds a bit of flavor. If you take a look at these little darlings who wasted years earning a basket weaving course from their university, you’ll find they are questioning the ingredients with a fine-tooth comb.

Dasani releases gas when opened

This is completely false and is a matter of simple physics since the water that is put into Dasani bottles and then sealed still has oxygen within the water. Once these air molecules are bottled the pressure starts to increase inside. The outside pressure is lower than the inside of the bottle at this point, so when the bottle is opened, the water suddenly experiences a pressure difference. It will appear the water initially fizzes due to a release of that internal pressure.

Is Dasani water acidic?

Some uneducated critics claim that Dasani has unusually high levels of acidity contained within this drinking water. According to health experts, the healthiest level for water with a Ph balance is around pH 7 which is near-perfect and completely pure. Groundwater or what is called Artesian water is between 6.5 to 8.5 pH levels drinking water. This is why drinking water that has a pH level of 6.5 is considered slightly acidic whereas 8.5 pH will taste alkaline.

Dasani water contains between: 4.5 and 5.6 acidities after being measured on the pH level chart. This makes it more corrosive to your tooth enamel. Then again, you aren’t getting much better drinking Coca-Cola either… But if you think about it, these levels are absolutely no different than drinking tap water, which will do the same exact thing to your teeth.

Is Dasani high in potassium?

As mentioned earlier, both potassium and chloride are commonly found minerals found in water. The amount of potassium chloride that is found in Dasani is well within a safe amount that is equal to PPM (parts per million) and is merely to add back what was filtered out. Lethal amounts of potassium chloride start at 20 milliliters of 10% potassium chloride. Typical drinking water contains no more than 250 milligrams per liter of tap water.

In short, this is exactly 0.050710 teaspoons- which would represent 1/8th of a teaspoon. So- no, there is nowhere near enough potassium chloride to cause any long-term health effects.

Why is Dasani targeted as a bad water product?

You might be wondering, why does Dasani taste so bad? The truth is that Dasani isn’t the worst thing to drink in the bottled water market. Many other brands are just as bad that could actually make you sick to your stomach. Yet for many across the US who are hypersensitive and have more allergies to milk products, Dasani will be problematic drinking water.

One main reason is the amount of bad press that it has gotten over the years. The internet used to be a fun place back in the early 2000s with emerging forums that allowed total strangers to talk to other curious folks who were reading related interests. By 2008, this had begun to fall apart due to the emergence of smartphones and post hangouts like Twitter, Instagram, and many others.

As soon as something could be canceled, it became viral and soon everyone was calling out Dasani by 2020. It’s a trend that will continue to spread this kind of hateful slander for a product that continues to make billions worldwide. As mentioned before, it’s not the worst water to drink but has become the poster child of endless ranting. Only time will tell when every other brand of water is deconstructed for some obscure reason…

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