Is Knorr Chicken Bouillon Gluten Free?

Is Knorr chicken Bouillon gluten free? It does score 9/10 on the gluten-free confidence scale.

According to clients, Knorr makes products that have gluten-free certification, and that is what people with celiac disease and other gluten intolerances look for. To stay safe when purchasing Knorr Bouillon cubes, it is essential to read the product information and if you find that there is no gluten in the product, then it is gluten-free. When asked, is Knorr chicken Bouillon vegan, no as it contains chicken products, if you are vegan don’t consume chicken products.

What is Chicken Bouillon Cubes

A chicken Bouillon cube is a dehydrated stock cube made of chicken stock and vegetables that have been dried out. Vegetarian cubes are also made for vegans, sometimes you can buy Bouillon in granular or powdered form. Bouillon is an old food source, first noted in the 17th century, and used widely by French chefs in the 19th century. Bouillon keeps well for months and was taken to sea by the ancient explorers.

In 1912 Knorr began producing Bouillon cubes for sale to the public, and soon after, at least ten different brands were available.

How are Bouillon Cubes Made?

Dried ingredients are mixed together to form a paste, left to mature, and then shaped into cube form. Sometimes they are extruded like metal, depending on the set-up in the factory producing them. Over the last 100 years, there have been many advances in food preservation and Bouillon cubes have become a staple in all households.

Knorr Chicken Bouillon nutritional facts

Nutrition factsKnorr Chicken Bouillon (Cube)Knorr Chicken Bouillon (Granulated)
Units0.5 cube (6g)1 tsp (4g)
Total Fat1.5g0g

Is Knorr Chicken Bouillon Gluten Free?

Some chicken Bouillon products use wheat as an ingredient, and unless the label states gluten-free, it should not be consumed by those with Celiac disease. Good basic stock cubes like Knorr’s can transform a meal from ordinary to exceptional, and when you are time-poor, don’t compromise, buy the best stock, and if you are vegan you will be able to purchase a vegetable stock. Knorr is a popular company for the production of chicken Bouillon, and many of their products do not show gluten-containing ingredients.

Is Knorr Chicken Bouillon Vegan?

Bouillon cubes are easy to prepare at home, and the best vegan cubes have lots of vegetables and herbs in their list of ingredients. If you decide to make mushroom soup use a vegetable cube, as mushrooms are full of flavor and vitamins making a great vegan soup for winter. The Knorr chicken Bouillon cubes can’t be consumed by vegans as they contain chicken products. However, vegetable cubes are very healthy, and adding fresh vegetables to make a soup will enhance the flavor, and each cube contains around 15 calories and comes in a pack of six.

Ingredients Contained in Vegan Cubes

  • Palm oil, salt
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • Onion powder
  • Corn starch
  • Water, sugar
  • autolyzed yeast extract
  • Caramel color, celery seed,
  • Turmeric and garlic powder
  • Hydrogenated soybean oil
  • Dehydrated vegetables

So many products in such a small cube, and make the flavor taste natural and not overly strong like some of the meat cubes.


There are quite a few brands of vegan (meat-free) cubes on the market, and some of them are excellent. When researching your vegan alternatives always read the label. Gluten-free chicken Bouillon is a bit harder to find, as the manufacturers make it but are not keen to label it, as there are other products made on the same assembly line, and traces of wheat products may cause cross-contamination. So read the label carefully to find the right product to meet your health needs.

Vegan-Friendly Options

Being on a vegan diet is not hard, as you will find vegan-friendly bouillon cubes in the stores. Once you have a supply of fresh cubes, you can begin to create a variety of dishes at home. Many restaurants also offer vegan options, something that didn’t happen 10 years ago, as many cooks now have a good understanding of vegan requirements. To vary your home cooking a bit try Miso paste to add subtle flavor to your creations.

If you are both vegan and gluten-intolerant, you have to make careful choices, and fortunately, there are some lactose-free vegan stock cubes on the market that are suitable for those who are also following the FODMAP diet, to heal the intestinal lining.

What to Avoid When Vegan

If you are on a vegan diet you know that you must avoid chicken Bouillon, and also the following ingredients:

  • Beef stock
  • Any poultry stock
  • Any Chicken or beef powders
  • Lamb stock

Purchase the ready-made vegetable cubes from the store, or if time permits, make your own, as you will know what is in them.

Gluten Free Options

People with gluten intolerance often have several different health problems, and will definitely ask is Knorr chicken Bouillon gluten free? As their well being depends on it. Fortunately they have their own online forums to gather information, and on one of these, it states, Knorr will clearly disclose gluten, and the caramel color is not a concern as this does not contain gluten. If you don’t see gluten listed it is not there.

Then they go on to discuss other companies products that are not always as open and transparent in disclosing gluten. For those with Celiac disease, ‘May contain traces of gluten’ is not good enough, and they require certainty to stay well.

Any product containing modified food starch probably contains wheat, as wheat starch is used as a thickening agent. The Knorr products fortunately make this clear on the label.


Knorr chicken Bouillon is an excellent product for adding flavor to soups and sauces, and most of us are able to enjoy it regularly. If you are vegan you will need to avoid it and look for the vegetable Bouillon that is vegan friendly. If you are on a gluten free diet, check the label before purchasing the Knorr chicken Bouillon cubes, however, if gluten is not listed you are safe to consume the product as according to the website, it is safe to consume on a gluten free diet, unless marked otherwise.

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