Is Nestle Splash good for you?

Are you addicted to drinking splash water lately? One splash water brand that you may already know might be Nestle Splash water. And whether it’s your first time sipping this beverage or you have already considered it your favorite beverage, you must be wondering if consuming splash water like Nestle Splash is good for you.

With that said, is Nestle Splash good for you? Here’s everything you need to know about this splash water drink below.

What is Nestle Splash?

As described on its official website, Nestle Splash is a flavored still water beverage that underwent purification. The site also says that this drink contains zero calories and sugars and comes in six fruity flavors. These fruity flavors include Acai Grape, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Pineapple Mango, Watermelon, and Wild Berry.

These Nestle Splash bottles can be bought in singles or in different variety packs. Moreover, Nestle Splash has been redesigned into Splash Blast with a new bottle design and packaging. So if you’re confused between Nestle Splash and Splash Blast, do note that they’re simply the same drinks but with a new, different look.

Is Nestle Splash Good for You?

Despite being classified as a sugar-free beverage, drinking too much Nestle Splash is not good for you. Besides, after looking at Nestle Splash’s official list of ingredients from their website, it’s been noted that this drink contains Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium. These are FDA-approved sweeteners that don’t contain nutritional properties and are used in zero to low-calorie refreshments.

Yes, the previously mentioned sweeteners are approved by the FDA and don’t contain calories, but they’re still known to promote cravings for sugary food. And with an increased hunger for these types of food, you will still be gaining weight with drinks like Nestle Splash.

Aside from that, Nestle Splash’s nonnutritive sweeteners aren’t your only concern. In fact, this beverage is loaded with other ingredients that could negatively impact your body in the long run. Here they are:

Calcium Disodium Edta:

This ingredient is made using ethylenediamine, formaldehyde, and sodium cyanide. Hence, the everyday consumption of drinks and food containing this ingredient could be too toxic for your body to handle. After all, too much calcium disodium EDTA in your body could lead to different health issues, including kidney damage and kidney failure. Furthermore, calcium disodium EDTA also reduces your body’s capability of absorbing nutrients.

Potassium Sorbate:

Potassium sorbate is another ingredient in Nestle Splash used to preserve the beverage’s freshness. However, this particular ingredient is damaging to white blood cells. Hence, the buildup of this preservative can develop cancer in your body. Furthermore, it will worsen the destruction inflicted on your DNA when combined with vitamin C.

Sodium Polyphosphate

This ingredient is loaded with phosphorous. So, too much of this component in your body will result in a mineral disproportion. In addition, sodium polyphosphate also increases the likeliness of damaging your kidney and causing heart-related problems. Due to all of that, too much consumption of this ingredient could pose a greater risk of your mortality.

Nestle Splash nutritional facts

Nutrition factsNestle Wild Berry Splash Flavored WaterNestle Lemon Splash Flavored WaterNestle Acai Grape Splash Flavored WaterMandarin Orange Splash Flavored WaterMandarin Strawberry Melon Splash Flavored Water
Units8 fl oz8 fl oz8 fl oz8 fl oz8 fl oz
Total Fat0g0g0g0g0g
Vitamin D0mcg0mcg0mcg0mcg0mcg

Is Splash Water Good for You?

With what you’ve read, you must wonder if there are better splash water alternatives. After all, you must be thinking about how delicious splash water is; you can’t just seem to give it up! But like most still flavored beverages, most will still use artificial flavorings and other similar ingredients stated above.

But compared to sugary drinks such as soft drinks, drinking splash water like Nestle Splash is the better choice. But then again, you shouldn’t be treating splash water as if it was regular drinking water. Besides, as you’ve seen above, the Nestle Splash drink consists of plenty of preservatives that are not good for your body.

If you truly love the refreshing and fruity taste of the Nestle Splash beverage, you’re allowed to consume the drink in a moderate manner. Other experts also recommend consuming them alongside eating meals instead of drinking them alone. Doing this ensures that your teeth’s enamel doesn’t get covered with this drink, thus lessening your susceptibility to tooth decay.

In addition, if you’re also giving your kids these splash water beverages, make sure to limit the amount they intake. After all, children don’t have a wholly developed enamel yet. And with an undeveloped enamel, your children are at a higher risk of tooth decay by frequently drinking splash water drinks.

Nestle Splash Water Side Effects

Although Nestle Splash water doesn’t have any known detrimental side effects, experts still say that drinking too much splash water like Nestle Splash will make you susceptible to tooth decay. As indicated on Nestle Splash’s official website, one of Nestle Splash’s ingredients happens to be citric acid, which is in charge of preserving the drink’s freshness.

However, citric acid is known for eating away your tooth enamel. In turn, it can lead to the development of tooth stains or cavities. Other than that, citric acid also contributes to increased tooth sensitivity. In other circumstances, this ingredient could also cause an upset stomach.

Furthermore, even though citric acid is also found in fruits such as lemon, not all flavored water drinks will use the naturally-derived component. For instance, citric acid can also be developed using GMO corn. So, overconsuming this beverage will surely increase your chances of tooth decay.

Final Takeaways

So, is Nestle Splash good for you? All in all, Nestle Splash is not that good for your health. If you’re considering replacing your regular water with flavored still water such as Nestle Splash, you shouldn’t do so. Of course, they’re a much better option compared to sugary soft drinks and the like. However, it doesn’t mean that they’re entirely healthy and can be an excellent replacement for clean drinking water.

Again, if you can’t get enough of Nestle Splash’s refreshing, fruity taste, you can always consume this beverage in moderate amounts. As long as you do that, your body shouldn’t suffer the possible long-term effects of regularly drinking most splash water beverages. And if you genuinely want to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout the day, you’re better off drinking regular water for the most part.

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