Is potbelly healthy?

The sandwich is regarded as a British invention. However, the sandwich is enjoyed all over the world, and especially in the US. Fast food giants stock enough of these in different prices and different variety. One of the best restaurant companies in providing sandwiches and other related products is potbelly.

Founded in 1977, potbelly is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and boasts of around 474 locations. The small business would start spreading its tentacles beyond downtown Chicago to different parts of the US. As a matter of fact, the company would also go to Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. The restaurant chain offers the following menu: sandwiches, cookies, potato chips, cookies, smoothies, and shakes. The company has been monitoring the food market with the aim of offering tastier and healthier products.

This article will guide you about the potbelly.

Is potbelly healthy?

Through its official website, potbelly offers the nutritional calculator. With this tool, you are going to see the exact nutritional value of various items and make a comparison. The menu boards have calories values too. You can use such values in order to make health options that will suit your needs.

Potbelly does provide skinny sandwiches which do not have a lot of meat and cheese, and these products contain less than 400 calories. At the same time, the restaurant chain has a comprehensive menu. These include boxed lunches, sandwich bundles, salads, soup, and drinks. Now that many Americans like chips, potbelly is a good source of delicious and crunchy chips.

Potbelly provides different types of breads

Unfortunately, a significant number of people are affected by white bread. This is because it may contain sensitive compliments, gluten for instance. Therefore, if white bread affects your health negatively, potbelly will gladly offer you alternatives. One of the best alternatives in this is the multi-grain bread. If you have gluten intolerance, there is no much medicine can do; your only option is to take food which is safe from gluten.

The salad dressings by potbelly are gluten free. The company is very cautious that the dressings should not touch croutons. This ensures that the salad dressings are gluten free, and remain as such.

One of the best things about potbelly is that the food is served hot. Some locations have the privilege of having live bands during selected times. In such times, you will not only enjoy the meals, but you will do so with music in the background. In addition to that, many locations provide comfortable seating as well as vintage lights. The company is very keen in the aesthetics of the premises.

Is potbelly halal?

Yes, potbelly is halal. As a matter of fact, it became the first full halal restaurant outside of the Middle East. The management and owners of potbelly have invested in providing full halal menus for many years, and they have perfected this process. As a matter of fact, this is part and parcel of the long term vision and objective of the company.

You should be aware that very few restaurants in the US offer a full halal menu. Even the ones that offer one may not be able to justify that. Potbelly has built a reputation in offering halal menus. If the current observations are anything to go by, this restaurant will continue colonizing the American market as it diversifies its products.

Are potbelly sandwiches toasted?

When Peter Hastings opened a small shop known as Hindsight, he started selling submarine sandwiches that were toasted on the potbelly stove. What makes this restaurant chain unique is that the management has invested in high quality ingredients. The humble sandwich is made into gourmet dining experience.

Today, potbelly has retained the tradition that it started many years ago. It is therefore not surprising that the company is able to offer a sandwich experience which is not only unique but also consistent- the company toasts each of the orders that it receives. It could be stated that toasting is a specialty by potbelly, and they are indeed the toastmaster. This is one of the few places in the US where you will be sure that your sandwich will be toasted.

It should be noted that new shops may have unique ways of serving the customers. But once the shop is running, it starts following standard protocol just like the other potbelly shops, an expanded menu for instance.

Is potbelly bread vegan?

There are some potbelly foods which are vegan. If you like vegan food, then you should ask for Mediterranean variety on the regular bread. Please note that multigrain contains honey, and therefore, it is not a vegan diet.

For vegan fans, the salads are the best option on offer. The management is keen on retaining all types of customers. Therefore, when you are making an order, this is the best time to state what you want, or what you do not want. A salad can be made without any meat. In addition to that, potbelly is keen on customizing the various orders in order to meet, and in deed exceed, the expectations of the clients. For instance, potbelly can make use of Candied Walnuts in order to replace the eggs.

Again, if you are vegan, you may consider asking for extra ingredients which are going to be compatible to your diet. However, bear in mind that premium ingredients attract an extra cost.

Having stated that, the following are vegan options that you can order at potbelly:

Potbelly vegan options
Mushroom Melt (it should be without cheese)
Mediterranean (without cheese or chicken)
Garden Side Salad
Diced Onion Soup
Steel Cut Oatmeal

However, you need to understand that restaurant locations under potbelly do not all work in the same way. Be sure to check the restaurant of the location you are interested in, and evaluate what they offer.


Potbelly offers the rare combination of high quality, but yet affordable food products and services. You can get their food elsewhere, but here, you will get them at just a fraction of the cost. Their sandwiches are particularly delicious and of high quality. Overall, potbelly is an ideal destination for sandwiches.

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