Is jose cuervo gluten free?

Lovers of tequila might not care to ask- how is Jose Cuervo gluten free, but they certainly want to know what is Jose Cuervo made of. And since tequila is now being targeted by eco-warriors, will agave plants be sustainable in the future? So if you want to learn why is Jose Cuervo not real tequila and how does Jose Cuervo have added sugar, you’re in the right place. As far as your health is concerned, how many calories are in Jose Cuervo might make all the difference healthwise.

What is Jose Cuervo made of?

The main ingredient that’s used to make Jose Cuervo is the indigenous desert-based plant called agave. More specifically, the blue Weber agave is grown in the region of Jalisco, Mexico. Technically, anything that is called tequila must have no less than 51% agave content to carry the tequila name. And while Jose Cuervo has a whole platform of tequilas, the most well-known name everyone knows is Jose Cuervo Especial.

Agave has a large root bulb that grows underneath each plant that is harvested after 7 to 10 years of growing. Then it gets chopped up and cooked so it will help transform the stored liquid inside the root into sugars. The remaining pump is ground up and squeezed to extract these sugars that are then fermented and then turned into the alcohol called tequila.

Is Jose Cuervo gluten free?

While many websites will tell you that Jose Cuervo tequila is gluten free, only some of their tequila formulations are truly gluten free. When it comes to their mixed concoctions that are meant for blending with other types of alcohol, this is where you end up finding gluten mixed into these name brands. You’ll find that their Jose Cuervo Especial Silver and Gold both have gluten.

If you aren’t getting the 100% agave formula in Jose Cuervo alcohol drinks, then chances are there is a certain percentage of gluten that is hidden within the ingredients. As you may not know, the cane sugar alcohol is fermented with malted barley and contains gluten. If you drink any Jose Cuervo tequila that isn’t 100% agave, you could get ill if you have Celiac disease or intolerance to gluten.

Does Jose Cuervo have added sugar?

Not every product listed within the Jose Cuervo tequila line has added sugar to its recipe. It’s not until you start looking closer at the versions that contain 51% agave that the added sugar will become easier to spot. These tequila versions are often placed into the (Especial) branded line and can include the Gold and Silver labels. When tequila is produced from the agave root, the liquid inside the root needs to be cooked first.

This helps to change the liquid into natural sugars, which are then pressed out of the root and later fermented into alcohol. There are still natural sugars present in 100% agave tequila that average about 1 gram in a 7oz bottle. With the gold or silver variants that contain 49% distilled cane sugar alcohol, you’ll have 212 calories but no actual sugar content.

How many calories are in Jose Cuervo?

There is a difference in calories if you look at the fermentation process between tequila mixtures. The main difference comes from the Jose Cuervo mixtures that include just enough agave to allow it to be officially called tequila. These mixtures are usually 51% agave mixed with cane sugar alcohol. These versions have higher calories than 100% pure agave versions. The 51% version will have 96 calories in just a single shot of tequila.

The 100% pure tequila is much lower in overall calories with 69 total calories in a total ounce. It1s easy to see that pure agave tequila is healthier and lower in calories. Because of the price that you’ll find with 100% pure agave tequila, it will certainly be worth the switch for a version of tequila that won’t make you gain weight.

Jose Cuervo nutrition facts

Nutrition factsEspecial Silver Tequila (40%)Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila (40%)
Total Fat0g0g

Why is Jose Cuervo not real tequila?

This is a tough question to answer but also very clear-cut at the same time. While technically, the weaker version that only has 51% real agave alcohol in the Jose Cuervo Especial gold and silver labels can be called tequila, it’s barely the case. Real tequila has a very specific taste and has more pronounced deep flavors. While most young people will be busy chasing shots of tequila at their college dormitory, educated folks know real tequila is meant to be sipped.

The experience is a lot closer to enjoying fine brandy or cognac in the evening to enjoy the highly evolved flavors that good tequila can deliver. Sadly, Jose Cuervo and many other tequila brand companies, have come under fire from agave activists. It seems that many young people are concerned about the fruit bats that live from the agave nectar that sprouts up upon the flowering agave plant.

With tequila production going overtime to feed the global need for tequila, the time it takes to grow agave plants in Mexico has not been so kind. And what used to take 7 to 10 years for a single agave plant to be harvested has not been reduced to 2 or 3 years tops! This means that the overall flavors of newer agave plants will not give tequila an authentic flavor. There are alternatives with Jose Cuervo that age their tequila in barrels to get better results.

Buying the Jose Cuervo Especial Silver or Gold will notice this tequila is a highly watered-down sweet version as opposed to the finer flavors that 100% mature blue agave plants can provide. Obviously aging tequila in oak barrels will help develop flavors and deepen the overall taste, but you’ll have to insist on getting the 100% tequila if you want the real deal.

It might be better to search for tequila that has been stored properly in barrels for several years and then bottled for over 30 to 40 years. This would give you a closer experience of what great aged tequila should taste like. While they aren’t from Jose Cuervo, these very pricy brands can be found with a simple internet search.

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