Is Evian water good for you?

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the foods and drinks that they consume. The problem with the market is to know if a certain product is genuine and healthy, or it is just hyped by the marketers. The fact is that many cases of marketing are misleading, and therefore unfair to the consumers.

So, is evian water good for you? Is it healthy for you? Does it meet your expectations? And where does evian water come from? This article will help you to answer these questions.

Where does Evian water come from?

Evian Water is owned by Danone. This company ranks as the world’s largest company dealing with bottled water. This is a European brand but it has spread out its tentacles in the US. As a matter of fact, this is a global brand. Danone produces a number of brands of water including Badoit and Volvic, but it is Evian which stands out among the other brands. But it is Evian which is the king in its products. Evian water is sold in at least 140 countries.

The water used by Evian comes from the French alps. In particular, the source of the water is the shores of Lake Geneva. This is a protected source of water and is fed by Swiss Alps’ snow melts.

Only Danone is allowed to tap water from this spring. The agreement is that Danone will tap the water, and the company will help in keeping the spring clean, and this symbiotic relationship has worked so far.

Evian water was discovered in the year 1789 when a local nobleman, Marquis de lessert, was taking a walk and drank some water from a taste. He liked the taste of the water and started to regularly drink the water from the spring. At first, this water was not enhanced in any way but the water has been bottled since the year 1826.

Evian water nutritional facts

Nutrition factsCore water
Units8 fl oz
Total Fat0g

Is Evian water good for you?

Evian is categorized as hard water. Therefore, it has a strong ability to quench your thirst. When you take evian water, it is going to leave a fresh taste in your mouth. There are health benefits of taking evian water. The use of evian water comes with various minerals. These include nitrate, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, sulfate, and chloride. In short, evian contains naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes thereby helping your body in nourishment and hydration.

What makes evian water appealing to many consumers is that it appeals to different market segments. These include health conscious individuals, women in pregnancy, animal lovers, and people who are environment conscious. The reason for this is that the Evian Team has invested a lot in research and development. This has enabled the company to effectively meet the market needs and be different from the peers.

With the modern life being a busy life due to professional and social commitments, you need to be hydrated throughout the day. In such a case, then, the product to choose is evian water. Even when you are at home, you need to remain hydrated so that you can ensure a smooth digestion and an overall healthy life.

With Evian water, you are not going to be vulnerable to contaminated water. If you do not have clean and portable water near you, then evian water is going to be a viable and sustainable solution. Whichever part of the world you are, Evian water is going to be healthy for you, and it is highly recommended.

Even if some consumers state that evian water is an over-priced product, the price is worth it due to the features and the benefits that it carries. When you look at the benefits, the price is justified. As a matter of fact, after you start being associated with the brand, this price becomes acceptable.

By buying Evian water, you are supporting other initiatives too. The company is very vocal in sponsoring events and nurturing talent. These include sponsorship of events such as Wimbledon and the US Open.

Evian reminds the customers that its waters come from a clean spring. It has hexagonal molecule crystals which dshows an optimum bond between the hydrogen bond and the oxygen bond. Though the company may be keen to market its products, there is no doubt that this is a healthy product.

With taking Evian, you are going to be sensitive to the environment. This company uses bottles which can be recycled and it respects the water cycle of the source; and it has been doing this for many years.

Evian has realized that consumers are going to push for a better and healthier diet on anything that they consume. Again, governments are asking that companies produce products with less sugar. Companies such as Danone are responding to this evolution.

Is Evian water alkaline?

Though evian water is categorized as hard water, it is neutral in PH. This is because it has a PH of 7 to 7.2. Therefore, this cannot be categorized as an alkaline substance. It is simply neutral in PH. Most of the bottled waters tend to be alkaline. This is to offer a balance to most foods which tend to be acidic.

Is Evian water purified?

There is no question that evian water is purified water. To start with, in French alps, water stays in the glaciers and the rocks for many years, thereby purifying it. The company itself has made a deliberate effort to ensure that the water is purified.

Is Evian water carbonated?

Evian water is not carbonated. This is a great advantage. According to the EuroMonitor, consumers are going to shy from carbonated drinks as they seek healthier alternatives in their daily consumption.


Evian water is available from a variety of outlets including cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets. And of course, when it reaches you, it is ready to drink and you do not have to be worried about preparing it. It is advisable that you have a habit of taking as much as you can. This is not only good for your health, but for other processes such as ageing.

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