Is shin ramyun healthy?

Shin Ramyun is an instant brand noodle produced by a South Korean food company. It is a popular brand of instant noodles exported to 100 countries. The Shin Ramyun is spicy in flavor, filling, and relatively healthy. The packet consists of noodles, flavoring, and a packet of dehydrated vegetable flakes.

Is Shin Ramyun healthy? Well, it is healthy and relatively inexpensive and was first introduced in 1986 as a type of cabbage and beef stew, one of South Korea’s most popular dishes.

Is Shin Ramyun Healthy?

The translation means ‘spicy instant noodles. The non-fried version of the Shin Ramyun has 50% fewer calories than the fried version, making it much healthier, and a good choice for lunch. In the USA there are two types of Shin Ramyun, one is a cup noodle and the other is packaged. Most of us would have a few Shin Ramyun packets at home in the cupboard for emergency meals.

Is Shin Ramyun Halal?

Some Shin Ramyun products are Halal, but not all. There are many different packagings in many countries as 100 different countries import the product. So it is important to check for the Halal symbol on the packet.

Halal certification is important to many for religious reasons, and it is based on how the product is prepared, and where it is prepared, under what conditions.

Is Shin Ramyun Spicy?

Shin Ramyun was first produced in 2011 and is quite spicy. Shin Ramyun Red launched in 2019 is super spicy. and if you want a spicy noodle dish try it for lunch. In the USA there are two types of Shin Ramyun Black, a package type, and a bowl type. There is also a smaller Shin Black M- cup (75 g). In China, a shrimp flavor is also available, and this is another spicy one.

Is Shin Ramyun Kosher?

Go straight to the Kosher section of any food store and you will find Kosher Shin Ramyun and many other Kosher versions of noodles. This is good, as whatever your beliefs they are catered for, as Shin Ramyun is family-friendly.

If you have any problems getting your favorite Kosher family noodles, you can get them on Amazon, and they are delivered to your door.

Is Shin Ramyun Vegetarian?

Shin Ramyun has vegetarian choices that taste delicious, and are rich in flavor made without the use of any meat and fish when creating a broth.

The flavors emerge when using miso, soy sauce, and soybeans, which offer a special flavor for the vegetarians out there.

Shin Ramen has two choices for vegans and they are Spicy Veggie Ramen and Kimchi, which has a long list of plant-based ingredients.

There are different ways of preparing your Shin Ramyun bowl, and it is the ultimate fast food.

Shin Ramyun vegetarian nutritional facts

The vegetarian options listed below (Veggie Ramen and Kimchi) have the following nutritional profiles:

Nutrition factsVeggie RamenKimchi Ramyun
Total Fat8g4g
Dietary Fiber1g1g

Microwave the Shin Ramyun

When cooking vegetarian dishes it can become monotonous, so we will look at a few variations to try at home in the microwave.

Put the soup powder and vegetable mix in a bowl adding the noodles on top. Add two cups of water and place a lid on the bowl then microwave on high for six minutes. Stop the process halfway through to stir, and get even cooking. When making Shin Raymun you can always add more vegetables like mushrooms carrots and broccoli.

Alternatively, you may want to add some more chili, and you could always add fresh chili. Giving it a Thai flavor is easily achieved by adding peanut butter, a couple of tablespoons should do it, making it a more satisfying vegetarian meal.

Make an Asian Noodle Salad by mixing the dry noodles with coleslaw and shallots, make a sesame oil dressing and add some peanuts through the finished product, eat cold.

In fact, make your own Shin Ramyun Pad Thai with the new version in the food store you can add another Thai dish to your repertoire quite easily.

Is Shin Ramyun vegetarian? Well as you can see, it can be quite easy, as it adapts to any style of food when you purchase the basics.

There are so many different ways to make your Shin Ramyun at home, giving a different flavor to your noodles. Especially students find that they tend to eat a lot of noodles because they are cheap, can be easily enhanced in nutrition and flavor, and easily prepared when studying.

Shin Ramyun ingredients

The Nongshim Shin Ramyun Spicy Beef Ramen Noodle Soup Pack offered by Walmart has the following ingredients:

  • Enriched Wheat Flour
    • Wheat Flour
    • Niacin
    • Reduced Iron
    • Thiamine Mononitrate
    • Riboflavin
    • Folic Acid
  • Palm Oil
  • Potato Starch
  • Modified Potato Starch
  • Salt
  • Contains Less than 2% of Each of the Following
    • Beef Extract (Powdered)
    • Beef Fat (Powdered)
    • Beef Stock (Powdered)
    • Black Pepper (Powdered)
    • Caramel (Powdered)
    • Corn Syrup (Powdered)
    • Dehydrated Flakes
      • Green Onion
      • Green Cabbage
      • Mushroom
      • Carrot
      • Red Chili Pepper
    • Dextrose
    • Disodium Guanylate
    • Disodium Inosinate
    • Disodium Succinate
    • Garlic (Powdered)
    • Ginger (Powdered)
    • Green Onion (Powdered)
    • Gum Arabic
    • Hydrolyzed Corn Protein
    • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
    • Maltodextrin
    • Modified Corn Starch
    • Modified Tapioca Starch
    • Mushroom (Powdered)
    • Natural Flavors
    • Onion (Powdered)
    • Paprika (Color)
    • Potassium Carbonate
    • Radish (Powdered)
    • Red Chili Pepper (Powdered)
    • Riboflavin (Color)
    • Rice (Powdered)
    • Sodium Carbonate
    • Sodium Phosphates
    • Soybeans (Powdered)
    • Sugar
    • Tocopherols (Antioxidant)
    • Yeast Extract
    • Yellow Corn Flour.

Healthy Shin Ramyun

The Korean word Shin means spicy, and Ramyun means noodles. The dried noodles are made of wheat flour, wheat starches, potatoes, vegetable oil, soy, green tea, and cornflour. No animal ingredients in the soup a hydrolyzed vegetable protein made of soy and corn.

Just add fresh vegetables when microwaving the Shin Ramyun to give you extra fiber and vitamins plus carbohydrates, and keep you healthy every day.

Korean Ramyun

If you enjoy chicken broth, try Kho Kho Myun, chicken with pepper, but not too spicy. When you are at home on a winters day, this broth makes a nourishing warm soup that is quick to prepare.

Jin Ramyun comes in both mild and spicy, and if you enjoy spicy food, you can make it even hotter by adding more chili. The Namja Ramyun or man Ramyun is really spicy and maybe what you are looking for, as it is fairly new on the shelves.

Being able to make Shin Ramyun at home, has revolutionized food preparation for teenagers and adults, as you can quickly prepare food when you need it, without going through hours of preparation and slaving over the stove. When we want to eat something we want it now, and with Shin Ramyun this is what you get.

Shin Ramyun nutritional facts

Nutrition factsShin Ramyun
Total Fat8g
Dietary Fiber1g


Is Shin Ramyun healthy, absolutely, once you start having it at home you won’t be without it, it is such a versatile product that you can add almost any meat or vegetable to it to make it into a special meal. In fact, start the children off with some simple meal preparation with Shin Ramyun as they will need some cooking skills for when they go away to college, and will be grateful later that they learned to make some sustaining dishes

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