Is Premier Protein Gluten Free?

Sufficient protein intake is one of the most important things that you can do for your health. According to WebMD, protein helps in fueling your body with energy and the efficient supply of oxygen throughout the body. With the right protein intake, you are going to be able to have a strong immune response and acquire optimal health over time.

Having stated that, the problem becomes how best to ensure protein intake in a sustainable and affordable way. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through taking premier protein. The Premier Protein is not only delicious but also satisfying to take, and many consumers have confirmed this as much. It offers the rare combination of a highly nutritious product, but yet, tasty.

This article is going to discuss all about premier protein, and evaluate whether this is a healthy product. The article will also examine the question of gluten and caffeine.

Are Premier Protein shakes healthy?

Premier Protein contains 160 calories. Therefore, it is a very good product for people who need a high amount of energy per day. It is therefore not surprising that athletes find this product a very ideal product. In order for athletes to build muscle and retain their strength, they need to take protein often. This product can also be consumed as a snack, a meal replacement, or fuel after work out. The Premier Protein is one of the few healthy products which do not contain a high amount of fat and they do not contain sugars. It has low levels of sugars, making it a very good choice.

Another great thing with Premier Protein is that it does not contain trans-fat. Health experts have long warned about the dangers that can come with the use of Trans fat. This is more so when it is consumed over a long time. The American Heart Association reducing the consumption of trans fat greatly reduces the probability of getting heart disease. For many years, companies had used trans fat in order to cook various foods. It took the intervention of FDA to warn the public about the impact of trans fat.

Premier Protein comes with different flavors. Therefore, you are going to choose the flavor that suits you most. Such flavors include caramel and chocolate pea nut butter. Again, there are a variety of ways through which you can use Premier Protein. For example, you will be able to use it together with pancakes or you can add it on smoothies. Therefore, even if you take this product every day, you are going to have a flavor to enjoy.

With the professional and social commitments, you want a product you can use when you are on the move, and Primer Protein is such a product. You will be able to pack it on the go, and this will be convenient for you.

You can also take premier protein in a chilly morning or for breakfast. This product can be combined with ice coffee. For people who like adventures in the kitchen, it can also be added to your homemade bread. Some consumers use Premier Protein to make overnight oats or puddings.

A study by the Advances in Nutrition (2016), discovered a positive and strong correlation between products such as Premier Protein and the ability to lose weight. The rationale here is that if you consume protein, you will not feel hungry quickly, and therefore, you are going to manage to check on your weight.

Other nutritional benefits of taking Premier Protein are that the product contains fiber. Fiber is very important in easing the digestion process. As a matter of fact, people who make a deliberate effort to have a smooth digestion have less health problems. Still, other nutritional benefits of taking Premier Protein include the intake of sodium.

The only downside with the use of Premier Protein is that it contains artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame potassium and sucralose. The problem with sucralose is that it can have a negative impact on the health of the gut and can cause inflammation. However, small amount of added artificial sweeteners are not going to have a big impact on your health.

Therefore, this is a product that you should try out, and you will enjoy it. Health care providers recommend that one should take 1-2 shakes/bars every day. This is due to the health benefits that they carry.

Premier Protein shakes nutritional facts

Nutrition factsPremier Protein Chocolate Protein ShakePremier Protein Cafe Latte Protein ShakePremier Protein Vanilla Protein ShakePremier Protein Caramel Protein Shake
Units11 fl oz11 fl oz11 fl oz11 fl oz
Total Fat3g3g3g3g

Is Premier Protein gluten free?

People with celiac disease, or people who have glucose sensitivity, ought to be very careful about the food that they take. The fact is that so far, there is no cure yet for gluten. Therefore, someone who is affected by gluten should simply avoid it by all means. So, is Premier Protein gluten free? Yes, Premier Protein shakes are gluten free. These include products with protein powder, protein drinks, and shakes with oats. It should be noted that both the Premier Protein bars and the shakes are gluten free.

How much caffeine in Premier Protein cafe latte?

Premium protein café latte contains 120 mg caffeine. This is quite strong caffeine content. As a matter of fact, this is a product by Premier Protein which is coffee-flavored. If you prefer to consume less coffee, then the flavor to take is the chocolate shake. Again, if you still prefer no caffeine, and you want to take Premier Protein, then the product to take is the vanilla flavor of the same product.

It should be noted that the Premier Protein shakes are categorized as kosher, and they are labeled as such. This is very important for people who like following a kosher diet.


The powders and the shakes given by Premier Protein are not only affordable but also accessible. You can get it them at the store or at the supermarkets. Better still, you can visit the official products website and make an order. If you sign up at the company’s official website, then you are going to be receiving notifications in real time. Overall, Premier Protein is one of the most reliable sources of protein.

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