Is Gatorade zero healthy?

The quick answer; Is Gatorade zero healthy? Yes it is safe to consume, but it is not 100% healthy. Compared to other carbonated or caffeine drinks it might be helpful for you provided you are using it for a particular purpose.

Every time we find out a drink that is sugar-free, we feel like checking its details. Sugar-free drinks are foods are used a lot by health-conscious people. But the common thing that we miss out on is whether the sugar substitute that is used in the product is healthy or not. In this article, we will discuss Gatorade, a popular sports drink that claims to provide instant energy.

Is the Gatorade zero really healthy?

No sugar, No caffeine, No calories! That’s what the product claims. Though Gatorade is sugar-free and caffeine-free, it still has certain artificial colours and sweeteners that might raise insulin resistance in the body & create other health issues. To know whether people who are looking for weight loss should consume or not, we need to discuss the ingredients & their nutritional factors.

What are the ingredients in Gatorade zero?

Check this link to get a details about the ingredients of Gatorade Zero.

 Here are some important facts about the ingredients found in Gatorade zero:

  • It does contain artificial sweeteners– Though Gatorade zero does not contain sugar in it it has Sucralose & Acesulfame K in it. Now, these two ingredients are quite controversial sweeteners as there is no guarantee that they are 100% zero-calories.

Though these two artificial sweeteners are FDA approved & are safe to consume some people may experience long-term health effects from consuming these artificial sweeteners.

  • Contains added electrolytes– The product has added electrolytes in it therefore it helps to replace the potassium and sodium we lose when we sweat. In that sense, Gatorade zero can be a healthy drink if you are working out.
  • Contains artificial colours– Well, most of the flavours of Gatorade zero have artificial colours in them. Certain colours like the Yellow 6 that are present in the orange flavour might cause certain health issues.

In a nutshell, we see, apart from the artificial sweeteners, there is nothing much concerning about the other ingredients present in the drink. For example, Sucralose is associated with migraine triggers, insulin resistance and weight gain & obesity. Whereas Acesulfame K is associated with cancer and thyroid. So people who are already at risk of these health issues should avoid Gatorade zero.

Are the artificial colours in Gatorade Zero safe to consume?

Gatorade zero contains artificial flavours like Yellow 6, Yellow 5 & Blue 1. According to research artificial colours might cause hyperactivity in kids and therefore kids should avoid this drink. The effects of these artificial colours are quite questionable and require further research.

If you are sceptical about these artificially added colours in the drink, you can try the Glacier Cherry and Berry flavour of Gatorade Zero since they are absolutely free from artificial colours. The glacier cherry is white in colour and has no added dyes in it, whereas the berry flavour is made from vegetable juice extracts.

Gatorade Zero nutritional facts

Nutrition factsGatorade Zero Glacier Freeze Thirst QuencherGatorade Zero Orange Thirst QuencherGatorade Zero Glacier Cherry Thirst Quencher
Units12 fl oz12 fl oz12 fl oz
Total Fat0g0g0g
Vitamin D0mcg0mcg0mcg

The benefits of Gatorade Zero

It’s important to stay hydrated when you are working out. Well, water is the best and the most easily accessible drink that helps to keep you hydrated. However, drinks like Gatorade zero which contains added electrolytes can be a good option to keep you hydrated and make you last longer when you exercise. The electrolytes help athletes to rehydrate and refuel themselves. But what about common people? People who exercise for 45 minutes to sixty minutes a day might not require Gatorade zero for added electrolytes since their exercise time is not for a prolonged period. Athletes and or people who are engaged in vigorous physical activities should take Gatorade Zero as an energy drink.

Who should avoid Gatorade Zero?

Though Gatorade Zero has less sugar contain in it compared to regular soda drinks but it’s not healthy to consume it daily. Research says that most Gatorade Zero drinkers are non-athletes and that is where the problem lies. If you are not into any vigorous physical activity, what is the point of consuming an electrolyte drink which has artificial sweeteners and artificial colours?

Also, it has been seen many kids consume this sports drink when involved in any sports activity. As Gatorade Zero is already associated with hyperactivity, obesity and weight gain, you should not give it to your children for extra added energy. A glass of water or a glass of salt and sugar solution will do the job instead.

Does Gatorade zero contain calories?

The company claims that this is a zero-calorie drink, but if you look closely at the ingredients list of a whole container, some flavours as Cherry contain a few calories (but a really low amount). Gatorade Zero is actually calories free but the little amount of calories present in the drink comes from 2gram of the total amount of carbs. Though there is a little number of calories in the drink, this should not be a matter of concern for people who are on a weight-loss routine. But you should be aware of the fact that Gatorade Zero won’t promote any extra weight loss.


Gatorade Zero is a sports drink that should be consumed by only athletes and people involved in vigorous physical activity. Common people are not recommended to consume this healthy drink on a regular basis. Also, people who have existing health issues like thyroid, migraines, and insulin misbalance should avoid this sports drink. If you are looking for an electrolyte replacement you can opt for alternatives like Catalyte, a drink that helps to restore energy without creating any possible side effects. Catalyte formula contains minerals and vitamins which when mixed with water serve as a tasty electrolyte supplement. It does not contain added sugar, caffeine or artificial colours.

So is Gatorade healthy? Yes, but as we discuss on this article, not 100% healthy. Only if you need extra electrolytes to stay active during vigorous or continuous physical activity, you can have it otherwise do not consume it unnecessarily.

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