Is Jimmy John’s healthy?

Gourmet sandwiches influenced by Chicago street food are Jimmy John’s specialty. There is also a limited choice of traditional sides and drinks. Jimmy John’s provides catering services in addition to its made-to-order sandwiches for takeout.

It’s wise to skip the mayo and cheese at Jimmy John’s if you want to eat healthy there. If you are monitoring your salt intake, choose carefully from Jimmy John’s menu options, as many contain high levels of salt. Jimmy John’s is known for its sub sandwiches, which are more nutrient-dense than its club sandwiches. Due to the addition of bacon, the clubs typically contain more saturated fat.

Following the “slims” is a wonderful idea, as is filling up on fat-free vegetables such as onion, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, spicy peppers, and sprouts. These foods give flavor with no fat. Remember that adding provolone to the sandwich adds 9 g of fat; however, if you choose “E.Z.,” they will only add 4.5 g.

Are you looking for a nutritious meal at Jimmy John? If so, you’ve come to the correct place! The healthiest items that Jimmy Johns has to provide are listed below.

Hints for using the menu when you next go to Jimmy John’s.

  • The secret to your achievement when eating sandwiches at Jimmy’s will be quantity and ingredient regulation. Check their site to use the excellent nutrition calculator, which gives you quick access to precise nutrition data to tailor your sandwich to suit your needs.
  • If you are checking on your salt consumption, choose carefully from Jimmy John’s menu items, as many of them tend to be high in salt.
  • Jimmy John’s is known for its sub sandwiches, which are more nutrient-dense than its club sandwiches. Due to the addition of bacon, the clubs typically contain higher saturated fat. Overall, your greatest sandwich choice is the #4 Turkey Tom without mayo (321 calories/.83 g fat/920 mg of sodium).
  • You can increase your fiber intake by 5 grams if you choose the 7-grain bread instead of the fortified white French bread. But, it’ll also add 100 additional calories, 5 more g of fat, and 20 more g of carbs to the sandwich. It might be a fine substitute if boosting fiber is your main goal, but if fat and calories are more important, stay with the French bread.
  • Make your choice into a JJ Unwich if you wish to reduce your carb intake. You can have the same vegetables and meats in a lettuce wrap for a novel twist on a wrapped sandwich. Choose from the Ham Unwich (140 calories/6 g fat/671 mg sodium) or the Turkey Unwich (87 calories/.9 g fat/497 mg sodium).
  • The best strategy to enhance fiber and satiety while consuming the fewest calories, fats, and salt is to eat many vegetables. Use the free items like onions, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers to your benefit and request more of your preferred items. The #8 Vegan sandwich (385 calories, 9 g fat, and 699 mg sodium) is a fantastic option.
  • Scrape the sub out. Ask the person creating your sandwich to scrape the filling off the upper half of a French bread sub if you’d rather have bread than a lettuce wrap. This one request can save you about 100 calories.
  • Half the size of your sub. Even while slicing a sandwich doesn’t affect the number of calories or carbs it contains, it might make you want to eat less. You can consume more calories from a full sub than you’ll get from dinner or lunch. Making your sandwich into portions at the beginning simplifies saving half for yet another meal.
  • Pick leaner cuts of beef. If you’re watching your calorie intake, the best meat options are turkey, roast beef, and ham. High-calorie foods can have a lot of sodium and fat, such as tuna salad with mayo and processed foods like salami.
  • Make good use of toppings. Skip the mayonnaise and cheese to cut fat and calories. Consider adding a light coating of avocado on your sub to vary the flavor and texture-a delicious sandwich with little fat content and all the advantages of healthy fat results from this substitution. Add lots of healthy vegetables for crispness without adding many calories.

Dietary Alternatives

The menu of Jimmy John’s includes options for vegetarian, low-carb, vegan, gluten-free, and low-FODMAP diets. However, Jimmy John’s doesn’t provide many low-fat or low-sodium alternatives.

All customers are urged by Jimmy John’s to inform staff if they have any special dietary requirements. Jimmy John’s can accommodate a wide range of tastes and diets because of the menu’s great degree of customization.


Although Jimmy John’s will not specifically provide gluten-free bread, the lettuce Unwich could be a good alternative. You can use many components to make a gluten-free sandwich. These materials could get contaminated through shared storage, tools, and preparation. Sandwich sides and ingredients that you could make without gluten include:

  • Condiments: Avocado spread, Kickin’ Ranch, mayo, mustard, oil & vinegar.
  • Filling: Turkey, ham, roast beef, capicola, salami, and bacon.
  • Chips: Jalapeno, thin, and regular chips.
  • Wrap in lettuce, unwich

Inform the worker is preparing your food if you do have a gluten allergy or celiac disease. Choose the Plain Slim #4 with turkey on an Unwich lettuce wrap for a healthier alternative.

Find more accurate information here

Nutrition factsJimmy John’s Lettuce WrapJimmy John’s Turkey Tom Sub (#4) – UnwichJimmy John’s Slim Turkey Breast (#4) – Unwich
Units2 leaves1 sandwich1 sandwich
Total Fat0g27g0.5g


A nice low-carb alternative is an Unwich choice. You can order any Jimmy John’s sandwich lettuce-wrapped; however, the lowest-carb selections are:

  • Hunter’s Club Unwich
  • Bootlegger Club Unwich
  • Club Lulu Unwich
  • J.J.B.L.T. Unwich
  • Turkey Tom Unwich

Choose the turkey for the finest combination of low carbohydrates and increased protein. Unwich, Tom (480 calories).

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Nutrition factsJimmy John’s Hunter’s Club (#10) – UnwichJimmy John’s Bootlegger Club (#14) – UnwichJimmy John’s Lulu Club (#16) – UnwichJimmy John’s J.J.B.L.T. Sub – UnwichJimmy John’s Turkey Tom Unwich
Units1 sandwich1 sandwich1 sandwich1 sandwich1 sandwich
Total Fat32g21g30g29g27g


There are several choices at Jimmy John’s for people following low-fat diets. You could order a sandwich with no mayo, cheese, or other fat-based sauces. among the menu items with low fat:

  • Miniature cheese and ham (omit cheese)
  • lean roast beef
  • a lean turkey
  • slender cheese sandwich
  • The lean roast beef has less fat and a lot of protein (30g) and fiber (4g) (5g).

Find more accurate information here

Nutrition factsJimmy John’s Slim Roast Beef (#2) – Unwich
Units1 sandwich
Total Fat3g


There have been no special low-FODMAP menu options on Jimmy John’s list, similar to gluten-free selections. However, the following foods are permitted on this diet, and you can use them to create a low-FODMAP sandwich:

  • Unwich wrap
  • Roast beef, ham, or turkey
  • Cucumber, tomato, and lettuce (and another vegetable as tolerated)
  • Oil with vinegar, mustard, or mayonnaise

For a healthy and FODMAP-free option, select an Unwich wrap featuring turkey, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato.

Take away

For freshly prepared sandwiches created to order, many people choose Jimmy John’s. Its ability to substitute a lettuce wrap for bread, which lowers a sub’s caloric and carbohydrate content, distinguishes it from other sandwich restaurants. Jimmy John’s makes it simple to adjust a sandwich to your tastes and dietary requirements. You can make a nice, filling, and generally nutritious supper after knowing the nutrition facts for the items on the menu.

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